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  1. If you are clipping the harmony block in this (non 4cm) set up... everything down chain from that is also seeing too much gain, you just might not notice it as badly. I would simply add a gain block in front of the harmony block and reduce the volume until it sounds good. When you turn the harmony block off - the rest of the path should still be getting the reduced gain it is used to in your 4cm setup. If that doesn't work try placing the "twin harmony block" in a parallel path - and set the tilt EQ in front of it on that path. This gives you really simple gain and tone control over the harmony block without compromising the rest of the path. SIDE NOTE: You could try the non 4cm setup into your normal amp to see if that same problem exists. If it doesn't, it just the amp/speaker at the rehearsal room giving you grief.
  2. The Helix is the single best gear purchase I have made in my 40+ year career. It was the first modeler/multi-effect that met my wishlist, and has since exceeded it.
  3. Have you tried the Ratatouille instead of the Vermin? IMO, it's a much nicer (more accurate) sounding RAT in the Helix.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. In the studio and within most DAW's this is called a "side chain" and I would welcome it on the Helix. Right now we can do the same thing physically with an expression pedal, a footswitch or even a Variax control (tone or volume), but having it set to dynamics would be great. There is a Dynamic split... but all that does is introduce a parallel chain based on sensitivity. The ability to control a specific parameter in any effect of your choosing would be an outstanding addition for creativity. Implementing it as another controller has merit... providing there is an easy way to assign a footswitch to turn it on/off. That is where adding it as a block would be a simpler, more intuitive approach. (IMO of course)
  5. The website has not been updated on the LT page. Nothing to worry about, the LT has everything the Rack & Floor has regarding amps/effects. There are just some physical and functional differences, some already mentioned above.
  6. I use my Helix with pedal steel... it works great. I recently got an HX Stomp as a backup and now I use that primarily for Pedal Steel to keep them separate... but the premise is exactly the same. I just use a Deluxe VIB amp with a Rochester Comp and a Reverb of choice. I haven't dug into the new 3.5 cabs yet so I'm still using an MBritt IR as a cabinet. One of these days I'll likely replace the IR with a nice dual cab. I also do the Paul Franklin trick with delay... just a single repeat at 200ms, set so you barely notice it.
  7. No, not with a single button. One option is to think of this in reverse. Set the screen to 8 snaps then anytime you want presets a single press of a bank button (any one) will reveal your presets until you choose one... then back to snapshots (or stomps if you were already there) you go. Of course, we all have different workflows and that may not work for you. After I choose a preset I want instant access to my snapshots/stomps, not more presets. I have zero reason to always keep presets displayed, so that's why I keep them one click away.
  8. Over the years I've learned that a neck can play a large role in shaping the tone for a guitar.... but it's not a predictable role. You can't just look at the composition of a neck and expect a certain tone. There is too much interaction with every part of the guitar to know how something will sound until you try it. The only thing I know is that when I change a neck on a guitar, the tone of that guitar certainly changes and it's not just because of the nut.
  9. I agree. That's the Adrian Belew approach... which produces very realistic seagull sounds. IIRC, Belew adds flange as well as delay. Matte Kudasai from King Crimson Discipline is a masterful display of the technique. Identical no... but through technique you can easily get a "mad laughing effect" that you have complete control over. IMO - it's much more realistic.
  10. This is a little off topic... I just want to add my approach. I always set my inputs explicitly for each type. Even if the preset is essentially the same... I'll copy it and change the input. The reasons are two fold. Primarily, with quick changes on stage I don't want to forget to turn down the other guitar and have it "live" while playing the intended guitar. For me it's easier to grab the Variax and switch over to my primary Variax preset. The next reason is that it allows me to fine tune that preset for the guitar it was designed for. I don't suffer from "sounds great on the tele, not as good on the Variax" or vice versa.
