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  1. For cleans the Jazz Rivet JC-120 is my go-to, for crunch-depending on the song, I use the Soldano SLO, Revv Gen Purple, and ENGL for heavier songs, all with a Tubescreamer in the front.
  2. I do love the new amps, however I have to ask if there were any "tweaks" to any of the old amp models? I keep finding myself going back to my old SLO model even after trying out all the new models... That SLO (at least what I blindly fumbled my way into dialing in) works for everything (with volume control) from Maiden, Metallica, old Def Leppard (High-nDry/Pyromania era, Dokken, Guns, Ozzy, etc. ), Side note- saw Maiden last night in Mansfield,MA (Xfinity Center) -they still sound as good if not better as they did 30 years ago!-although Bruce kept calling us Boston-he got it right in '17, close enough lol it was amazing!- It was a lollipoping incredible show, probably the best show I've ever been to, they played nothing but the old classic stuff -crowd was totally into it from the get-go (Churchill's Speech to lead into the Aces High opener has to be the BEST lead in ever. (The almost fullsized Spitfire during Aces High was also amazing) !-hope I can keep going like that when I'm at their age-not far behind them unfortunately
  3. Hi All, At this point in my life I'm a complete apartment living room player here using nothing by headphones (ATH-M50s) out of a Helix LT, and it sounds fantastic. I pretty much always am playing along with songs via iPad using a 1/8" stereo to dual 1/4" into a set of returns on a separate signal chain, all set up to be at the correct volumes for every song (thanks to Anytune Pro+!). Occasionally I would like to be able to play for friends/family at get together, and was looking for the easiest way to do this without having to get an amp that would be way too loud for an apartment building. Also already knowing the music/guitar volumes are already matched will make things easier for us lazy folk :p , so wanted a solution that I could just run the iPad into the Helix, then into the final speakers. I have a nice set of Bose computer monitors that only have a 1/8 stereo in that really sound great that I was thinking would be an easily portable solution. My question is, would I be better off going from the headphone out on the Helix (using a 1/4" to 1/8" stereo cable), or from the 1/4 outs on the Helix (Using a dual 1/4" mono to 1/8" stereo Y cable like I have for the iPad, just reversed signal directions).
  4. I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue, but I just updated to version 2.30, and immediately after updating I have noticed the overall volume has decreased exponentially. I have the Helix LT, and I'm strictly a living room headphone player, with my iPad connected into the returns to jam along with songs (using a 1/8 stereo to dual 1/4 mono Y-Splitter on a separate signal path). I have my main presets setup so that the guitar/amp volumes perfectly blend with the iPad music path volume (with dB adjustments on Anytune+ app to individual song volumes to make them all even). After updating to 2.30, the volume on everything, both the guitar and the iPad input, decreased big time (and evenly), and I had to set the main large volume knob on the Helix about 3 times higher than it was with the previous firmware (2.20) to get the same headphone volume, which is now close to maxed.... I followed the directions exactly and everything went very smoothly with the update, with the exception of the extremely low output in the headphone jack afterwords. Hoping there is something simple I am missing to return the output to what it was prior to updating the unit.
  5. I use my iPad into my Helix LT, and like you Pop1655, upgraded over from the HD500X which I had for years, and also am just a "living room/bedroom player at this point", and have a blast jamming with the songs playing. I also got the camera kit and had some issues with volume. I now use a 1/8" Stereo to Dual 1/4" mono Y cable which I picked up a GC and it works perfectly. The only difference from the backing tracks in the HD500X MP3 input, is that you will just need to set the volume on the block you set the stereo returns to (the volume is both controlled both by the ipad volume as well as the block volume-for simplicity's sake I keep the ipad at max and adjusted the block volume in the Helix accordingly). The master volume of the helix controls everything, so unlike the HD500x where the mp3 volume was fixed, it now adjusts along with the guitar out volume, so you can go as quiet or as loud as you want and only need to adjust the master volume. Then to expedite patch creation, I made a blank patch with just the stereo return set to the volume levels I I settled on, and I use this as a "template" now when building new patches so that I don't have to worry about setting this up each time I make a new patch. Hope this helps!
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