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  1. Yes, it will work. And, per the above posts, you may have some clipping issues with some of the amp's stock tones because -- evidently -- the two cabinets were designed with very different frequency responses. I have a 240HC head and love it, but use it with a custom 2x12 cabinet. There is a switch on the back of the head for "Cabinet Modelling". I have that set to 'off' which turns off the speakers in the 240HC, and I think also alters the signal to the cabinet. The tone difference of the two settings is dramatically different. The upgrade between IV and V is HUGE -- it is likely buying an amp with a baby Helix on board. Do the upgrade, for sure, but just keep in mind that you may need to play with presets/tones to get dialed in, and remember to experiment with the "Cabinet Modelling" switch on the back. For me, I found it better to build new tones from the ground up than to tweak existing presets. And with the huge amount of selections and settings that you can make in Spider V means it takes time to do. For me, it was well worth it -- absolutely amazing tone dialed in to my cabinet and guitars.
  2. Excellent. Hopefully everyone is beyond this issue now. What amp are you on? How you do like using Remote 2.0?
  3. Agreed -- Honestly, the answer to your question is that you should have bought a Spider V amp model that includes the looper. I believe the V60 and above have the looper built in. When buying Line 6 stuff, they are notorious for adding significant functionality as you move up the model line, as they are not just increasing size, power, etc. The best thing to do is buy the upper end of the model line to make sure that you are not missing out on some functionality that you may very well end up really wanting. I am sorry that this advice is no help to you now. Also, the FBV3 is only a "controller" for your existing amp's functionality -- it does not have any additional memory presets or effects (except for the wah pedal, I guess) beyond what is on your amp. That being said, it adds significant convenience (and the wah pedal), along with being very well designed and constructed. Once you have it, you will never want to part with it.
  4. Per the above "compatibility chart", the answer you your question is 'yes'. However, I believe you only will get red LEDs, and not the assignable colors. The LED colors are for Firehawk 1500 and Spider V. Let us know how it goes for you.
  5. If you are using FBV3 with MIDI, are you using the "FBV Control" software application? (this is totally different from the "Spider V Remote" application) This software download is intended for users using MIDI w/ FBV. It is available in the software downloads: To get it the Downloads section, select >>> Hardware: "FBV3"; Software: "Line 6 FBV Control"; OS: "Win 10" (or as applicable to you)
  6. You would use the desktop PC (using the Remote app) to establish your desired banks of A/B/C/D presets. Then when actually playing, you could change between banks, or between A/B/C/D presets within a given bank, all with your foot without ever missing a note or having to sit down or fiddle with the amp. Yes, you can also do the same with either the control knob on the amp, or using Remote on the PC ... but, the FBV3 adds a significant layer of convenience. I was initially hesitant to get the FBV3 based upon its relative high cost along with knowing it does not add any effects, etc. That being said, I was very glad I did, though, also adding the external expression pedal which allows the FBV3's on-board pedal as a high-quality dedicated wah pedal, and the external expression pedal a dedicated volume pedal. It was not too long after having it setup that I was so GLAD that I got the FBV3 setup, It quickly became indispensable for me.
  7. I have a Spider V 240HC mk ii: I completely agree with the effects-loop comment above. Without an effects loop, it really kills the ability to add external effects. Yes, you can add additional effects directly through the guitar's signal path, but -- if you do -- that completely kills the usefulness of the GT10 cordless functionality. To me, the GT10 cordless is awesome. And because of the impact of losing "cordless", the thought of adding additional effects in series is completely off the table for me, and not even considered. Clearly, the Spider V design was intended to be an all-inclusive amp/effects solution which it actually does extremely well. I am sure that when designing Spider V, the Line 6 engineers never even considered that users might want to add a Pod Go on top of Spider V. Because the Spider V effects are so useful and also so extensive, Line 6 clearly was thinking that they could cut the "no effects loop" corner without users even missing it. Because the Spider V effects/functionality/tone is so good and so extensive -- for me -- I can live without the effects loop and still be a very happy Line 6 user/customer. But, without a doubt, having an effects loop would definitely be very nice and would allow greater functionality. I suspect that adding an effects loop to the eventual Spider VI would be the primary reason for Spider V owners to upgrade, along with Bluetooth. And maybe that has been the Line 6 marketing roadmap all along with regards to Spider V to Spider VI ... (?) Additionally, the idea of adding new effects to Spider V is a brilliant idea. Having new software patches to add effects would absolutely create a buzz and additional interest/publicity for the Spider V line. Boy, if the Line 6 engineering/marketing folks are reading this, I think "Tikimug" with that idea can safely say to them: "ummm, you're welcome".
  8. Great post here from GTRman100. And, yes, using the Remote app is night and day in ease. Without it, the real power of the amp's configurability and presets is still bottled up.
  9. Since you have the available Windows PC, why not just connect the amp directly to the Windows PC ... and then call it a day? The PC interface is better than the smart phone (IMO) anyway, and then you can just use a common printer cable, basically. So simple. If you are worried about using up USB slots on the PC, then get a USB "splitter hub". USB 3.0 Type-A to USB Type-B M/M
  10. Call/contact Line 6 Tech Support. Let us know what happens, please.
  11. With the failures being seen, can you go back to the amp's version 2.0.0?
  12. La buena noticia es que parece que Remote está funcionando, y solo está teniendo problemas para detectar la conexión a Internet. Este es un problema bien conocido. Hay una serie de subprocesos que abordan la corrección, incluido uno que sugiere usar la aplicación fiddler gratuita como intermediario para proporcionar la retroalimentación adecuada a Remote que se requiere, esa es la solución que uso y funciona bien. Tendrás que traducir los hilos al español si no sabes leer inglés. Aquí está uno de los hilos: Spider V Remote no internet access detected - Spider V - Line 6 Community
  13. What was the result of that? Is it something specific to AMD processors?
  14. No, have not seen this. Are you saying it freezes after adjusting any slider for any effect, or just for "Amp" setting sliders? I assume you tried the usual re-boot, remove/re-install, etc. stuff with no help?
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