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  1. "Congratulations! We've opened a new ticket for you. You should be contacted within three business days." That is a really bizarre way of dealing with faulty software complaints. "Congratulations!"
  2. I've had Helix native installed for a couple of weeks. I use it with ProTools on a Windows 10 machine. When I loaded up my project this morning Native is there but displays an orange bar with "Failed to Connect to DSP Engine. (Device has not been initialized properly. Code -8201)" (This forum doesn't like square brackets) )". I have tried restarting and reinstalling and nothing seems to be working. How can I get back to recording?
  3. My amp has midi switching. I'm wanting to use the different amp channels and switch to different ones for different patches. It means that if I move the patch in the set list it won't send the same signal to the amp.
  4. Is it not possible to set a patch that sends out a specific midi signal when it is selected? I'd like to be able to move tones around my set list depending on what I need for any particular gig. Am I right in thinking that as default 1-64 are assigned to the 64 preset switch positions rather than the patch itself? Hope that makes sense.
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