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  1. Go to the downloads (Line 6). There are three pull-down menus to populate; in the middle one ('choose software), select "Spider V Remote". Very easy and fast.
  2. 01GT

    120 too loud?

    Yes, definitely. I would actually recommend doing so as 12" speakers sound far better than 10". I have a 240 HC going into a (dual input, one per speaker) 2x12 cabinet. Especially when you have the FBV3 pedalboard (strongly recommended), you can easily and cheaply add an expression pedal to it that automatically makes the FBV3's existing pedal a dedicated wah and the added expression pedal becoming a dedicated volume pedal -- a fantastic super usable setup. With that very simple configuration, you then have the amp's channel volume, the amp's master volume, and an overall volume pedal -- tons of volume control to make as quiet or loud as you want.
  3. 01GT

    Copy presets

    You can also just use the foot switch to quickly navigate to the existing pre-loaded preset; it is not limited to only the "bank 32" user presets. Also, any of the pre-loaded presets can be either changed/tweaked/saved and/or saved to any particular bank and position that you want. Yes, bank 32 is the set aside for the user, but you can move it to ANY bank (1-32) and position (A/B/C/D). The flexibility is huge. I use the PC version of Spider V Remote which makes all of that so quick and easy.
  4. You can get a G10 wireless system just to use for the charger. It comes with the transmitter which is where most of the cost is. Maybe you can find a used one without a transmitter?
  5. I think it would be hard to say. You will likely have to play with both to see which one works best. Just curious, why get the Pod Go with all of the built in functionality of the Spider V 240? Very curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  6. Spider Updater 1.25 Relay G10T 1.06 Spider V amp 2.02 Remote 2.01 FBV3 board 1.02
  7. Here is the thing ... The Spider V is so incredibly functional that the Spider V is a lot closer to being a "baby Helix" than it is to being an "improved Spider IV". The problem with the Spider V is that it carries the reputation with it of its Spider I-IV predecessors -- including the Spider I-IV's goofy/limited effects controls, bad standard on-board presets, and many digital sound limitations. Spider V is light years of improvement over the previous Spider IV, being FAR more than a simple evolution of the IV's existing features. As stated previously, the Spider V has more in common with Helix than it does Spider IV. Because of the that, the big MISS was made by Line 6 marketing for attaching the "Spider" name to it at all, and not instead attaching "Helix/HX" to it. Spider V was bitten badly by poor pre-conceived notions by the marketplace. Spider V being such a jump in technology that it would have warranted the new branding along with establishing a fresh start from the bad reputation of Spider I-IV. With the new "Catalyst", Line 6 seems to be taking aim at Katana, and maybe a new "Spider VI" will be branded within that Catalyst family. Regardless, I think it is safe to say that we will see no more branding within the "Spider" line as Line 6 wants to separate itself from it. Regardless of pre-conceived notions or reputation, the Spider V is an AMAZING amp providing ridiculous amounts of functionality, control and TONE. The reviews for it are also overwelmingly positive. To me, personally, I think the Spider V outperforms everything in its pricepoint (yes, even Katana) and would be "almost perfect" as is if it just had an effects loop ...
  8. It is nice plugging an expression pedal which are inexpensive into the FBV3. Then the Wah is always a Wah pedal with switching being on/off for Wah, and the expression is always a Volume pedal.
  9. FBV3 is - by far - best. It is made for it.
  10. There are a number of threads in case you have problems. And when we (me included) first started having problems back in early 2021, there was very little in the forums. Now there are a ton; just search on "Remote". Since those "early days" almost a year ago, I have not had any problems since. Even Win 11 is fine with it. No problems here for quite a while with using Remote (including cloud and MyTones access/downloads) using Spider V 240HC, FBV3 pedalboard, and G10T transmitter. The solutions are here, and not that hard ... really. If you still have problems after exploring the forum fixes, then post a new thread with specific questions/problems. You will get straightened out.
  11. Use the Updater ... easy. peasy
  12. There is no issue, just how people are using it. It is only charging when amp is on. For me, I perform a short charge before use and then after, preferably to "solid green" but okay if only to "blinking green". I have never had my transmitter die on me while playing, and I will often play for hours. It is a pretty cool thing.
  13. Yes, it will work. And, per the above posts, you may have some clipping issues with some of the amp's stock tones because -- evidently -- the two cabinets were designed with very different frequency responses. I have a 240HC head and love it, but use it with a custom 2x12 cabinet. There is a switch on the back of the head for "Cabinet Modelling". I have that set to 'off' which turns off the speakers in the 240HC, and I think also alters the signal to the cabinet. The tone difference of the two settings is dramatically different. The upgrade between IV and V is HUGE -- it is likely buying an amp with a baby Helix on board. Do the upgrade, for sure, but just keep in mind that you may need to play with presets/tones to get dialed in, and remember to experiment with the "Cabinet Modelling" switch on the back. For me, I found it better to build new tones from the ground up than to tweak existing presets. And with the huge amount of selections and settings that you can make in Spider V means it takes time to do. For me, it was well worth it -- absolutely amazing tone dialed in to my cabinet and guitars.
  14. Excellent. Hopefully everyone is beyond this issue now. What amp are you on? How you do like using Remote 2.0?
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