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  1. No, you are not correct in your understanding. The POD Go uses dynamic DSP allocation as does Helix. Here is a snip from the POD Go manual where adding blocks to the signal path is discussed: IMPORTANT! If you encounter items in the list that are grayed out or unavailable, this means there isn't enough DSP to accommodate that category or model. For example, if you've already added three reverbs, you probably won't be able to add a fourth.
  2. Try using the HX Stomp headphones out rather than the regular outputs. Use a 1/4” TRS to 1/8” stereo adapter. Not sure this will help but worth a try.
  3. No, you can’t do that. Where did you read this? It’s not stated in this thread. You can add IRs (Impulse Responses) but they are not amps.
  4. Connect either the Helix main Outputs (1/4” pr XLR) or a Helix Send output to your preamp inputs.
  5. What are you using to receive/process the sound if not POD Farm? In other words, what other program or software are you using to ‘listen to’ the incoming signal/sound from the UX1? Can you hear the sound from the keyboard using the UX1 headphone output, independent of any connection to the computer?
  6. Yes a Workbench HD hardware interface device and associated cables come with any new JTV or later model Variax guitar, including the Shuriken. But be careful if you’re buying on the used market; sometimes the interface device will not be provided. Also note that the associated cable is not a VDI cable required to connect the Variax guitar to a Line 6 multi-FX processor like Helix. The VDI and Workbench HD interface are different things.
  7. silverhead

    On board looper

    Have you read the manual sections about using the Looper? After doing that and experimenting with it you can then ask more specific questions if you’re having difficulty. Here’s the basic operations... - add the looper to your signal chain - step on the switch to start recording - step on the switch to stop recording
  8. Yes. @OP Paulzx: I don’t believe you’ve described your audience context. Are you playing gigs in a cover band? If so, do you really think your audience hears or cares about these details? Do you think they leave the show saying ‘ Wow. That guitar sound was either pretty thin and fizzy on the high end or too boomy on the low end. What a disaster!’ The fact that you’re playing a Helix means you’re already giving them a superior sound than they are used to hearing in most cases. And if you’re just playing for yourself .... stop fussing and play more. You could spend forever in this black hole of perfect tone - seeking.
  9. Don’t let the lack of a video hold you back. Read the manual for Looper operations and start experimenting. My guess is that after a half hour or so of experimenting you’ll be able to post the video you want for the benefit of others. Personally, I’d be interested in what a Frippertronic style is. ;-)
  10. Did you follow the update instructions, which begin with downloading and installing HX Edit v2.92? Install all components.
  11. Hi Tom. Here’s the opening paragraph of the firmware update instructions for v2.92 (emphasis is mine). Helix/HX 2.92 and Helix Native 1.92 include important bug fixes, and are strongly recommended for all Helix and HX owners. Doesn't matter what firmware your Helix/HX product is currently running; you can go straight to 2.92. You will have a smooth update if you read and follow the instructions.
  12. There is no way to get the cd/mp3 input to the USB output. It is sent directly to the analog audio output and is not converted to a digital signal.
  13. Sounds like a problem with the electrical supply in the basement, to either the Toneport or your laptop. Do any other computers misbehave there? Try plugging the two devices into different outlets.
  14. I would reinstall the latest firmware. If that doesn’t fix things open a support ticket and get it fixed or replaced while under warranty.
  15. I doubt that it’s your processor but perhaps. Maybe double and triple-check that your sample rates match between Reaper and the ASIO driver.
  16. In your display graphic Input x is equivalent to the POD Go’s USB x. When you use a stereo track you should also see “Input 1/2“ or something similar.
  17. Have you tried using different USB ports and cables? ... and just double checking..... you are using the Line 6 driver, right? Are you by any chance applying any VST to Reaper’s Master bus, or wherever you are directing the recorded track’s output?
  18. After arming the track for recording in Reaper what USB channels from Helix are you selecting as the Record Input? Have you tried recording and playback without HX Edit running?
  19. Have you created a stereo track in GarageBand for recording? Are you using the stereo USB output from the Spider (probably USB 1+2) as the record input source? Yes the Spider supports stereo recording.
  20. That's curious. I am able to print it. Just tested now. Printed only page 1 but I am able to print it all if desired. I didn't download it - printed directly from the website file.
  21. The simplest way is to use the Spider V Remote application to view/inspect your preset.
  22. Check your signal path to make sure that there are no mono FX blocks following your stereo FX. If so, the mono block will output a mono signal defeating the incoming stereo signal.
  23. It’s likely a USB connectivity issue. Start with the usual suspects for this sort of thing. Try different USB ports on your computer; avoid using USB hubs; test with a different USB cable.
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