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  1. after about 20 times of deleting and reinstalling it seems to be working okay now, so crazy
  2. tried a few times, no luck still crashes when I try and open 1.10, delete reinstall 1.0 works fine
  3. Thanks but, i did make sure to download and put the new plug in in the same location as before.
  4. Help!, it just bombs out and gets a Reaper stopped working error...
  5. I'm trying to get my old TH2 and the new TH3 working again but, now I get no sound from the headphone jack of the UX1. I use to just run out of that to my JBL305's or use headphones. The input output meters on the TH2/3 software move but, I get no sound. If I run straight out of the rear outputs to the monitors I do get sound but, it's very fuzzy and dies off very quick like a noise gate cutting it out but, no noise gate is on. Any ideas anyone? using Windows 10 PC desktop.
  6. update, after a second calibrate it is working again as it should thanks again
  7. thanks, i did a reflash and the global reset and recalibrate and it works now but, the off value will only go to around 24 and the max 255, can't get it back to zero (off)
  8. Hello, I have only had the unit a week and tonight HD Edit crashed and then after I rebooted the volume pedal is 100 wide open in every patch i made and no longer works. I have found and went through the calibration several times but, when you get to the press "c" part the value never changes. Please anyone have any ideas? not a happy camper at all right now. I'm on the latest firmware as well. Thanks
  9. How can you make your favorite preset the on that comes on when you 1st turn on the SV? Thanks
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