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  1. ricstudioc's post in Generating feedback w helix, orange dark terror and frfr speaker was marked as the answer   
    I run through two Alto 10" FRFR's set in front of me in a floor monitor configuration - at modest volumes using my standard presets (built around the Matchless models w/a very gentle compression in front) I get insanely reliable, controllable feedback.  Bear in mind that feedback is physics at it's purest - volume vs distance vs frequency vs sensitivity - so no matter what the rig you're still subject to those parameters.  But I've been stunned by how responsive the Helix is in this regard.
    Years back I worked with a band where the nature of the music was such that I was expected, several times a nite, to hit and sustain a given note indefinitely.  Once my gear was set up I'd whip out my tape measure, and begin measuring from the speaker, putting tape markers on the floor at certain "hot spots". Bands following us would comment on those - "What's with the C#, G, A# tape on the floor....?"
    The POINT of music is emotion - but the PROCESS of music is physics.
    edit - just noted fukuris post.  No, I'm not Vai, and was doing this long before he showed up.
  2. ricstudioc's post in CONFIRMED - battery temperature sensitivity. was marked as the answer   
    Ok, I will.... :D   And I'm editing the title of the thread to indicate my findings, hopefully make it easier for someone to find in the future.
    My optimism on the "positional"  approach appears to have been premature, There is absolutely an... issue... with the battery itself.  I hesitate to use the word "problem" as it appears to be inherent in it's design, and not any sort of failure.  To the point -
    I got up Sunday, checked the JTV - doing fine.  I then put it out on the back porch and waited until the temperature hit 100.  Went out and checked - OK.  Gave it another 30 minutes and checked - fail. I then installed the backup which had been in the house - all good, brought the first battery back into the house.  Waited about an hour and checked - fail.  Installed the "house" battery - Ok.
    I repeated this all through the day - invariably after about an hour (maybe less, I wasn't trying to graph the time here) the "porch" battery would fail, the "house" battery would fire right up.
    Maybe 7 - 8 cycles of this, repeated every time.  You don't have to hit me with a stone....
    I read in another post that the third contact on these batteries (flat contact on the bottom) might have something to do with a thermal safety, probably meant for the charging cycle.  Well, I'm willing to confirm some sort of thermal breaker exists, but it doesn't only effect the charging.
    I'd note here that at no time were the batteries hot, or warm to the touch other than the ambient temp - so it's not like they were getting ready to blow. I wasn't wearing a face shield, handling the batteries with waldos.
    So - I feel confident in my results, these batteries are designed somewhat TOO safe as regards temperature.  Most folks probably won't ever encounter this issue (how's Variax sales in Saudi Arabia?  Dubai?).  But us desert rats need to be aware of this situation...
    On these kinda days down here I can either use the VDI - OR (the thought occurred) keep the batteries in the on-stage cooler we always have, swap'em out before a set.  Think I'll do some googling on temperature vs performance on lith-ions, could be interesting.
    I'm not expecting L6 to re-do their specs on this - but if they could find a battery where the temp threshold is 10-15 degrees higher I wouldn't complain...  At least I know what's happening - I can deal with it.
  3. ricstudioc's post in Triple Play Users was marked as the answer   
    Thanks guys - ordering today!!  (Gotta go back and re-watch Wizard of Oz - exactly what does the "Lollipop Guild" do...?)
  4. ricstudioc's post in Ok - New User, Queston 1 - Re Dual Amp Outputs.. was marked as the answer   
    BIngo!! THAT'S what was missing - for anyone searching for this later, he means the "BYP VOL" knob that takes the place of the CH VOL knob and is only visible when the channel is bypassed.  Alright - I'm one step closer to keeping this thing, thanks so much bro!  Getting this set up is my starting point....
    Let me ask a followup (tho I'll mark this problem "solved") inasmuch as I'm gonna be running mono, what's my best bet for that?  Pan hard @ the mixer, put the Pan module in at the end (can it be set to one side w/no controller assigned?) - or is the summing at the 1/4" fairly phase coherent? Bear in mind - perfect world I'd like to send an XLR line to the house and it's my understanding that they are ALWAYS stereo - so it seems panning somehow is my best bet.  Waddaya think?
    Thanks again, Duncann - lemme know where to send the doughnut......
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