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  1. There is way too much overthinking.... It's under warranty. Take it back to have it fixed or replaced.
  2. Why would you be upset that Line 6 added something you might not use? The versatility of the machine expands the market share... the more people buy into the platform the more Line 6 can expand the platform with more updates. No harm in that.... you have found what you like. Last time I looked.... the Helix still has a few Plexi options (and some variants) along with several delay types, included some new ones in this update. They didn't take any of that away to add in PolyPitch.
  3. Yes... it does work great for plus/minus 3 cents.... but not beyond that. The cents indicator adds "fine tuning" for plus/minus 50 cents, at which point it moves on to the next note. I have gotten good at interpreting the helix tuner... just as I have other tuners in the past. I'm just really lazy and want to make it even easier - LOL!
  4. Let's make this clear for the sake of this thread.... I did not say that! Not in this thread, and not anywhere!
  5. Because you say things like this.... :) Can you not recognize the condescending tone in what you say?
  6. You make the assumption and the accusation (whether you realize it or not) that people can't hear it because their ears aren't good enough (eg: untrained ear) to hear it! When someone can't hear it... guess what? Sometimes they CAN'T HEAR IT!
  7. Maybe we should turn the heat down in here! What we like is subjective, our hearing is not! We all hear differently, we all have different hearing deficiencies. Just because something exists, that doesn't mean someone will hear it! It's not always a the difference of a trained ear vs an untrained ear.... sometimes (more often than you think) the ears simply don't hear it!
  8. Bars 3 and beyond have some very noticeable artifacts compared to bars 1 & 2. The guitar sounds pretty much the same.... but there are added artifacts that would drive me crazy on a soft passage such as this. I hear soft thuds, dropouts, and a little warbling. Don't focus on the upper ringing notes... it's the lower notes and what is behind everything where I notice it most. Where I might differ in opinion from @SaschaFranck is that in a louder environment when set in a mix I could probably live with it for a song or two, but certainly not in a solo setting.
  9. Take a look at this Global Setting.... Global Settings > Preferences > Joystick Encoder.... The Firmware 3.0 update reset the global settings... it COULD just be that this setting got changed from what you were used to using. If it just "doesn't do anything".... then it is likely malfunctioning. From the manual: Determines the joystick behavior when a block is selected within the Home screen - signal flow. For “Model” (the default), turning the joystick knob scrolls through available models for the selected block. For “Selection,” turning the joystick knob quickly navigates selecting blocks across the signal flow. SHORTCUT: Pressing while turning the joystick reverses the current joystick behavior.
  10. Quality of the effect aside.... if you are hearing the original notes and it's NOT the acoustic sound of the instrument (you do need to play louder to get over that) then something is wrong with your path! Can you share a preset so we can take a look and have a listen?
  11. A major problem reported by just a few people would almost always be hardware related. If it were a software/firmware issue then it would effect everyone that loaded that version. Why are you not happy with the dealer? Do you think they knew this unit was faulty when they sold it to you? Was it a new unit with full warranty? If the dealer knew about it, why wouldn't they return it and get a new one rather than sell it to a customer who would most certainly return it... and probably be very upset? That makes no sense! OR.... was it a used unit with a short dealer warranty? If that's the case, give them a chance to fix it! Your thought process seems a little misguided.
  12. If you believe YOUR problem is software/firmware - try a full reset on the unit. If the problem persists, try a fresh update - followed by a full reset! As long as you have backups you won't lose anything...
  13. Yep... this is critical information to know. If by chance this is occurring through HX Edit.... I have always found it safer to press save on the Hardware. I used to get unpredictable results when saving through HX Edit... maybe it was my error, maybe it was a communications error, maybe a bug.... regardless... I have never had a problem if I saved on the hardware.
  14. Don't let the name (amp packs) fool you... they are not selling you NEW AMPS, they are just selling you Presets of the Stock Amps that exist within the Helix. The stock amp it loads likely doesn't include a cabinet... that is where the IR comes in! The IR's that comes with the purchase are the speaker cabinets. If you don't load these, the preset will not find the correct IR and will not sound like it should! When the amp packs were first introduced it was up to you (the person that bought and loaded them) to match the preset with the IR location. Line 6 has since updated the Helix so a preset "FINDS" the IR (by name) as long as you loaded it on the machine. If the preset did not throw you an error (about the IR) then it is likely loading the one it needs.
