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    Using Helix lt as interface.

    Yes - you should get a nice set of monitors. I'm not a fan of 5" monitors but many others have great success with them. I prefer 6.5" or bigger for speaker size. Yamaha HS7's or HS8's are worth every penny... but there are other great options as well. If you plan on using a microphone for any recording the LT lacks an XLR input.... so you may want to invest in a small mic pre. If it's all new to you there is no need to spend too much at this time, just a little "ART Tube MP" or similar would give you enough options to work with. I would plug that into a RETURN and utilize it when needed.
  2. codamedia

    2.82 Update

    This forum is littered with any/all potential issues.... the majority (but not all) were when people failed to follow the instructions. If you follow these instructions starting at "Updating to 2.82 from 2.71 or Earlier (READ ME!)" (that is about half way down the page) you will be fine. https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helixhx-282-release-notes-r928/ Here are two things that are often over-looked... When you update HX Edit to the latest version it will include all the drivers, and current updater that is required. When installing HX Edit there is an option to select / de-select some items... LEAVE THEM ALL SELECTED Do NOT open HX Edit when you attempt to update your Helix.
  3. Instrument level and Line line are just that - levels (volume). There is enough control of volumes in the SEND/RETURN settings to compensate anything "Instrument/Line" are doing. Set your SEND/RETURN 1 to LINE level Insert an FX Loop Block Turn down the "SEND Level" so it hits your amp like it would if it were instrument level. Start around -9db... adjust as needed.
  4. codamedia

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    What do you mean by "double it"? If you mean cost.... you can get an Alto or Headrush for $300 or less. IMO... either is a better choice than an acoustic amp.
  5. codamedia

    hx effects

    I rarely see 4cm being used. I see it talked about on the forums ad nauseam... but in the wild it is used in about 1 in every 20 - 30 setups I see.... and the 20 - 30 setups that don't use it sill sound fine. (by setups I am talking about any/all style of pedal boards... not the HX Effects or Helix in particular) I'm not against 4cm at all and I agree that it provides the optimum options, I just wish people wouldn't get so hung up on it.
  6. codamedia

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    IMO... many acoustic amps have pre-built "scoops" and "notches" in the EQ that I would avoid. I would lean toward a budget FRFR before going that route.... unless it's an incredible bargain so you can recoup your money if you don't like it.
  7. Has anybody tried doing this within the Helix itself... not just through HX Edit? Close HX Edit Open the patch in the Helix. Save it to a new setlist/location. . If it works on the Helix (consistently) then the problem will be narrowed down to HX Edit error, or a USB communication error. It becomes a limit to be aware of until it is resolved... but not a roadblock that keeps you from working.
  8. codamedia

    IR clarification

    That's why it is usually best to know the rules before breaking the rules. This falls under the "know the rules before you break them" category. An IR can capture EQ but it cannot capture gain. You wouldn't be able to get the sound of a high gain amp, distortion and all - but I suppose an IR could capture the set tone of a clean amp. I'm not sure there would be much advantage... as you would then need to add an EQ to operate as the tone stack.
  9. It's already explained well by @SaschaFranck directly above... I'm just here to add that I always use the 1024 block... it sounds perfectly fine to these ears :)
  10. Maybe you are looking for the name too quickly.... Insert an IR block into your preset. You will have a choice between a 1024 or a 2048. If those are the names you are seeing, that is JUST loading a block, NOT an IR. Keep going.... :) Next... navigate to that block and choose the IR from the IR SELECT parameter.
  11. codamedia

    2.82 Update

    I use a Variax and haven't had any problems like this with the 2.82 update. My Variax worked as it should, and all changes occurred as they were programmed... never unexpectedly. Are you sure it isn't a VDI Cable issue... especially at the connections?
  12. The only thing you can safely try is a complete reset. If you can connect the guitar to workbench, try to re-load the latest firmware once again. if there is a software glitch, that "may" help.
  13. codamedia

    hx effects

    You don't NEED 4 cable method. The option is there if you want to use it just as it has always been with any type of setup. I have to be honest... in the thousands of pedal boards I've seen over the years, very - very rarely has anyone ever done a 4cm with them. Yet for some reason everything thinks they "need to" with these devices. I'm not saying you shouldn't do 4cm, I'm simply saying don't get hung up over it.
  14. codamedia

    Capture your own IRs? What are you using?

