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Found 8 results

  1. Setup my HD500 on a new Windows 10 PC today and all was good for about an hour, then all of a sudden the left speaker went out and a few seconds later the right went out. I thought I just moved the cables or something - had me thinking I ruined my new sound card too... absolutely all sound from my PC vanished - restarting and cycling through the different configurations and testing each jack solved nothing. Long story short I had HD 500 Edit open and connected the whole time and Windows decided to make "HD 500 Speakers" my default output device and refused to come off it, until I unplugged the USB cable from the HD500. I know this unit has a usb sound card built in, but it's never done this before. I like being able edit patches on my PC, while jamming to tracks on my PC, with the analog outputs plugged into my PC, and all audio coming from the PC speakers. thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, I'm still getting used to the transition to using a multi effects unit after being used to pedals for a long time. I know generally to dial in a sound on an unfamiliar pedal you 'start at 12 O'clock and go from there.' My question is when you load an effect, are the control parameters considered "12 O'clock" when the bar graphic is half full, or when the knob is in it's default state. Thank you!!
  3. It seems I am having an issue saving Presets. I save them to "My Tones", I then save them to the hardware position of my choice. I can then navigate via the pedal buttons to each preset I just saved and they show up as such in the Amplifi app. But then after turning it off and then back on later the tones are still there with all of the settings I left them with but the names of the presets have been set to Default. Be advised I am using the Android app on a Kindle Fire Hdx. I am not sure if there is a "cardinal rule" to saving the presets but I have tried every possible way. Its annoying because I am having trouble remembering what preset is in what location until I see it in the app. During a gig this is not a problem. My cheat sheet lets me know what button to push. Anybody had a similar experience? Am I just overlooking something simple. It needs a global "Save" button to save the everything at one time including the hardware.
  4. Is it not possible to set a patch that sends out a specific midi signal when it is selected? I'd like to be able to move tones around my set list depending on what I need for any particular gig. Am I right in thinking that as default 1-64 are assigned to the 64 preset switch positions rather than the patch itself? Hope that makes sense.
  5. Hi, I tried to reset my POD HD 500X to it's default factory setting by reinstalling flash memory using Line 6 Monkey (as recommended in the guide). But to no effect, all my input/footswitch settings stays exactly the same as previously. Beside reseting preset banks it seems like it had no effect on the settings of POD at all. I specifically would like to reset Global EQ settings but also few others. I'm using latest drivers for USB etc
  6. Could someone tell me the default setting on page three of System Setup for the Guitar In-Z setting? I was messing with some of the settings and didn't pay attention to what it was before I started turning it, and I'd prefer not to do a system reset just for that. The advanced manual makes me think the default is 1M, but I'd like to be sure.
  7. I've had my HD500 for about three months now and there's one thing that's bothered me this whole time, and I'm not sure if I missed it in the manual or if it's just not possible. There are certain effects (mostly the Opto Tremolo, Reverse Delay, and Analog Flanger) that I choose to get a specific sound and effect that I never change across patches. For example, I always set the mix for the tremolo at 34% so it's not too crazy - and while this one parameter is a quick fix, the several parameters that I change in the Reverse Delay, Flanger, etc. are not as easy to change and frustrate me every time I have to set it up for a new patch. Is there a way to have the HD500 load different default parameters for a "pedal" than those it originally started with? I find it ridiculous that every tremolo starts with 100% mix and depth leading to a very ugly sound whenever you choose its effect. In other words, when I'm making a new patch and add an opto tremolo effect, can I have it load with 34% mix automatically, rather than 100%?
  8. How can you make your favorite preset the on that comes on when you 1st turn on the SV? Thanks
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