  11. In snapshot mode the footswitch turns on the snapshot...if it double hits it just reloads the same snapshot (with the default global settings) so you would never notice a problem. In stomp mode if it double hits it turns on the effect, then off again.... that's why you notice it. My Helix took about 4 years to display some footswitch issues, which is on par with any multi-effect I have ever owned. Since this is your first problem, #1 may work for you. When it first occurs... try the self cleaning option. Push down the footswitch and spin it several times. Repeat that a few times. This works for some, not for others. If it continues, you'll need to clean the micro switch which requires opening the unit. Don't attempt this if the unit is under warranty, and if you do attempt it... read up on it first. It's not difficult, but there are several things to be careful of. Once a good cleaning has failed the micro switch will need to be replaced. Just like cleaning, this is not difficult as long as you are comfortable with working on your own gear.
  12. I think the end of the review sums it up... when it comes to modeling, stick to the major units. A re-branded "Eleven Rack / Headrush Gig Board" with added Peavey modeling won't be replacing my Helix anytime soon. If I ever decide to look at profiling I'd look at the Tonex. Certainly there will be features here that impact others in a more positive way than the Helix does... but not for me.
  13. Nothing wrong with a Bad Monkey... it's a great $50 pedal. There is nothing special about it either.
  14. Try inserting a RETURN block at the front of the chain, and make sure it is set to "instrument" level. Plug the guitar into that return and see if the problem remains. This will tell you if the problem is just a dying input, or if the problem is deeper down the line. If it's just the input at least you can work around that until you get a chance to have it fixed.
  15. I think the last 4 words are onto something :) I have a hard time trusting what we are being told. If this is a legit problem the OP has, I highly doubt it has gone through accurate troubleshooting with multiple guitars and HX/Helix devices as we are told.
  16. Lots of great answers already which you have acknowledged... I'll just share my reasons. 1: Freedom of placement. I can choose the exact place I want that control at my foot, and it is different at almost every location. Sure, you could put a GAIN block anywhere in the chain as well and assign the pedal... but that leads me to #2 2: The VP block is the only option that offers LOG taper like a guitar volume/volume pedal uses. Anything else is much more linear. I think there is room for improvement on the taper, but for me it works. I do hold out hope that a future update will offer more taper options.
  17. With all due respect... you can't seem to figure out how to export & post a preset, you can't seem to post text on a forum like anyone else, yet we are to believe you figured out all Helix units are flawed based on your assessment? Since you say it happens with every preset, I'd like to hear an audio sample of the problem.
  18. codamedia

    Faulty Helix?

    I would disconnect the USB completely to eliminate that level of complexity. Test all the outputs, and even test the Sends, Returns and headphones. If you still have issues, I'd be getting in touch with the seller. If it works fine then the problem is limited to the USB and/or the computer configuration. Obviously if you are able to re-install firmware the USB communication is working.
  19. What is stopping you from re-creating the custom tuning in the new JTV you got? You can even place it in the familiar "baritone" setting like your old one for when you need it.
  20. Are you sure? According to the JTV Manual, the light should be solid red while charging... not off. I know you are the Variax guru, but all we have to go on are the manuals that are provided.
  21. If you have both units... connect both, open 2 instances of HX Edit and drag/drop the blocks from the HX Effects to the LT. If you have Native.... load the HX Effects presets into that and copy/paste the blocks from there to the LT. If you can't do either, I don't think you will get the HX Effects preset to load in LT. Maybe you can ask someone here to convert the HX Preset to an LT preset in Helix Native. Line 6 doesn't make a dual DSP version of "effect only". IMO, that's where the LT fits nicely. The LT is an incredible effects board into an amp. I save a copy of my working presets with the amp blocks off for the rare occasions I need to use an amp on stage. It is better & more versatile than any other effects unit I've ever used.
  22. It's been a couple years now, but I remember the position of the kinky boost has given me pops (soft pops) in various situations. I've encountered a couple other effect blocks that do that as well but don't remember what they are. TBH... I just stopped using the Kinky Boost and use the simple gain block for boosts/cuts. I don't need the "tonal change" of the kinky boost, so I didn't mind losing it.
  23. They don't clean themselves... that phrase is suppose to be accompanied by "Push and simultaneously twist the switch 8-10 times. This should help clear any dust/debris." IME... that works to get you through a week or two, but there comes a time when the unit will need to be opened and cleaned manually. For me that time took 4 years to arrive - on par with any other floorboard I've owned over the years.
  24. Yes there is... Choose HX Stomp as the hardware Choose MAC OSX as the OS Sift through the results.... many versions of updater.
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