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  1. Hello There, If you plan to use the same preset for both USB recording and FRFR live use, you can check the following options: - You split the output signal to 2 paths: 1 for frfr monitoring with out block set to +15db, 1 for usb having out block set to 0 or lower depending on your needs - Or, you can use the global EQ. In this case, you set the out level to your USB needs, and use the global EQ for the XLR out (or whatever you use for your FRFR) only, and adjust the level and eq from there. I would personally go for the global EQ route, because most likely you'll have to adjust the eq to match your live rig according to the environment anyways... Cheers,
  2. You can also assign the input impedance to the same switch as the fuzz. When fuzz is switched on, the impedance is set to 10k, when off, it's set to 1M. Best of both world
  3. Hi ! I use these and they work great... Main advantage of these is that the touch sensitive thingy is still working and operational; you simply have to squeeze a finger under the mushroom and touch the metal part to activate it. This also means that you can play bare foot without flashing the display each time you press/touch a switch with your skin ;-)
  4. Hello, I currently use a Boss EV-30 with my Helix Floor. At first, I thought it was not working but I figured it out recently... The trick is this: The EV-30 has 2 distinct expression pedals in one single housing ! EXP1 is doing this: zero -> max -> zero (the pedal max out at halfway of its course) EXP2 is doing this: zero -> max (the pedal acts like a regular volume/expression) Long story short, simply plug your Helix expression to EXP2 of the EV-30, and it will work like a normal volume/exp pedal, very smoothly I must say. This doesn't mean you can't connect to the EXP1 of the EV-30, but then it's another effect (should be interesting with a Wah _to be tested_ ) Cheers !
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