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  1. obscurehifi

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Another thing that might help improve the sound is doing a room eq on your speaker solution. I have a pair of EV-ZLX12P's that sit in stereo from where I play. Initially, they were way to bass heavy, very boomy. I downloaded the free Room Eq Wizard software and ordered myself a reference microphone with phantom power so I could run it into my helix easily. I then connected my helix to my laptop via USB. The room eq software then used the microphone input over USB via helix. The software will play some sine waves and then show you if you have a flat eq or not. Turns out I was WAY bass heavy. The nice thing about my speakers is they have presets with different eq's I can set, so I was able to flatten out the room/speaker response. I set up presets called Helix and Music, although when I play music through my helix, the helix preset still sounds good. Anyways, now it sounds absolutely amazing! Bradsuth - this might allow you to move back into the other room you were in but it sounds like you had the opposite problem as I did, small speakers in a large room. Cheers.
  2. Hello everyone, I use snapshots quite a bit and am looking to improve them a little for some amp models that don't have enough volume to match the other snapshots when the gain is backed down. A good example is the Revv amp, when the gain is backed all the way down, it loses too much volume to balance to other high gain setting snapshots. Actually, I can get them to match decently, if I back off the master and channel volume on the higher gain snapshots BUT I get a loud popping sound through the speakers when I switch from the high gain snapshot to low gain snapshot. I have also tried a gain block to increase gain on the low gain settings but still get popping. Same thing if I use the IR block to adjust gain. If I don't go so extreme on cleaning up the Revv amp, then the popping doesn't happen. This is unfortunate because this amp model actually has a decent clean-ish sound with gain at zero, channel volume and master at 10 - at least with the IR's I'm using. Has anyone else experienced this? What solutions have you come up with? I appreciate your thoughts and advice.
  3. obscurehifi

    Worst amp ever?

    I have the Helix Floor, Spider V30, and Spider V60. This is what I did to explore sounds and amp models on the V60. I created one preset from scratch that sounded good to my ears with basically just the amp, speaker, reverb and a little delay. Then I copied that preset 60 or so times, however many amp models there are. I then only changed the amp model and it's settings and saved each. Why? I'm an engineer and like to change one thing at a time sometimes. This allowed me to dial in every amp individually to the speaker model I chose. I then dialed in the amp settings individually to make each preset sound the best to my ears in my room. Now, I'm able to switch through all the presets (which only change the amp) and I'm able to see which amps I like best. I'm interested in doing this with the classic speaker mode now but haven't done that yet. Overall, I really like the sound of the V30 in my small office and the V60 in my big living room. Do they sound as good as my Helix with my two EV ZLX 12P's in stereo? No. But they aren't meant to. I'm pretty happy with the Spider V's.
  4. obscurehifi

    WIN 7, Spider V Remote Version 2.0 doesn't start

    I just updated my Spider V30 and V60 both to 2.0, firmware and remote. The firmware updated fine. The spider remote 2.0 launches and adjusts settings without problems. Wish I could help more!
  5. obscurehifi

    2.8 Windows 7 Fail

    I updated my Helix Floor to 2.8 using my Windows 7 desktop. No issues.
  6. obscurehifi

    Helix software causes BSOD

    I also had the BSOD recently but it was related to a version difference between HX Edit and Helix. I had previously updated my helix to 2.7x but my HX Edit was something like 2.6x. If I started HX Edit with the Helix's USB cable connected to my computer, instant BSOD. Happened three times in a row. I then updated to HX Edit 2.7x and eliminated the BSOD, and then I was able to do the backups suggested for upgrading to 2.8. Just my recent experience.
  7. obscurehifi

    Grammatico Brt

    I noticed the same thing with the Grammatico about the "sag and bloom." I've noticed the same thing on a couple other amp models but forget which ones. On the Grammatico, I found that if I back off the master volume, say to 5 or 6, it gets rid of most of that sag. It also helps to reduce the sag. Once I did that, it actually sounded pretty great, especially with a drive pedal in front of it with the pre gains cranked. Cheers