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    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    It's really nice to see you here Craig... I look forward to seeing what kind of creative solutions you'll come up with and share with the group.
  2. Understood... there is no room for a dedicated EP style pre-amp. The transistor delay, or the legacy Tube Delay or Tape Delay should work for you. You can use a snapshot or a controller to control the amount of delay and/or boost without disengaging the effect... that should keep the tone in place even when you don't use delay.
  3. codamedia

    [Solved] What is wrong with Hx DSP Values?

    That is an interesting list. I'm surprised at little DSP the compressors take (other than the Dyna <insert puzzled emoticon here>) and how much some of the amps require. Of course I expect the amps to do most of the heavy lifting, but some consume more than half the power of a single DSP. That's not a complaint... just an observation :)
  4. codamedia

    Volume Fluctuation

    Did the house have Phantom Power turned on? The XLR outputs are unpredictable with phantom power (some have issues, others don't, etc... etc...) but thin/attenuated tone is a common theme. The good news is that Phantom does not hurt the Helix, it just has a negative effect on the output. It's a well documented issue/concern in these forums... lots to read already.
  5. @Etienne73 In the Helix I use the Kinky Boost to accomplish this... but in my old HD500 I used to use "Tube Delay Dry" (EP-1) and "Tape Delay Dry" (EP-3). Those were the tones of the different echo plex pre-amps without delays. Those models are available in the HELIX under legacy effects. They don't have the "dry" distinction, but I'm sure if you kept the repeats off it would act very similar. I'm not suggesting this is THE solution, I'm just saying there are other options you can try :)
  6. codamedia

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    One of the most dynamic players, and one of the most recognized names has parked his amps for his latest tour. https://www.musicradar.com/news/mark-knopfler-is-now-using-kemper-profiling-amps-onstage Helix or not.... this has to be good news for the profiling/modeling world.
  7. codamedia

    Slight bug on moving IR one slot over?

    There you go... The Helix doesn't appear to be the problem... HX Edit or Communications (USB port and cable) is.
  8. codamedia

    Slight bug on moving IR one slot over?

    I just listened to your audio sample... that is crazy! I could imagine the move could change the tone if was swapping positions with another effect... but not into an empty slot like you diagram shows. If you are moving it in HX Edit you need to eliminate that as a potential problem. I see by your image that the Helix Floor is version 2.7.1. Is HX Edit the same version? You find that under Help > About. Turn edit off, unplug the USB cable, and try moving it on the unit itself to see if this problem still continues. If the problem continues, try a few troubleshooting tests... Rather than move the IR to the right, what happens if you completely remove the IR from it's current position, then add it in the position you want? This would help to figure out of it's a "position problem" or a "move problem". Load a different IR into the current position... then move it to see if the problem continues. This would help figure out if it's a "position/move problem", or a "specific IR problem".
  9. codamedia

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    Convenience and consistency is certainly a huge benefit, but the point is... as you say... he doesn't have to. That's why I find this move so intriguing.... MK spends a lot of time on his tones, he would never compromise. He would only do this if it equaled the tones/feel he was used to... plus gave him the other benefits. I'd like to see more details about this move... and I would love to hear it from Mark himself. I'd also like to see if he continues down this path on his next tour. I thought twice or more about posting this because I honestly don't care who plays what. But I'm a fan of modeling/profiling... so when a player with this much influence, touch/feel/tone actually makes the change, I think it's a good day for the future of the technology.
  10. codamedia

    From Helix to Helix LT ?

    Less I/O, different construction method and no scribble strips. Most people get hung up on the scribble strips the most, but the LT handles that in a very clever way. The screen has "Performance View" (which the floor model does not) and in that view your switch layout is presented as required. Presets, Snapshots & Stomp assignments (just as the scribble strips did) depending on the mode you are in.
  11. codamedia

    No mp3 player input in helix how to now??

