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  1. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Drop-Tuning-Capability-for-Tuner-on-Helix/965088-23508
  2. How do you do that? Sorry. I'm new to this process.
  3. I just posted it on ideascale. It's under my name, Jeff Mosby. Hopefully it will get enough votes to be considered.
  4. I'm waiting to be approved for ideascale. If someone else can propose it before I do I'll vote for it as well. It would be a great addition to the feature set of the Helix.
  5. cruisinon2, Thank you. The Helix has been quite a change for me but I am really enjoying it. I have always taken a 100 Demeter tube head along with 2 212 cabs and a heavy pedal board. The Helix is going to replace all of that. In fact, I just ordered the Powercab II+ and am really exited to see what it sounds like. With regards to the Variax, it would be a great option but I am really partial to the guitars that I have. Also, I've kind of busted the bank for the present time with the Helix and Powercab. I appreciate your help.
  6. Thank you! I saw the offset feature but it doesn't go down far enough. I think 425 hz is the lowest it goes. Eb is about 311 Hz. I'll try ideascale. You've been very helpful. Thank you!!!
  7. In addition to my Telecaster which is strung with 10.5 strings I carry 3 guitars all set up in open tunings and strung with 13's. The Variax simply isn't an option because nothing can replicate the sound and feel of the heavy strings. The trouble comes when using a capo. I just asked a simple question about whether the Helix can be setup for dropped tuning. I'll assume the answer is no. The people who have said that I'm lazy and now unprofessional don't have a clue about the type of gigs I do, the material or the makeup of the band. I appreciate litesnsirens input. He/she is the only one who actually thought about my question and responded without being insulting. I, like everyone here made a decision to invest in the Helix and been blown away with it. I'm less impressed with the forums and Facebook groups that seem to be less focused on being helpful and more focused (in my brief experience) on being snarky. I think I'll stick to YouTube.
  8. litensirens gets it. I was called "Lazy" by someone on a Facebook Helix group last night for asking this question. Try tuning to open B tuning in front an audience while the tuner is displaying F A# F A# D F. If that was that only tuning I use I'd suck it up like I do when tuning to standard but it isn't. I 'm a slide player and use many different open tunings to suit the song. I'll probably end up using an external tuner to remedy this since I don't think the Helix will do this. I'm not picking on the Helix, the Axe FX and Kemper don't have this feature either.
  9. Are there any plans to enable the tuner in Helix to be set for tuning 1/2 step down or more? I play in Eb and I use open tunings for my slide guitars and it can get a little confusing reading all of the sharps and flats while trying to tune quickly on stage. I'm new to the Helix and am very pleased with it overall. Thank you, Jeff Mosby
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