  15. I have no desire to return to a traditional cabinet. Working with and listening to the finished tone has always been much more appealing to me. Even back when I used amps I used to run the sound back through my monitors so I could hear "what the crowd is hearing" and shape my tone accordingly. Making the switch to modeling was easy for me... eliminate the amp, not the tone, all while increasing options and versatility.
  16. It was great to see the tuner added to Helix Native in the 3.0 update. What surprised me was that it included a feature not yet found on the hardware, and not included in the 3.0 update on the hardware. A "CENTS" indicator. A running indicator telling you how many cents "flat or sharp" you are to the nearest note. As a multi-instrumentalist, this is incredibly useful. My banjo, mandolin, acoustic, pedal steel, etc... etc... all require different offsets. Having this indicator (combined with knowing the offsets required) make it a snap to tune any instrument quickly and easily with incredible precision. I have created a feature request on ideascale in case anyone else is interested and wants to upvote it! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-Cents-indicator-the-the-tuner-on-the-hardware!/1004447-23508
  17. You already got an answer to your question(s).... I'll just provide a few tips.... Amps use a lot of resources.... that is probably the vast majority of your resources. Since you separate the amps and cab.... check the "pre-amp version" of one (or both) to see if you can it is suitable enough instead of the full model. For your effects, make sure you are NOT using any stereo versions unless you absolutely need it! eg: Once you go Stereo you have to stay Stereo... before that, keep it Mono! Here is a link to a helpful chart showing DSP usage of each amp/effect. Sometimes an acceptable substitution for an effect is all you need :) https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  18. Not for use on an HX Effects at this time.... but as @BobOD says above.... the functionality COULD be included on a future update. That doesn't mean it will! Actually... Line 6 products use a TS connection, not a TRS. Some TRS cables Expressions work, but simply due to how they are wired inside with the TS, not the R :) This is the wiring for a Line 6 Expression pedal. The wiring is extremely basic, and the pot value can vary. Older Line 6 products didn't like to see anything other than a 10K pot, the HX devices are much more tolerant of higher values.
  19. The two above quotes/suggestions is where I would be looking for the problem. It sounds like a Variax problem not a Helix problem... especially if it is most noticeable on just 2 strings.
  20. This is exactly what you need to do. I don't have a stomp, but I used to do this on my Helix LT and it works fine. When you do this there is an important step you need to make... turn off "MIDI PC RECEIVE" and/or "MIDI PC SEND" in the Global Settings. One or both of those needs to be off! Make sure MIDI THRU is turned off while you are at it... you don't need any messages repeating themselves.
  21. Native is not wide open by default.... it is likely running in compatibility mode. Even in Floor/LT/Rack mode each path is no more powerful than the Stomp is.... you just get two of them to work with. Click on the gear icon at the lower right corner of native Choose the "hardware compatibility" tab. Choose the mode you want to run it in, or turn if off so their are no limits imposed. If you want your choice remembered.... set it as the default or it will revert the next time you open it. That doesn't make sense! A blank chain should be able to take ANYTHING as it's first entry.
  22. No, this is not possible. You have to assign it on each preset. Toe Switch will not work with an HX Effects. All HX Models (including Helix) can operate by "auto on".... eg: When an expression reaching a threshold (eg: 5%) then the effect (eg: wah) automatically turns on. IMO... the closest you can come to this is having the closest switch possible assigned to the Volume On/Off and Wah On/Off. The switch will toggle between them. It's the same principle as a toe switch, but it wouldn't be under the toe of the expression pedal.
  23. I get that and I fully agree with you! That is precisely why I posted the "ideascale link" so you might take the time to go upvote it. Line 6 does not read these forums... they are user forums. Ideascale is their official system for requesting a feature. Don't take it personally... they didn't do it just to tick you off! Even if they don't share it publicly, they likely have very good reason for making this decision and they wouldn't be the only ones that do!
  24. That's the wrong wording... they do this on purpose so it isn't really broken - it's turned off! I can see Line 6 not wanting SysEx access to the HELIX.... but IMO... they should provide an option in the global menu to "turn on sysex forwarding". They could just leave it OFF by default and let the power users turn it on as needed. I found this post on IdeaScale ....but it needs some more upvotes to gain some traction :) https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/MIDI-THRU-should-pass-SysEx-messages/988293-23508
  25. It's a great model... I'm sure it will find it's way into my favorites list!
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