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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think that is the case. We are not talking about a delay on the order of milliseconds that might be caused by the sort of latency you are talking about. It is several full seconds in duration. As in, play the entire first line of Sunshine of Your Love, for example, while hearing nothing and then have the whole line play back once you have stopped playing. It is not about syncing up with the other tracks. Not being able to hear what you played until several seconds after you have stopped playing makes it pretty much useless in this context so I am hoping that I am missing something or there is a known bug that can be fixed by x... You know. :) Steve
  2. Hi all, I just started using my Firehawk FX (which I am loving btw) as aUSB audio input to Logic Pro X v10.2.0. All works beautifully for a while but every so often a huge lag of several seconds is introduced making it totally unusable. It is like a 100% wet delay effect with a 1 or 2 second delay time is being switched on so I basically hear nothing as I play until a couple of seconds later. I have been able to get rid of it through some combination of switching input devices, turning core audio on and off, etc. This happens intermittently but I never get through more than 5 minutes without it happening so it renders the configuration useless. Anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
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