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  1. Setup my HD500 on a new Windows 10 PC today and all was good for about an hour, then all of a sudden the left speaker went out and a few seconds later the right went out. I thought I just moved the cables or something - had me thinking I ruined my new sound card too... absolutely all sound from my PC vanished - restarting and cycling through the different configurations and testing each jack solved nothing. Long story short I had HD 500 Edit open and connected the whole time and Windows decided to make "HD 500 Speakers" my default output device and refused to come off it, until I unplugged the USB cable from the HD500. I know this unit has a usb sound card built in, but it's never done this before. I like being able edit patches on my PC, while jamming to tracks on my PC, with the analog outputs plugged into my PC, and all audio coming from the PC speakers. thoughts?
  2. I haven't posted since the alleged hacking, that marked the end of the old forums. I also noticed today, that user content/articles have been removed and replaced by a "Line6name" only, knowledge base. I had a really nice article on amplifier use with modelers too... well, enough about me, where the heck is SPELL CHECK?!?! I almost posted in a device specific forum, as I didn't get the memo that it is apparently more appropriate to put general topics aka "the lounge", clear at the bottom of the page these days.
  3. The assumption that, "If it ain't tube, it ain't sh1t!" Is patently false - otherwise you would not be @ Line 6, now would you???

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