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  1. IMO.... Open a support ticket with Line 6 through your account... Give them your two presets you show here... Explain the problem in detail to them Optional: Point them to this thread If they find the problem in your preset they will let you know what it is. If they can duplicate the problem, they will verify it as a bug and add it to their list for fixing.
  2. Once you wrap your head around snapshots you will find they are intuitive and relatively simple. Well worth the effort of learning. Short answer, yes! Command center can be used to send a limited amount of midi commands at the preset change and the snapshot change. You can also assign a single midi command to a stomp switch.... IIRC.
  3. Yes... I always import. I drag and drop within the impulse window if I want to move/copy an IR to another location, but I use import to bring it in.
  4. I just did another check on my machine... the IR names are exactly what "I renamed them to" before importing. Sorry, I have no idea what is going on with yours.
  5. Just a curious question.... Why don't you compensate the different in IR levels at the IR block? By default an IR block loads a new IR at -18 (iirc)... which is a bit of a safety mechanism :) There is a lot of room up or down left to work with. Keeping it at the block makes sure any blocks "downchain" are actually hit with an appropriate level, not just turned up/down at the end. As for the names.... try importing them into "blank slots" and see if the name sticks. If not... then it is getting the name from within the file, not the file name itself. I am pretty sure I renamed my files and they uploaded as such... but I can't say that with 100% certainty. It's been a while.
  6. Your description is not detailed enough... but I "might" know what is going on. Are you using a Helix LT? Are you talking about "performance mode" on the LT? If so... keep the following in mind with performance mode.... Presets are always B&W Snapshots are always B&W Stomp Mode displays in color. When combining STOMP/SNAP/PRESETS on the preset screen... the STOMPS should display in color, everything else will still just be B&W If you are not using an LT and/or Performance mode is not the problem, you need to provide more details :)
  7. If the Headrush sounded great, and the FOH sounded great.... then it is the "Laney" I would be questioning. Do you have the Laney set to FRFR (full range) mode and does it appear to be working properly? On your LT... you could set the Global EQ to 1/4" outs and feed the laney from those. The XLR signal to the FOH will not be touched. Then just adjust the global EQ to make the Laney sound the way you want. Although IMO.... anything more than subtle changes points to a bigger problem. The LOOK can always be a PROP, it doesn't have to be something functional. That trick has been done for decades. Times are also changing.... I saw Skynyrd last year and they didn't have a single amp shown on the stage. That is something I wasn't expecting from them... amps were always a part of their "look". FWIW... at concert shows I don't use a PROP... but in small clubs where other musicians are present (and ever judging) I will often put an amp behind me for show. A fake amp always makes a modeler sound better :)
  8. So you took a heavily distorted preset from the Stomp and you are adjusting all your pedals to that? I wouldn't expect that to sound very good... no matter what I tried! IMO, that is completely backwards to how I would try and work the stomp into an existing pedal board. If you like the stuff you have.... integrate the stomp as an additional piece, not as the center piece... and certainly not as a center piece using a stock preset!
  9. codamedia

    Helix 2.9

    Aside from clipping indicators and output meters, 2.9 says it will also include "gain reduction meters".... Unless implemented in some very odd way, what you are suggesting is usually what those are for.
  10. Turn off Global PC Change within the Helix (it's in the global settings somewhere) When you want to change the reverb on the Lexicon... use the Command Center (in a given preset) to send a PROGRAM CHANGE via channel 1 (this is assuming the lexicon just worked on channel 1). or Change the Lexicon to a different midi channel (2 thru 16)... this should make it bypass the global changes from the Helix without turning them off in the Helix. Same as #2 above... but send the change over the channel you set the Lexicon to (2 thru 16)
  11. codamedia

