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  1. I already own a spider V120 amp and I have spent alot of time developing and importing the presets I want. I'm now thinking of buying a V30 version of the same amp as an extra practice amp. My questions are: 1) can I use my IPad that has the remote app on it to control both units? and 2) If so, can I easily transfer all the presets I have on my V120 unit to V30 unit?
  2. I just got the Line 6 120W spider V amp is and cant find any info on how to control the amp by the remote app?. I have my Ipad plugged into the back of the amp and the switch over to the left as instructed but nothing happens? Does they have to be synced up? All the Youtube videos show people using the app but no instructions on how to use it? Also can anyone tell me if many of the presets sound muffled? Not very clean tones? I've downloaded some of the tines from the cloud but can't get them to play on my amp? Very frustrating that there is no instructions for this...
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