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  1. I've had my HD500 for about three months now and there's one thing that's bothered me this whole time, and I'm not sure if I missed it in the manual or if it's just not possible. There are certain effects (mostly the Opto Tremolo, Reverse Delay, and Analog Flanger) that I choose to get a specific sound and effect that I never change across patches. For example, I always set the mix for the tremolo at 34% so it's not too crazy - and while this one parameter is a quick fix, the several parameters that I change in the Reverse Delay, Flanger, etc. are not as easy to change and frustrate me every time I have to set it up for a new patch. Is there a way to have the HD500 load different default parameters for a "pedal" than those it originally started with? I find it ridiculous that every tremolo starts with 100% mix and depth leading to a very ugly sound whenever you choose its effect. In other words, when I'm making a new patch and add an opto tremolo effect, can I have it load with 34% mix automatically, rather than 100%?
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