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  1. Did anyone ever come up with a solution for this?
  2. Let me know if you find a better solution than "reinstall 10.11.3"
  3. Hey guys! I "fixed" this issue by going into the app store and downloading the 10.11.3 update then following the install instructions.. It took a good few hours and it was really scary but i just waited it out and when i switched my macbook back on everything was pretty much in working order. Line 6 Monkey still said the firmware was unknown and wouldn't let me update BUT podfarm works and my UX1 connects and is recognised. Make sure to back up everything in advance and remember, NEVER install a beta update by apple.
  4. I'm having issues with Podfarm after updating to El Capitan. I plug my UX1 into my mac and i get the green light (which says its connected and supported.) However nothing appears in my system preferences audio inputs and when i open Podfarm it says it isn't connected (No sound either.) So i go to update my drivers and after i'm finished updated, before i restart, i get an error message telling me the CDSDAudiocapturesupport.kext can't be used or something. I've heard Roxio's products can affect this but after removing them i'm still having the issue, no sound, no input and when i restart the drivers say they HAVEN'T updated. Someone please, help, what can i do?! I run a small studio from home and we were meant to be recording tonight but instead i've spent tonight trying to fix this issue. Any ideas?
  5. The Scarlett is a great piece of gear but i actually only use line 6's products because of how well priced and diverse Podfarm is, such a shame they haven't got the new drivers yet. I want to record.
  6. No problem, thanks for letting me know, at least i know its not just a problem with my Macbook. I'll keep an eye out!
  7. Is there any word on when there will be some updated drivers? I only ask because i'm due to be recording bass for my album in 2 weeks and i use Podfarm for all the bass/clean guitar work
  8. I've been using my Pod UX1 for about 5 years now with absolutely no issues. Today i updated to El Capitan and suddenly i'm getting no audio from pod farm and no visible input signal. Not only that but when i try to open Logic Pro 9 it scans all my audio units and then stops on POD Farm forever. It will NOT scan Podfarm. What is wrong here? I have all the latest drivers etc but it just isn't working. Should i try reinstalling podfarm or is it simply that Line 6 hasn't updated it yet? HELP
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