    ^^^ this ^^^ (even for MAC) Although it should be obvious, don't forget to connect the Helix to the computer via USB cable for this to work.
  12. codamedia

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    A basic setup would be as follows.... and would work with both the HX Effects or the Stomp. Guitar > HX Input > "Some Effects" > Loop Send on HX to Amp Input > Amp Send to Loop Return on HX > IR > Output to PA (note: it can get a lot more complex than this... and there are more options. I'm just trying to keep it simple for this example) STOMP PRO's (HX Effects Cons) You have an Audio Interface should you ever need it You have amp modelling in case you decide to stop using an amp in the future.... or to provide more options immediately The amp modelling can be used for headphone practice STOMP CONS (HX Effects Pros) You will have a limited number of effects to work with. With a mandatory loop and IR (for your setup) you are already down to 4 effects. If you add an amp you drop down to 3, etc... You have less foot control over your effects... but since they are limited in number that won't matter so much The bottom line.... If you have your heart set on amp modelling, whether now or later. go with a Stomp If you intend to use your amp live... the HX Effects provides better options in regards to "number of effects" within a preset. Only you can decide which is better for you.
  13. codamedia

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    Yes, the stomp can also do this but keep in mind you have less blocks to work with. You will need a LOOP and an IR... so immediately you are cut back to 4 effects. Using an amp on stage seems to be an important factor.... that's perfectly fine.... what make/model is it?
  14. codamedia

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    A lot of people use IR's to FOH for consistency. They don't have another live mic on the stage, mic position is not an issue, there is no room influence to the guitar mic, etc... etc... Better, or best is not really a part of it, it's consistent and easy. My needs are different than yours.... EG: I bought a Helix, that doesn't mean you should :) What is important to you? Audio Interface? Going direct to FOH? Using a physical amp on stage? Ditching a physical amp on stage? Integration into an existing pedal board? Replacing an existing pedal board? Having a lot of options at the control of your feet? Not needing a lot of options at the control of your feet? Headphone practice (no physical amp)? Having a few effects, or having a lot of effects? etc... etc.... Once you determine what you needs are, choose the HX product that satisfies those needs.
  15. codamedia

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    The HX Effects is not an audio interface, and does not have any amps.... but yes, it does IR's. With an IR loaded you can do the following... Using 4 cable method you can split the path and load an IR in (let's say) Path B. Path A goes back to the amp without an IR, path B goes directly to the console (recording or live) without the need to mic the physical amp. If you have an "amp in the box" pedal you can place it in one of the loops and put an IR after it. Now you have a full "direct" setup with no need for a physical amp at all. IR's are also very useful for things beyond cabinets... so they still come in handy in that way. The HX Stomp is an audio interface and has the amps modeling, as well as IR's. It also has the same effects available but the trade off is that you get less effect blocks (6 on a HX Stomp, 9 on an HX Effects) ... and a lot less switches to work with.
  16. codamedia

    Switching channels on an external amp

    You shouldn't make an assumption here... there are far too many options. If you have a multi meter, just test the switch to see what is happening when you click the buttons. OR... open the switch and take a look. If there is just a couple of wires connected to the jack... it's likely a shorting switch. If there are resistors and/or caps & diodes it's more complicated. Keep in mind the EXT AMP output on the Rack is TRS. You should use what is called an INSERT cable (TRS end to two 1/4 TS ends) to make the connections. That provides two discreet controls, one to each TS end. However... none of that matters if your amp isn't basic shorting jacks.
  17. codamedia

    Feature request: HX Rum

    OK... his reasoning I don't agree with, but please read on :) You voted down a clock? Maybe it's the RUM talking (staying on topic - LOL), but I wouldn't mind a clock on the Helix :) Seriously... when you are in charge of set times on a stage, having a clock handy doesn't hurt. I have one in my Helix gig bag but would love it if I didn't have to carry it around. As for the original topic.... I'm holding out for HX BEER ... but I like your way of thinking :)
  18. codamedia

    Helix LT recording.How many tracks?

