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  1. I have used it. Worked as expected. Any specific questions?
  2. You’d need to get a diagnosis and estimate from an authorized Line 6 service centre. Otherwise you are right - you’re assuming that you know what the problem is, and would perhaps be performing unnecessary and expensive DIY repairs that might not fix the problem.
  3. Sorry - I didn’t mean to cause an ouch. I guess I’m just sensitive to the importance of following the update instructions because I see SO MANY post-update issues that are self-inflicted due to not following the instructions.
  4. Yes, updating the firmware restores the Global Settings to their factory defaults. That’s why the installation instructions require you to create a system backup before updating the firmware, and also instruct you (In red font so that you’ll note it’s importance) to restore the backup after updating. Restoring the backup resets the global settings to what they were before updating. Following firmware update instructions is important.
  5. There are several different Helix devices and not all presets are compatible. For instance, a Helix Floor preset is generally not compatible with a Helix Stomp device. Are you sure the preset you’re attempting to load is actually compatible?
  6. Have you experimented with the L3t Channel 1 EQ, Pad switch, chorus, and Acoustic settings? Can you diminish or enhance the effect at all using those controls or do they have no noticeable effect?
  7. It soundS to me like a bit of feedback. Do you have any EQ controls on the guitar to fiddle with? Perhaps experiment with the Acoustic Body level on the L3t, assuming you’re using the side-panel Channel 1 input.
  8. Are you sure your ears aren't tricking you? The echo you hear might not be from the speaker. It might just be the natural sound of the acoustic guitar reaching your ears.
  9. Using HX Edit, click / drag all presets to a dedicated folder on your computer. You may be able to do this in a single operation by selecting all presets. Organize the folder to list them in alphabetical order. Select all presets in the folder and click / drag them back into the setlist in a group using slot 1A as the starting point. They should fill the slots in order. I haven't tried this but it may work.
  10. Click on the Downloads button at the top of this page. Then select StageScape in the Hardware field, select Drivers in the Software field and select your OS in the third field. Hit Go. The most recent StageScape driver will appear; select Get Download.
  11. Not sure what you mean by ‘the site’. The audio driver is in the Downloads area of this website.
  12. Don’t know if this will help but maybe....
  13. You should download and install HX Edit v2.92. When you run HX Edit v2.92 log into your account. You will be alerted if you need to update the firmware again.
  14. The preamp model lacks some parameters that are found in the full amp model (e.g. Sag, Bias, ...). It may also lack the Master Volume parameter; not sitting at my Helix right now to confirm that.
  15. Here’s some more information. The release notes for v2.92 indicate that you can use HX Edit v2.92 to upgrade from any earlier firmware. The above says differently. Try following the above procedures.
  16. I suggest you open a new topic for this question. Those who consider the title of this topic won’t realize that your question is different. You will get more knowledgeable answers in a new properly-titled topic.
  17. I just want to check something.... When you installed HX Edit did you install all the listed components, especially the drivers?
  18. Have you tried using different USB ports on your computer? That's more likely to solve the issue; less likely but still possible is a faulty cable.
  19. Some troubleshooting for USB connections: - try a different cable - try different USB connections on your computer. - avoid using a hub
  20. Read and follow the installation instructions that are posted with the latest HX Edit software, v2.92. Note the introductory comment highlighted in red text at the beginning of these instructions. And note that I haven’t really done so (well, maybe a little bit by saying this)!
  21. Variax motherboards have never been available as an individual component outside of authorized Line 6 service centres. They are not sold separately; they’re only available by buying the guitar itself. So I think what you’re really looking for is an old Variax 700 guitar on the used market. Then you can swap the motherboard, or just use the new-to-you old guitar. And you’ll have a set of spare parts.
  22. The HX Edit file that you download is an installer package that installs several components, including both drivers you mention. You need both of them. As I understand it the WinUSB driver supports general PC audio and the Line 6 Driver 2 is the ASIO driver that supports connected Line 6 devices as an audio interface to a DAW.
  23. I would ask my previous best buddy to confirm that, but he’s dead now......
  24. I think you’re probably right that this is about the ‘amp in the room’ familiarity for guitarists and other band members. What situation exactly are you wanting to improve? If you want your band members to perceive and like your tone the same way that they perceive his then get a cabinet like the other guitarist has. No amount of explaining is going to change what they hear or their preference about it. But what about your audiences? Do they think the other guitar sounds better? If so you may have to work on your presets. If not then you have to decide who you want to please, yourself or your band members, because the audience doesn’t care. EDIT: It may help to improve your rehearsal room ‘PA’ (your quotes, not mine). If that’s not a quality system with good speakers your tone is at a distinct disadvantage. Also, have you tried using his cabinet as an experiment? What do you and the other band members think about that tone?
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