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  1. mark_gamache

    What would you like in an HX Control Pedal?

    So, I am thinking about creating a midi controller/control to accompany the HX Stomp. Sort of like the Morningstar, but more custom for the HX stomp. Help would be appreciated. I am wondering what features you would like? Some ideas to get started: Dedicated Buttons to activate presets (or assignable to specific effects) Assign Program and CC changes on preset change (like the Helix control center) to control other devices Tempo Display in BPM Tap Tempo output to other pedals (taps for you into non-midi peals) Stereo > Left/Right breakout so you can route the HX' effect loop to two mono effects. Exp Pedal input to route to Exp 1/2 (so you can use the expression and foot switch) Exp Pedal to Exp 1/2 conversion so any can be used with HX Stomp Two or three loop switcher to integrate other pedals Bluetooth (BLE) Midi? Other ideas? I would like to keep the footprint as small as possible.
  2. mark_gamache

    USB Effects + HX Stomp Loop

    Actually, I own Helix, HX Stomp and Native. I was thinking about adding a few PC based affects (like waves plugins) to augment my sound, but still use the dedicated hardware for the core sounds. This would not make me dependent on a PC in case of failure. You are arguing for a full PC setup which could work. I just get a little concerned with latency and reliability live. Do you use PC effects live? If yes, what host? thanks, mark
  3. mark_gamache

    USB Effects + HX Stomp Loop

    Is it possible to use the USB in/out with the effects loop in a stomp? You can do this with a Helix, but I don't know if it's possible with a stomp. Gutar > HX Stomp 1/4'' > HX USB out > Computer > HX USB In > HX Out 1/4'' Basically this is inserting a computer into the signal path of the HX Stomp. Any ideas? (I know I could add an external audio device and use the regular 1/4'' loop, but I don't want the extra A/D conversion, added latency and I have other analog pedals that I might want for the loop)
  4. mark_gamache

    What DAW Can I Use for Helix Native on an Older Mac?

    how about LiveProfessor http://audiostrom.com/ ? there's also AU Lab (requires free Apple Dev account) try Googling "Audio Plugin Host OSX"
  5. mark_gamache

    HX Stomp Product Idea?

    I like midi just fine, just hate the din cables. with USB cables the plug is so much smaller and you have limitless options. You can also get a cheap hub as a distribution box vs a midi repeater/hub. Disaster Area makes great products, I am not sure there's any room for a competitor unless I can think of something that is really niche with the Line 6 stuff (but it's not like the HX Stomp is under the radar).
  6. mark_gamache

    HX Stomp Product Idea?

    I see the DMC.micro (thanks for the link) that's pretty close to what I was thinking. If I could only figure out the libusb Helix format I could create a true companion. Is there any documentation of the Helix USB control?
  7. mark_gamache

    HX Stomp Product Idea?

    Wondering if there is a market for a small companion bank switcher pedal for the HX Stomp. This would expand the switching of the HX Stomp to allow for Bank Up/Down without using the expression slots. This pedal would connect directly to the HX Stomp's USB port (avoiding those large midi cables). This would allow the HX buttons to be used for Pedal or Snapshot changes. Is there something that does this already? thanks for any feedback.
  8. mark_gamache

    Documentation on the .hlx JSON format?

    I am not sure there are midi commands that correspond to all the parameters of the Helix. Those commands could be done via SysEx, but I don't think Helix supports that method of updating the Helix (see below): https://line6.com/support/topic/30972-helix-midi-and-sysex/
  9. mark_gamache

    Documentation on the .hlx JSON format?

    I am not that familiar with how the IR's are stored, but how did you communicate with the Helix hardware? (I am a programmer type...). My needs are pretty simple, I just want to build a GUI on top of the command center that lets me view edit the loop changes (CC messages) on my VooDoo Labs Hex switcher. Using the basic command center UI would work, but it's cumbersome and not conducive to quick editing or experimentation.
  10. mark_gamache

    Documentation on the .hlx JSON format?

    What I want is specific to my set up, but is there a larger need for a non-Line 6 editor?
  11. mark_gamache

    Documentation on the .hlx JSON format?

    sorry, I should have been more specific. JSON is the container, but the structure and message specifics are still unique to Line 6 Helix. I could de-serialize some samples, but that would only expose the features used in that sample. It would be cumbersome (not impossible) to reverse engineer the formatting. thanks, mark
  12. mark_gamache

    Documentation on the .hlx JSON format?

    I am using the Helix to control a bank of external pedals using the VooDoo Hex. I control the VooDoo Hex loops using CC messages. Of course, I can use the command center to do this, but manually assigning multiple channel / CC messages to control each loop for each snapshot (or foot controller) is tedious. I doubt live programming the Helix directly using an external app (midi or FBV) is easy (please tell me if I am wrong). Is there documentation on the .hlx JSON format? I could write an GUI editor to facilitate editing the .hlx files then upload to Helix with the Line 6 editor. I can try and use samples to reverse engineer, but it would be better to get official docs. thanks, mark
  13. mark_gamache

    Helix, MIDI and SysEx

    I agree that SysEx is beyond most people's capabilities, but it's just a arbitrary binary format using Midi as a transport. I think you can pack anything in Sysex, right? Given that your FBV protocol is likely a binary format it could be stored in Sysex. I agree that the speed of midi might pose a problem especially when sending large patches (with like IR's). The benefits may be too little to spend any time implementing Sysex, but I think it's possible, or am I off base? Of course, in order to allow users to use the Sysex, the formats would have to be published. Again that's a lot of work and may open Line 6 to exposing proprietary information. Note: I've done some limited parsing of Sysex for a side project that never got going.
  14. mark_gamache

    Extra Effects Loop?

    Thanks! That's a very cool switcher. It's similar to the HEX unit that I have, but much more sophisticated and more options. I am not sure that gets me to where I want to be (I'll have to think on it). I need two stereo send/rec blocks and a mono send/rec block. What's silly is one of my outboard effects is an H9. For the cost of another switcher I could just buy an extra H9 core (used) and put it in the signal chain with the other stereo effect and solve the problem that way. Maybe that's what I do... Seems like complete absolute overkill.
  15. mark_gamache

    Extra Effects Loop?

    I have two stereo effects units and a few drive pedals that I want to use in Helix signal chains. I can combine the drive units into one mono block using a Voodoo Lab Hex switcher , but that still leaves me needing an extra mono loop (the four efx send/returns will be used by the two stereo effects). I know I could put the mono drive block before the Helix, but that doesn't allow fitting inside a chain and/or using with my Variax VDI. Any idea the best way to get an extra effects loop? -mark