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  1. I found a video and DI track of an Ibanez JPM100, which I sold last year, and reamped it through my Line 6Helix, for the fun ! Wish I could keep that guitar but it's sought after by collectors and I got an offer I couldn't refuse ;)
  2. Now available for the Pod Go, a Synthpads & Drones presets pack, similar to the one I made for the Helix ! 16 presets to improvise, practice scales & modes, noodle and what not... Watch the demo on YouTube : A HX Stomp version has just been released too. Get it here :
  3. Almost three years after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show, I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original guitar track is muted in the live recording of my band), recording DI tracks that I reamped through my Line 6 Helix. Songs : 0:00 intro, 1:06 In the flesh, 4:21 Time, 11:24 Mother, 17:55 Have a cigar, 22:42 Us and them/Any color you like/Brain damage-Eclipse, 38:31 Money, 47:45 Marooned, 53:13 Echoes, 1:00:54 Run like hell, 1:06:38 Breathe, 1:10:31 Young lust, 1:14:23 On the turning away, 1:21:51 Shine on you crazy diamond, 1:35:15 Hey you, 1:40:03 High hopes, 1:47:43 The great gig in the sky, 1:52:35 The final cut, 1:58:11 Another brick in the wall pt 1/Happiest days of our life/Another brick in the wall pt 2, 2:06:39 Comfortably numb The presets pack has 4 more songs : Wish you were here, Goodbye blue sky, Dogs & Coming back to life. Previously, these presets were only available in my Helix "Big Pack". They’re now available in a standalone pack, in a new, improved version, for firmware 3.15 only. I re-dialed these presets to have a warmer/fatter distortion sound (I used a brand new IR for that), with less gain. I also fine tuned many effects, and used the new Dynamic Hall reverb.
  4. My friend Xavier Pompon playing "Bhati", from his band Mobius second album, "Kala". I took the liberty to shortening the song (normal length is 6'56). Here he's playing on two presets from my Helix pack "Djent & Prog metal" : TDR Djent 13 (German Ubersonic model, left channel) and TDR Djent 3 (Line 6 Badonk model, right channel, the one recorded on camera). This pack have been redialed with firmware 3.11. The new version of the presets is more aggressive, with more gain and low end/high end. It has been tweaked with a Harley Benton Amarok 7 strings, upgraded with Fishman Fluence Javier Reyes signature pickups.
  5. I forgot to say : if the general tone is more aggressive, snapshot 2 of the normal presets and 3 of the dual presets still have less gain, for tight riffing. I'll use snapshot 1 for death metal riffs, and 2 or 3 for djent ;)
  6. Hi ! You just need to download the zip file from the "Purchase history" section of my website. There's a new folder with the new versions. If you bought from marketplace, I didn't update the file yet, I need to send it to Line 6, I'll do that later today, when it'll be the morning in the West Coast, so it won't take them too much time to update. I'm at GMT +4 myself
  7. I have re-tweaked my "Djent & Prog-Metal" presets pack with a 7 strings guitars with Fishman Fluence Javier Reyes signature set. The new version of the presets is more aggressive, with more gain and low end/high end For the first part, I used DI Tracks by Xavier Pompon. It's a cover of Monuments, "Origin of escape" For the second part, I used DI tracks from "Mixing extreme metal by Chernobyl Studios", available on Pro Mix Academy.
  8. Hi guys, there are currently sales on all my Pod Go presets, with the code "2021". Happy holidays to you all !
  9. I wanted to use all my electric guitars (15) in a single song and this one is perfect for that, as it has many question/answer solos ! The first part, which fades in, is normally much longer but I'm going to re-record it with a guest, so I just used a few seconds here - the full version will be uploaded later. "Song for Katmandu" was originally released on my solo album in 1993, which was recorded on a 8 tracks with a Art SGX2000. With the Helix, I have so much more tones at my disposal, and they're way, way better ! The various presets used here are from my different packs, slightly tweaked (delay/reverb bypassed, and more gain for the guitars with weaker pickups). Get them at (same tones available for HX Stomp and Pod Go)
  10. I have the same issue, none of the proposed "fix" worked. I didn't try the de-authorize one though, but I'm reluctant to do so. I also contacted support
  11. Same problem here, with SONAR. Win10 64.
  12. In case you missed it guys ! Yes, I can talk ;) I don't feel comfortable doing this but was asked to - and it's a good thing :)
  13. Attention, to the users of my HX Stomp presets packs : they have all been updated to firmware 3.10 ! All presets have now up to 8 blocks. Bonus presets added to the "Metal" pack, adapted from my Helix "Synthpads" pack : synth chords to solo over ! One bonus preset, also a "synthpad" one, added to the Pink Floyd pack. All the updates are available on my website ( ) ; the Marketplace versions will be available next week. Helix users : the Pink Floyd presets of the "Big Pack" are also updated to firmware 3.10. Two more presets added.
  14. Thank you ! I'm having sales this week-end, for my 55th birthday :
  15. Thank you ! I'm having sales this week-end, for my birthday :
  16. The Pod Go is not powerful enough to use snapshots for most of the presets - in the same song I may need a different amp model, a drive instead of a modulation etc. So, for consistency, I used different presets instead of snapshots (plus, you can't name those). Only in a few presets (like In The Flesh, Young Lust) I could have used snapshots to alternate between rhythm and lead but i find it easier to use all the presets the same way
  17. At last, here's a demo for the Pod Go version of my pink Floyd presets !
  18. I never get bored with them for sure ! :) I just released a video demo for my Pod Go Pink Floyd presets :
  19. Indeed, you need to know what you're doing. I've started using IRs around 2005, way before they became popular, and I've been making my own for 10+ years now. And yes, I wrote electro-acoustic instead of acoustic because, in my experience, simulating a real acoustic guitar falls short - it somehow sounds like a recorded acoustic, yes, but but not a great recording of one - not something I would use for recording. In my experience, simulating the piezo sound of an electro-acoustic works better with an electric pickup. I know that not anyone love piezo sounds though. Of course, it's just MY experience, it may work much better for others.
  20. The best IR you can use to simulate an electro-acoustic with an electric guitar is the one one you make yourself, in a specific pickup position. An IR made for a Telecaster neck pickup won't sound the same with the Strat, although it would probably work too. But making IRs requires some skills
  21. I have no problem cutting through a band of 12 people, including a second guitar player and 2 keyboards players. Here I'm using an Axe-Fx III but the same presets I made for the Helix and HX Stomp works as well, several times I used my Helix in rehearsal - our rehearsal room is a big space with full PA and enough space for 60 people
  22. Some parts of a song from my band, with guitars reamped through Helix Native v 3.0, using the Das Benzin (Diezel VH4) amp model. Song : "Priceless innocence", by Feedback, originally released in 1991, and re-recorded for Feedback's second album, "A moment of transition" (2009). Full version of the song (not with Helix though) here :
  23. Free 3.01 presets added to some of my Helix & HX Stomp packs ! Helix users : I added bonus presets in the following packs : - "The Djent pack" : 2 new presets (with Das Benzin amp models) - "Big Pack add-on" : 12 new presets (with Das Benzin and Us Princess amp models, and some new effects too) HX Stomp users : I added bonus presets in the following packs : - "Djent & Prog Metal" : 2 new presets (with Das Benzin amp models) - "Cleans" : 6 new presets (US Princess amp model) - "Metal" : 4 new presets (with Das Benzin amp models) To access the new presets, just re-download the .zip file from the "purchase history" section of my website ( and )
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