    Tools to make an IR? A method to record/export the two signals that need to be compared. Any DAW can do this, and if you don't own a DAW most have a FREE version that are limited, but more than enough to handle the job. A method to compare those two files and create the IR. Voxengo Deconvolver in DEMO mode is more than capable of this task. Here is a basic demo of the process....
  15. codamedia

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    That's exactly what I do in my live presets...
  16. The units do not come with any IR's... so nothing gets loaded with factory resets. Line 6 does offer a small free set which is decent enough to get your feet wet. This is the Allure Pack and can be downloaded from here once you hand over your email address. It's still Line 6, so I wasn't concerned about giving my email address. I don't think it's available from within your user account, but I could be wrong. https://line6.com/allure/ You load them through HX Edit with the Helix connected to the computer. You can change the "preset tab" to the "IR tab" then just import them into the available slots.
  17. codamedia

    Help with IR's !

    None of the HX Devices (stomp, effects, Helix, etc...) come with factory IR's. Those slots are always empty until YOU load something into them. If the factory reset you chose included the reset of IR's... it would remove any that did exist. If you bought a preset that includes an IR, you need to load that IR separately from the patch... through HX Edit. Once you do that, you need to make sure the IR is in the proper location for the preset. Either load the IR into the IR slot the preset is calling or Load the IR into any slot, then go edit the preset to use that IR slot.
  18. codamedia

    Helix strobe tuner accuracy in cents

    I own a Peterson Stomp, and I have a Helix LT Seriously.... I have no problem with the accuracy of the LT in strobe mode. The only complaint I have is that it isn't great at tracking the lowest strings on a BASS (Low E, or Low B)
  19. codamedia

    Ah the Helix... three and a half years in...

    Sometimes you can't go wrong! I wouldn't have passed that up myself :)
  20. codamedia

    Helix to FOH - DI Box or Hum Eliminator

    I'm in Canada and have not encountered any hum issues that couldn't be fixed with the ground control. I have a pair of home made phantom power blockers... (although I usually only use MONO output on a live gig) but I don't think that has anything to do with helping in the hum department.
  21. codamedia

    Ah the Helix... three and a half years in...

    @Kilrahi.... I went through the same thing with my HX effects last year... ended up with an LT after 8 months or so. I could have gotten use out of the extra inputs on the full Helix... but I need to watch the dollars and here in Canada there is an $700 difference from the LT to Floor.
  22. codamedia

    input level calibration?

    Good to know.... thanks. I know on the Helix the "instrument/line" choice on the returns is FAR more dramatic than the input pad.... I assumed it would have been the same on the Stomp.
  23. codamedia

    input level calibration?

    C'mon guys, this is not a ridiculous question. It's not about "clipping" the HX, it's about "input leveling" guitars... something I've done for 40 years. Maybe you don't think it's valuable, but it has served me well over the decades... and I still do it on my HELIX... with a workaround! IMO... "input balancing" the guitar does not "sterilize" things. I view the volume difference of guitars as a by product of the pickups.... something you HAVE to live with, not a feature. It's the TONE of the guitar that I am after when I grab something different... not looking for more or less gain! "Input balancing" does not make my Les Paul sound like my Tele just because I turned the input level down a little :) You may feel differently about it... I have no problem with that. I'm not looking to debate this, I just want to point out that there are other ways to approach things. Many amps have a "hi/lo" input... I would often use the HI input for my single coils and the Lo input for my humbuckers. On the Helix we have an input pad we can work with, but I don't believe the Stomp has that feature and "instrument/line" is too dramatic for this use. As you've gathered.... no, the Stomp (and Helix) do not have this feature. On the Helix I've got 32 blocks to work with... so I burn the first block with a simple "gain". That's precious real estate on a Stomp so you may not want to do that... but I'll lay out my usage just in case you want to try it. Since I use one "primary" layout (preset)... I just need to adjust them (mildly) to accommodate different guitars. I prep everything on my Tele... which is my #1. Once completed I copy that preset to other locations and name them accordingly for my other gutars (strat, les paul, etc... etc..). NOW - to get that patch into a similar "gain structure" and "level" immediately, I simply adjust the gain block at the beginning of the patch... then I might tweak a few of the overdrives and amp settings to optimize them for the new guitar. Another quick option on a couple of my presets is to simply set that first GAIN and a few OD or EQ parameters on snapshot control. This is particularly useful with my strat... as the Quack Position (bridge/middle) is naturally a few db quieter than other positions. I hit my "quack" snapshot and that position becomes much more useful (and balanced) in a live situation.
  24. codamedia

    extension cord ok for hx power supply?

    There is no issue running an extension cord... most people could never get them to the front of a stage without one. A surge protector is always recommended.
  25. codamedia

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    There are two potential problems... You did not update HX Edit to the correct version PRIOR to attempting the update. or You have HX Edit open while you are attempting to run the updater.