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  1. Any rumours or news about a FHFX upgrade to a newer model? Getting a little frustrated by the lack of updates and support from Line 6, so I’m hoping there may be a new model coming out between the pricier Helix and this one??
  2. Be warned: If anyone is using Firehawk remote with a Variax, the latest iOS 13 updates make the app crash when you try and change Variax models on your iphone or ipad. The rest of the app works, but this is quite frustrating as I have a Variax standard and a whole load of patches with different Variax models. I raised a ticket with Line 6 and they came back: this is a logged bug under iOS13, unfortunately we have no timeline yet when it will be fixed. The suggested I don’t change to iOS13 if I want to continue using the Firehawk remote Variax model functionality. Pretty unsatisfactory solution if you ask me, this must be affecting many people so if everyone raised a ticket they may escalate!
  3. Hello After updating my iPhone 8 plus to the latest iOS 13.1.2, I'm having problems with the Firehawk remote app. Everything is OK except when I try to edit the Variax model using the app, it crashes all the time. I can still use every other functionality and the pedal works fine, changing models to and from magnetic pickups to Variax models, I just can't edit it on the Remote app. I have another older phone and it works fine there, so must be the latest iOS update. Anyone else experienced this and has a solution?
  4. Same issue, is Line6 doing something about this please? A lot of people rely on the remote app to search tones, if this is not working I will also sell my FHFX and Variax
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