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  1. Great post here from GTRman100. And, yes, using the Remote app is night and day in ease. Without it, the real power of the amp's configurability and presets is still bottled up.
  2. Since you have the available Windows PC, why not just connect the amp directly to the Windows PC ... and then call it a day? The PC interface is better than the smart phone (IMO) anyway, and then you can just use a common printer cable, basically. So simple. If you are worried about using up USB slots on the PC, then get a USB "splitter hub". USB 3.0 Type-A to USB Type-B M/M
  3. Call/contact Line 6 Tech Support. Let us know what happens, please.
  4. With the failures being seen, can you go back to the amp's version 2.0.0?
  5. La buena noticia es que parece que Remote está funcionando, y solo está teniendo problemas para detectar la conexión a Internet. Este es un problema bien conocido. Hay una serie de subprocesos que abordan la corrección, incluido uno que sugiere usar la aplicación fiddler gratuita como intermediario para proporcionar la retroalimentación adecuada a Remote que se requiere, esa es la solución que uso y funciona bien. Tendrás que traducir los hilos al español si no sabes leer inglés. Aquí está uno de los hilos: Spider V Remote no internet access detected - Spider V - Line 6 Community
  6. What was the result of that? Is it something specific to AMD processors?
  7. No, have not seen this. Are you saying it freezes after adjusting any slider for any effect, or just for "Amp" setting sliders? I assume you tried the usual re-boot, remove/re-install, etc. stuff with no help?
  8. 01GT

    User presets

    Yes, that is correct. Basically, the Remote program is making an external query that is not being answered. So the patch fix to use the free Fiddler program as the intermediary to satisfy the Remote query. There are a few steps to do it, but it is not that complicated. There are a lot of posts on that, and the work around does work. Good luck.
  9. First off, I want to say that the Spider V 60 is a killer amp. Killer. That being said, though ... and this is just my opinion ... there is no substitute for 12" speakers. Electric guitars and 12" speakers were made for each other. This is why Line 6's Spider V top-of-the-line combo is not a 2x10 version. So, yeah, going to a 2x12 combo even at low volumes would be way better than 1x10. It is not about power. It is about the speakers. Very worthwhile. I feel very spoiled being able to have my 240HC drive a (not Line 6) 2x12 cabinet w/ EVM 12L speakers in stereo (with the 240HC speakers "off"). As for a Spider 6?? Spider V came out in 2017 (4 years ago) with "Mk ii" July/2019. Spider V is still a strong seller, and rightfully so. Any Spider 6 offering is at least 2-3 years away, my guess. Additionally, as we all know with Line 6, it is also best to wait a year or two for them to work the bugs out before diving in.
  10. 01GT

    User presets

    The amp has 128 presets (32 banks of 4) -- period. The FBV3 has no presets at all, and is only a controller for the amp. However, using Remote, you can save all of the existing pre-programmed presets into "MyTones" in Remote so they are always available to you, and can be recalled instantly whenever you want. Remote is not limited to 128 or any number; you can have thousands of presets there if you want (I believe....). As such, with all of the pre-programmed presets moved in to "MyTones" that leaves the full 128 amp presets available to program as you wish, along with still having all of the pre-programmed presets one click away in Remote, if you want -- effectively 256 presets. As I stated, you can save more than 128 into "MyTones" -- so using that methodology, the Spider V presets are, basically, limitless. To be very clear, though, the amp itself is limited to 128. Remote has no limit.
  11. The amp does not have "channels" like other amps. What it does have are 32 banks of 4 presets (128 presets total). The last bank (#32) of 4 is empty. All of the presets are fully editable and savable. Every preset has access to all of the amps, cabinets, effects, etc. -- the selection is massive, and is the same for each preset. On the amp for each preset, you can select between the "Amp" & "FX" buttons to change the functionality of the amp's knobs. Additionally on the amp, you can use the selector knob under the display to drill down into the millions of available amps, cabinets, effects, effect parameters, and a lot more. Using the "selector knob" can be slow and tedious, so you have the option of using the "Spider V Remote" app instead which is wayyyyy faster and better than the using only the amp itself. To make sure you are getting the right thing, first go to the Line 6 "software" page. On the software page, you need to make THREE selections for "Hardware", "Software", and "OS" at the top of the page -- then press the "Go" button. For hardware, select "Spider V 60"; for software, select "Spider V Remote", for OS, select as applicable to you. Make sure your selections are correct. Line 6 "software" page >>>> Line 6
  12. Yeah, that is my take. I run my 240 HC into a 2x12 cab loaded with EVM 12Ls with the 240HC's speakers switched OFF. Sounds great. As in "really great", actually. The only "however" is that -- at least I think so -- it significantly changes the sonic palette compared to what others are hearing with their standard Line 6 setups, as such many of the others' patches are really only good for a starting point and not immediate use ... to my ears, anyway. That being said, the Spider V's ability to build up presets w/ Remote 2.00 is just sick (in a VERY good way, I mean) so that I use my own presets and not anything that came with the amp or downloaded, except some clean tones that only needed tweaking. The downside to that, though, is I had to spend a lot of time developing my own presets. Well worth it, though. Tone city.
  13. Like was said above, there are a lot of different metronome selections that are all fully adjustable. And there are a lot of different drum loops with lots of varying tempos. It is not just three or four drum loops, and that is it -- way more than that. But, please post what you end up deciding on. I know I am interested.
  14. 01GT

    G10T - ?

    There are posts in this forum that refer to the G10T with the ability to hold only 1 hour charge at most, etc. Then there are others that have had the exact opposite experience. For me, even when plugging it in with less than a full charge, I have yet for the G10T to ever go out on me. And starting with a fully charged "three bars", I can REALLY play continuously for as along as I want -- Plugging it back in to the amp when done after 2.5 hours of continuous playing, it will still show "two bars" of charge left. Maybe I am just benefitting from purchase-timing as I started down the Line 6 Spider V path in early 2021, so ... maybe Line 6 has been behind the scenes fixing issues in their gear before I bought mine (?). Also, I believe my G10T was purchased just as Line 6 was rolling out their "fire fix", so mine was in the initial units to have the new firmware OEM-installed, as well. I don't if those are factors or not in my G10T 's operation. So ... what has been your experience with the G10T?
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