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    User preset

    Where did these tones and IRs come from? Customtone? The Line 6 Marketplace? You say you used HX Edit to do this. How, exactly? Did you drag/drop the tones and IRs into the Edit program preset/IR locations?
  2. Glad to hear it. Have fun!
  3. I think you’re referring to the VDI input on some Line 6 devices. The HX FX does not have that input and here is no gizmo to simulate it. You can use your Variax with the 1/4” connections to the HX FX but there is no way to simulate the digital interface.
  4. Try performing a factory reset. Hold down the C & D switches for a few seconds while powering on the device.
  5. Call your nearest Long & McQuade store. They will be able to send the device to the nearest Yorkville service center.
  6. There are two setlists in the POD Go. One is named Factory and the other named User. The Factory setlist contains the factory (pre-loaded) presets. All presets in the User setlist are named New Preset and are intended for you to edit and save with your own custom names. See page 11 of the manual.
  7. The factory presets generally do not use snapshots. Some may, just to illustrate the concept, but I haven’t done a review for this. If a factory preset uses snapshots it will probably have some defined snapshot names, other than Snapshot 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  8. I don’t think it’s weird. The factory presets may or may not use snapshots. Build a preset of your own, set up some snapshots, and make sure the behaviour is as expected. Also note that the switch behaviour depends on Global Settings. Check the manual.
  9. There’s no meter but as you approach the DSP limits some FX blocks are greyed out in the selection list and are no longer selectable. This indicates that selecting those blocks would exceed the DSP limit. When you see a desired block greyed out that will trigger your swapping exercise.
  10. Like phil_m says, HX FX or HX Stomp. The HX FX is designed to meet your need #1, and does so more effectively then POD Go. The HX stomp will address both needs. As for audio dropouts when switching patches, that is the case for the vast majority of modellers. It sounds like you may be new to modelling (based on your need #1) so be looking out for this if /when you decide to go with a different modeller.
  11. Try using a Microphone in both Channel 1 and 2. Try the guitar in Channel 2. Open a support ticket.
  12. I don’t know for sure but I expect it’s the obvious - a design decision to reduce the overall physical dimensions and number of switches. By doubling up on the functions of one switch (Tuner and Tap Tempo) you don’t need two single purpose switches. The primary function is assigned to the Tap Tempo feature which uses a sequence of single presses. That means the secondary function (Tuner) can’t be activated by a a single press. Use Ideascale if you want to suggest a design change.
  13. You can’t arrange to do it with a short press (tap) using just the Helix device. You could use an external MIDI controller to do this.
  14. You need a VDI cable to connect your Variax to the HD500. Otherwise everything you need to do is described in the manual.
  15. Short answer - no. The POD XT MIDI implementation is incomplete. In particular it does not recognize or pass thru the note on/off commands that are necessary for what you want to do. It has certain specific MID capabilities but I s not recognized in your DAW as an available MIDI device.
  16. silverhead

    Midi question

    Yes. The MIDI capabilities are described in the manual.
  17. Effects quality: Well, they are the same FX that are in other Line 6 devices. Some are more recent using Helix technology while the legacy FX use older technology. You’ll have to do your general research to compare quality with other market options. I think they’re great but that may not mean anything. Regarding FX placement before or after the amp: yes, that’s what 4CM does. Using 4CM with your tube amps: you just need to make sure that your amps have an FX Loop.
  18. I have used it. Worked as expected. Any specific questions?
  19. You’d need to get a diagnosis and estimate from an authorized Line 6 service centre. Otherwise you are right - you’re assuming that you know what the problem is, and would perhaps be performing unnecessary and expensive DIY repairs that might not fix the problem.
  20. Sorry - I didn’t mean to cause an ouch. I guess I’m just sensitive to the importance of following the update instructions because I see SO MANY post-update issues that are self-inflicted due to not following the instructions.
  21. Yes, updating the firmware restores the Global Settings to their factory defaults. That’s why the installation instructions require you to create a system backup before updating the firmware, and also instruct you (In red font so that you’ll note it’s importance) to restore the backup after updating. Restoring the backup resets the global settings to what they were before updating. Following firmware update instructions is important.
  22. There are several different Helix devices and not all presets are compatible. For instance, a Helix Floor preset is generally not compatible with a Helix Stomp device. Are you sure the preset you’re attempting to load is actually compatible?
  23. Have you experimented with the L3t Channel 1 EQ, Pad switch, chorus, and Acoustic settings? Can you diminish or enhance the effect at all using those controls or do they have no noticeable effect?
  24. It soundS to me like a bit of feedback. Do you have any EQ controls on the guitar to fiddle with? Perhaps experiment with the Acoustic Body level on the L3t, assuming you’re using the side-panel Channel 1 input.
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