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  1. Thanks y'all! Yeah this question came to me because I was preoccupied with the parameters on one of the Pod Go's compressor effects, with one default value being -37 dB (around maybe 30% spot on the bar). I was trying to compare it to a general compressor settings guide which simply says "4 O'clock for this tone, 2 O'clock for this other tone." But yeah I totally haven't considered the nature of logarithmic vs linear values, max/min default positions, etc etc. If only it was easier to specify a value on an actual pedal.
  2. Hey guys, I'm still getting used to the transition to using a multi effects unit after being used to pedals for a long time. I know generally to dial in a sound on an unfamiliar pedal you 'start at 12 O'clock and go from there.' My question is when you load an effect, are the control parameters considered "12 O'clock" when the bar graphic is half full, or when the knob is in it's default state. Thank you!!
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