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  1. Thx cruisinon2, I did some digging and see now that if I do the hardware reset procedure it will then load only the ‘new’ presets. Which makes sense :-).
  2. Ha, I definitely missed that lol. I’m months away from the big 5-0. I’m playing the age card on this one. Thx guys.
  3. Oh ok. I don’t recall skipping steps but maybe I did. Something has to explain this and this sounds reasonable. This is is what I do remember, downloaded the latest helix edit and updater software and extracted (MAC). Plugged in Helix LT floor and ran updater software. Followed the prompts, sat back and waited for it to finish. I just don’t remember being prompted for installing the new presets, but likely I had to. Thx for the info! Rob
  4. Maybe I missed something, but being super nervous about losing all my presets, I did multiple backups in multiple different ways, just to be sure I didn't lose any of my custom presets. Did the update as per the very detailed instructions and ya after about 25-30mins I was up and playing again and low and behold.... all my presets were still there. So my question to you guys..... I thought we were suppose to lose the presets and would require an import from the backup, did I just get lucky? Or did everyone else have the same experience. Just want to make sure I actually updated properly, I'm guessing it did as it shows 2.81 on boot-up. I have 2 user folders in use - user3 and user4 and all my presets and IRs remained without requiring an import. Cheers! R.
  5. Never thought that would be an option, but what isn’t on this rig! Thx I’ll have to remember to try that when playing with bare feet or socks. Cheers.
  6. I agree that the 4CM is probably the best route when using an amp for it's gain specific sounds (ie. Marshall/Fender/Traynor etc..). I opted to dump my traditional amps and bought the Line6 Powercab. Being an FRFR amp - removes any of the hurdles of a traditional amp and allows the helix to do everything. Jury is still out, but thinking your probably not going to drop the Fender, I believe the best method is the 4CM, lots of videos on how to do this.... fairly straight forward too.
  7. ha ha, I think they were from Winners actually!
  8. Only replying to my own post in the event others have the same issue and wanted a solution. The problem is right there in the pictures I posted, socks! I believe the touch sensitivity on each of the footswitches is not an exact science and more times than not fs8 and fs11 would put me into the controller assign mode. I cannot repeat this issue when wearing shoes. As I'm accustomed to not wearing shoes in the house, I wasn't going to wear shoes when playing on my helix LT as I couldn't see the touch sensitivity being triggered while wearing socks, apparently it can lol. This probably is not an issue to those lucky enough to own the full blown helix as the scribble scripts would still remain on.
  9. Pics are worth a thousand words (as they say). Hopefully this is more clear what I'm asking with the pics. This was with another tone that I downloaded STP Friedman. Sometimes it would take several times of toggling the CLEAR VOX stomp before it would change to the CONTROLLER ASSIGN screen. Just really confused how to stop this from happening as it will really suck if this occurs playing live somewhere.
  10. A lot of trial and error with this new Helix LT I just got and am really enjoying it. Would like to play live with it eventually but don't want to get tripped up by the hardware as I am now. Thought I'd try some of the customtones and in particular something for playing RHCP under the bridge. Low and behold I found the RHCP Frusciante custom tone and downloaded. Been playing with it but FS11 is assigned 'Clean It Up', which does drop some of the distortion but unfortunately it also removes me from the STOMP screen and displays the pedal chain. None of the other assigned foot switches does this so I was wondering whats up? Any thoughts? And to be clear I also downloaded other customtones that also had the same effect but on different FS buttons. Thx in advance!
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