    The LT has 6 USB outputs.... plus a dry out for the guitar input, and the variax input. (8 total) The trick is learning how to route the INPUTS (guitar, variax, return one, return 2)... to the different paths, and therefore various outputs within the LT. In all practical purposes.... unless you have a variax guitar, you can route 3 inputs to three outputs... with a variax, you can route 4 inputs to 4 outputs. Things get more complicated if you want something in "stereo". You always require 2 outputs (1/2, 3/4, or 4/5) to create stereo. It doesn't record anything.... it just provides the USB outputs for a DAW. It's up to the DAW to record from multiple inputs... which most (if not all) do.
  19. codamedia

    Importing IRs

    ^^^ this ^^^ Don't worry about it. Upload the IR's and let the Helix sort it out. When you load an IR in a preset, keep in mind the 1,024 sample uses less resources than the 2,048 sample. If DSP is ever an issue, load the smaller one. It is possible, but unlikely you will actually notice a difference in the quality. FWIW... I always load 1,024's on my Helix, but "who am I" - LOL!
  20. codamedia

    M-audio EX P setup

    Ultimately... Line 6 Devices want an expression pedal with a TS connection... the M-Audio is a TRS. However, I use that same expression pedal.... but I have an LT so YMMV. I see the STOMP uses a single jack for multiple purposes (EXP 1/2 and FS 4/5) so I don't know how it will process the TRS compared to how the LT does. Here is what works for me... set the switch on the bottom of the expression pedal to M-Audio. Make sure the "MIN Volume" (on the side of the pedal) is all the way off. (optional)... Open the expression and remove the resistor on the tiny PCB that holds the pot. You can also just "clip" one side of the resistor connection and lift it. NOTE: BOTH of these options will void any warranty you have! As I said... it works great on my LT, but I have no idea if it works on a Stomp.
  21. codamedia

    Randy Rhoads on hx effects

    Randy used an MXR Distortion + ... which is a cousin to the DOD 250. While there isn't a Distortion + in the HX, it does have a model of the DOD 250 called the "TOP SECRET OD". That would be a good place to start in regards to putting some "icing" on the Marshall. Randy also triple tracked everything... that thickened all of his tones on the recordings. For this I would try a tight delay (under 50ms) with a single repeat. If you use a delay with some light modulation it will sound more like a double track than just a straight up delay will.
  22. codamedia

    HD500 as Controller for HX Stomp?

    Almost anything.... Yes.... and Yes....
  23. codamedia

    What happened? HX Edit or a coincidence?

    That is very different from how your first post in this thread sounded.... you made it seem like it was failing you all the time in a live setting. If I now read you correctly.... the issue is that you are not catching the problems until you are live. Why you don't notice until you are live is a different discussion, but it is interesting that you appear to be having a similar problem with HX Edit. That's the first time I've encountered it, but I also don't use HX Edit very often.
  24. I have an LT... most of the time I just edit on the device itself and I never have any issues. Yesterday I opened up HX Edit and encountered a problem. After 5 - 10 minutes of editing. one of my presets lost all of it's snapshot settings and any changes to snapshot controllers were sticking across ALL snapshots, not just the ones I was editing. I couldn't do anything to regain control of the patch. Thankfully, I always have a safety copy of everything I am working on (plus backups) so I copied the safety over, started over, and had no issues completing what I needed to do. But what happened? Has anyone else encountered something like this? Does HX Edit act up on occasion potentially corrupting a preset or was my use of HX Edit pure coincidence? The Helix has been rock solid and stable, last nights gig was no different. I'm not implying any "stability issues" at all with this post - I'm just hoping to find out what caused this glitch while editing. EDIT TO ADD: I know this question will come up so I'll address it now... both the LT and HX Edit are running the same versions... 2.80 (.......................... just kidding,.. 2.71)
  25. codamedia

    What happened? HX Edit or a coincidence?

    Maybe it's just me... but if I had a piece of gear that was malfunctioning 100% of the time I wouldn't have it centering anything. THE END! It sounds to me like your Helix is faulty. I'd be identifying and fixing the problem before going any further with it. As I stated in my opening post... my Helix is stable. The only time I had any issue with it (besides my own case of user error) was when I had it connected to HX Edit which is why I am here :)