    Helix 2.9

    In regards to output meters, we don't know how the meters will be calibrated so it's impossible to agree or disagree with your statement. Peak or RMS Slow or Fast Weighted or Not Weighted (this takes "bass energy" into account) Which meter system was used? I think it is best to wait and see how they have been implemented/calibrated before we write them off as useless :) Anybody familiar with meters knows how to compensate volumes for various tones/signals using those same meters. The more you do it, the better/faster you get at it. EG: I KNOW where I wan't my lead tone compared to my driven tone, clean tone, acoustic, baritone, wah, banjo, pedal steel, etc...etc... etc... Once I am familiar with the meter I am working with, I can make these adjustments with a 95% - 100% success rate every time. FOR ME, that process is WAY FASTER than the proverbial "use your ears". PLEASE NOTE: I did say 95% - 100% of the time. There are certainly times when a final adjustment is done "by ear" but only when in context... such as in a rehearsal or on a stage with the full band.... not isolated.
  12. Helix MIDI Out > Lexicon MIDI IN By default.... changing a preset on the Helix SHOULD change the preset on the Lexicon. If this doesn't happen you have to make sure both products are setup to the same midi channels (usually 1 or OMNI/All by default) and that the Lexicon is set to receive Program Change messages on that channel. Only after you get it all working and you are comfortable... I recommend that you disable "global program change" on the Helix, and learn how to set presets to change the Lexicon only when you need to using Command Center. IMO... MIDI is WORTH THE TIME! Learning the basics is not difficult, and will come in handy with many things.
  13. I hate to say it... but there is some really good reading over at TGP about the differences between the HX Stomp and the new POD Go. A lot of this info will apply to the HX Effects as well as the Stomp... of course minus the amps and interface options. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line-6-pod-go.2113195/ (jump to page 28 to see DI really dig in and explain some differences) Eric (Digital Igloo) has unleashed a lot of information about the POD Go over there that has not been stated here (that I can see). Aside from the obvious I/O differences and complete lack of MIDI, the main things you need to consider about the POD Go that has been made clear over there are.... There is no compatibility promise with other products in the HX line. It is not "unified" with the HX line (remember what 2.8 was all about). It will follow it's own update path and have it's own editor. You are not eligible for the discounted Helix Native upgrade price. The DSP is a little less powerful than the Stomps... (I don't know about the HX Effects). This may effect future updates compared to the HX line such as poly pitch shifting. There is only a single signal path... no parallel routing Many blocks are fixed... this means the EQ block can ONLY include an EQ model, nothing else. Same with Volume/Wah, AMP/Preamp, Cab/IR. There are only 4 wide open blocks for you to do whatever you want with. The looper is much shorter... but no exact length was given. Don't take my word for any of this... head over and read Digital Igloo's comments in that thread... they are quite insightful.
  14. I am very happy with the IR(s) I have in my "go to" list... but I will have to give your method a try... thanks for sharing. I could be missing out on some really nice IR's that I wouldn't think to listen to. I know that question wasn't for me, but IME... certain speakers are synonymous with certain amps. EG: AC30 and bluebells/silverbells, Plexi and Greenbacks/Creambacks, etc... etc... A speaker is 50% of the tone.... and those combinations create the sounds we are familiar with. That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't experiment to find what you like, it's just good to know how those familiar tones are created. After saying that I must admit, I generally stick to one speaker for all my amps :) MIC choice and placement is very different. IMO that is all about experimenting to find what you like.
  15. If you attempt to try all IR's your ears will fatigue quickly and you will never find what you really want. The advice is already given in this thread so I won't go into detail.... but you need to research what you like (cab/speaker/mic/mic position) then zero in on those IR's within the package. Each IR is labelled to include those items so you just need to learn the lingo of the package.
  16. OK... so it's just a lack of high end clarity in your direct signal. Since you say it is happening with ALL of your instruments then it shouldn't be instrument specific (ie: a dull pickup) so I will suggest looking at general potential issues.... The greatest "common" tone roll off in any rig is the cable(s) being used. Have you tried other cables... preferably ones of different make/model and length? Did you set the input impedance to 1M (fixed) rather than auto as I suggested earlier? If AUTO is setting it to a lower setting, you WILL lose high end. Are you sure you are not processing your dry signal in your DAW in any way? If your DAW has "input plugin" capability, are you sure it is empty or at least bypassed?
  17. codamedia

    Helix 2.9

    I have no issues with my tone.... That said, I am looking forward to having the new metering options. Thanks for the heads up that even the mere suggestion of an improvement (if we even feel they need any) will be met with ridicule and shame from certain forum members.
  18. You and me both.... complete oversight on my part. Thanks for the update... glad you got it working.
  19. I'm curious what you feel these are? Not arguing... actually curious : ) I know you have mentioned things like global blocks which... after a little thinking... actually has me excited about that type of feature. But I don't see that in this unit? Touchscreen? As we have discussed, not enough for me, but I understand if others want it. One thing I did like in one of the demo's I saw was a "search" feature. But - since I only roll my own presets, I would never use that :) Small footprint, not so important to me (just IMO).... but the capturing does interest me. ONLY if it is on part with Kemper! Otherwise if I had the extra cash I would just buy a Kemper Stage to go with my Helix... a combo some of my colleagues have. well... I don't own a Firehawk but I do own a Helix. There is nothing in that video that sets the Cortex apart "yet"..... just sayin'....
  20. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    The other way to look at this is that only the flagship products have had VDI connectors... never the lower cost alternatives. Inflation taken into account, all things are still equal.
  21. Line 6 does not monitor these forums for suggestions... Take your idea over the ideascale and post it there. https://line6.ideascale.com/
  22. The answer to this is directly above by "lungho".... but I have to add a saying that I live by... on BOTH sides of the statement. "failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" or in reverse "my failure to plan is nobody else's problem" Seriously.... you knew you had work to do and didn't think you could do it all within Native.... why didn't you just take the Stomp home instead of demanding Line 6 change something for you?
  23. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    Last I checked... you can still plug any Variax into any device... you just can't "control it" from any device. In the HX (Helix) line they offer three products with VDI connections and three products without. Choose the product that is right for you, and let others do the same. You can't expect everything at the cheapest cost....
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