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  1. Try a Low Cut at 70 Hz and a High Cut at 7 kHz and see if that isn't a lot better than just full on.
  2. Does anyone have an idea about how the values for IR Low Cut, High Cut, and Level correlate between Helix and Powercab? Example: Helix Level = -18 - +6 Powercab = 000-127 or Helix Low/High Cut = off- 20 Powercab = 000=127 Also, can the Helix actually change the presets (not IR's) in the Powercab? If so, how?
  3. I would love a Fender Princeton Reverb model. A JBL D120 cabinet would be great. Some steel guitar players would use this product if a Nashville 400 with a Black Widow were added too.
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