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  1. Of all the things on the internet to debunk... a guitar player testing stuff and giving his opinion. He doesn't claim to know the answers, he's searching for them.
  2. My preferred setting is "Bright/Off".... That could change next week, but for the last 4 years that's been my favorite way to operate it - LOL!
  3. A traditional pedal board plugged into an amp does the exact same thing. Eg: Take a boost at the start of your pedal board and turn it up a notch or two... everything down chain will be affected by that. On a traditional pedal board players intuitively bend over and make the change, yet surprisingly on a modeler they don't think about doing that. You're on the right track... give yourself some time to sort it all out, you don't learn gain staging over night. Actually - I'd suggest you never stop learning about gain staging and all the tricks (and gotcha's) that come with it.
  4. No, you cannot separate the "performance view" screen from the "footswitch" rings. Bright/Dim will be that way on both or Bright/Off will be that way on both
  5. Check the settings for the Loop in the global settings. If they are set to LINE, change it to INSTRUMENT.
  6. My Helix is silent... or at least as silent as anything else I've owned over the years. Share a preset.... and/or provide an audio sample of your hiss.
  7. You - are - in - the - helix - forum! Just saying :) You bought into a 2.4G network. I hate to be the spoiler here, but they all suffer from that same problem. With the G10 it will scan and give you the cleanest channel... but it can't stop others from jumping on that channel later. When you buy other models YOU get to choose the channel... it makes it quicker to navigate when things go south. You also bought a consumer grade device and seem to want pro level. Spend money and buy pro - if that's what you expect! You won't get it for $200. All that said... the G10 sounds great and many people use it with success. Sadly, you are in a market where that traffic is saturated. FWIW... I use a G50 and on occasion have issues, but not often. When I play an exhibition/large fair, FORGET IT! Every ride is controlled by an MC that owns a Line 6 handheld sharing the same channels. C'est La Vie.... I bought into the 2.4 network and I know it!
  8. When a loop is set to 50%, that IS creating a parallel path. Set it to 100%, then solve the tonal difference that you are mentioning. @CraigGT provides great advice above. Make sure the LEVEL of the Loop in UNIT A is set the same as the I/O of UNIT B. Both need to be instrument, or both need to be line. IMO... I wouldn't bother with the loop at all. Why not just run one unit into the other? That would eliminate one unnecessary AD/DA conversation.
  9. ^^^ this ^^^ is my solution. It is easy, it is cheap, & it works! Simply add a 10K resistor across the open or closed output of a switch... it then mimics a Line 6 EXP in "Heel down/Toe down".
  10. @z3albw1rr... it sounds like you have the "send/return" setup as a parallel path yet you appear to want a serial setup. Double check those "send/return" parameters to make sure you are not blending the two signals. To test this... run the HX Effects unit back to back (not in the loop). If the phasing disappears... the problem is in the loop parameters.
  11. Most "template presets" are about the routing and/or pedal assignment, not so much the tones you might stumble on. The titles are usually self explanatory... if you don't understand what is said, maybe you just aren't familiar with that term/technology? The nuts and bolts of the template may have to be deconstructed (eg: which loop is used in the 4 cable template) but the title is still self-explanatory.
  12. Actuators pushing on microswitches... it's not a new concept. First time I saw that was on my old ROLAND FC Controller for my GP-8 n the 80's. ROLAND/BOSS has used them ever since in their ME and GT lines. Line 6 uses the metal toggles for actuators instead of the plastic stomps BOSS always had... many have since gone to the L6 style actuators including Kemper, Fractal and BOSS. I think people just become disappointed when they open it up and realize those are still actuators, not genuine footswitches.
  13. From that list the QSC K12 .... If you decided to make the Yammy or EV a 12, I might consider those as well for the price differences, but not the 15" versions.
  14. Although I had recently seen the video you posted, I wasn't aware that the sensor was a wide spread problem. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll keep that in mind should my EXP die.
  15. Compare is a handy feature when a unit provides it, but it does require a lot of reserved resources. I've always just made a copy of the preset I am working on... and reference it as required.
  16. That was a physical problem where the bracket in the LT would break and the EXP had nothing to pivot on. That's very different from what you are describing.
  17. Known issue? I doubt that or none of our EXP's would work. Possible hardware failure, or a misconfiguration somewhere. IMO, the easiest way to test the expression pedal is to create a blank preset and add a volume pedal block. It auto assigns everything so you can't make a mistake. If the VP works, the pedal is working. A factory reset is always a good troubleshooting technique for something failing. Make a backup then do a factory reset. Restore backups as required. Failing all of that, open a support ticket with Line 6.
  18. I understand the reason to the fullest, but I sure wish this was an option for "power users" to engage in the global settings. I know I've upvoted a few feature requests for this.
  19. Like the OP, I'm not a fan of the new ballistics. A true bug would effect everybody... yet my Helix LT and my Stomp don't have any issues with the ballistic update. I think this update has exposed encoders that are not 100% healthy. You'd rarely notice a glitchy encoder at the slower speeds because the jump would be so small, but at the higher speeds the jumps are huge and unmanageable. It would be nice if the ballistics were an option in global settings... so people could revert to the old ballistics without downgrading their firmware. Tier One support is always a canned response. Escalate it to Tier Two and you'll get someone that actually reads the problem and tries to understand it. Like you, I tend to troubleshoot an issue before opening the ticket. Responding to the tier one answer politely but forcefully has always worked for me to escalate the problem and actually get a solution... or a confirmation of a bug they are working on.
  20. I've had nothing but successful updates, but why do you want to hear from me? You solved your problem... that's why support forums exist. Plus, anything mentioned here is also addressed in release notes, instructions and documentation. Isn't that a beautiful thought. We never notice how many times things work until the one time it doesn't :) I just spent 4 hours the other evening recovering from a failed OS update on a Windows computer, and I've had more than one bricked iPhone and Android over the years.
  21. The HX Effects should be very quiet when using ins/outs, some people have problem with noise in the loops. Test the HX Effects all by itself to see if noise is there. That will tell you if the HX itself is the problem, or if it's a compatibility issue with the other effects. If the noise is only there with other effects, try changing the "last pedal" to see if that makes any difference. I'm not saying you have to change your effect order, I'm simply suggesting this for the sake of troubleshooting.
  22. I liken that to the layout view... Helix (and almost every other modeler/multi-fx) display a layout from (input) left > right (output) Look down at a traditional pedalboard and it's almost always built (output) left < right (input) Does it matter? Certainly not to me.
  23. I just want to clarify this a little... With the bigger units the options are there, but there is no real "all input" option. MULTI only includes guitar input and variax... you have to choose the others independently and no other input works on the tuner when you do unless a recent update has changed that. But yeah, I just picked up a stomp as a backup and I don't see any way to even choose a return for the tuner.
  24. There are a few considerations when connecting two expression pedals to the Stomp with a splitter. Look to page 5 and page 42 of the manual for more details. Page 5 Page 42
  25. If you use a DAW, turn off input monitoring... If you don't use a DAW, I suspect there are audio settings in the OS that create the same problem. To test if it's the Helix or the computer... simply unplug the USB cable. If the unwanted reverb goes away the problem is in the computer, look there to solve it not the Helix.
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