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    IR Position

    Neither rvroberts nor I are disputing your point, which is valid. We're simply offering the OP options. He can decide whether or not he likes them.
  2. silverhead

    IR Position

    Using the backup and restore feature in HX Edit eliminates the need for manual IR tracking. This feature backs up all IRs and restores them to the same location.
  3. The manual doesn't mention that the receivers have to be changed between RF1 and RF2 mode - just the transmitters. So I expect you don't have to do anything with the receivers. It's all in the transmitter (mic).
  4. Is your diagram accurate in terms of the orientation of the antennas? It shows them oriented horizontally, which minimizes the amount of the signal that is actually hitting the antennas. Try orienting them vertically, and at about a 45 degree angle to the sides, so that the antennas are pointing to the ceiling and outwards. That way much more of the signal (a waveform) will actually hit each antenna. Also, you might want to avoid putting chairs/people on the top tier directly in front of the rack. Try to maintain a line of sight from the stage to the antennas..
  5. Do you have the rackmount antennas positioned at least 6 ft high? If there is not a good line-of-sight from receiver to antenna you can get interference. Human bodies are good at blocking these signals. Also make sure there are no wi-fi transmitters (e.g. routers) near the rackmount antennas; at least several feet of separation is required.
  6. Thanks for clarifying for me. Appreciated. Now that I understand I can see how this would be very useful.
  7. So your links are to IR -generating code, not actual IR wav files? Sorry if I am being dense but I have no interest or experience in generating my own IR files but I am interested in IR files offered by others (especially for free!).
  8. I'm still confused. Your title suggests that there are IRs (wav files) available for free download. Is that correct? If so, where exactly?
  9. I have moved this topic to the sub-forum Promote Your Patches which is intended for presets being sold.
  10. No. Helix presets are not compatible with the Firehawk.
  11. I'm interested in trying these free IRs. However, the link you provided to the AGF web page doesn't work for me (the dreaded 404). Can you check this please?
  12. I don't understand - please elaborate. Seems to me that if you don't want any parameter changes in snapshots you simply don't assign any parameters to the snapshot controller. What am I missing in your idea?
  13. Check that you are running the same versions of Helix firmware and HX Edit. The current versions of both are v2.82. You say your HX Edit is v2.81 while your Helix is current. That implies a mismatch.
  14. Wow! You could afford a TEAC? I had to make do with a FOSTEX. But I had an early start with modeling. I had a guitar processor at the time - a Digitech RP-10. All the digital fizz and artifacts you can imagine, and a user interface that would make you weep. Several years ago I managed to capture those old 4-track recordings into a modern day DAW. I now have wav files of all my early-90's recording (for what they're worth).
  15. You can also try a couple of standard tweaks to reduce hiss: - increase the Bias setting in the amp parameters - decrease the hi cut in the cab settings
  16. silverhead

    On board looper

    Yes the POD Go includes the 6-switch and 1-switch loopers, each in both stereo and mono versions.
  17. Maybe it's just that this is a user support forum. Most people come here to get help in solving problems that they are experiencing with their Line 6 product. While there are often non-technical discussions here it's not as prevalent as someplace like The Gear Page. A place like that is mostly about general discussions of all types of gear. Here it's more likely to be a technical support discussion. POD Go is not yet being sold. After it hits the market you will see more activity regarding it - especially about the inevitable early bugs.
  18. I'm not aware of any such guide. If you find something please post a link here. The thing is, there's no right or wrong with this stuff. The guide you seek might say one thing while your ears tell you something else. Trust your ears and explore all the options to discover your preferences.
  19. You can have up to 64 parameters controlled by snapshots in any preset.
  20. I agree - go with a more modern version of the Variax (JTV, Standard, Shuriken). The modeling in all of those units is the same; base your decision on guitar body/neck style and mag pickup preferences.
  21. It's already been mentioned but I will reiterate. Modelers in general, including Helix, are designed to produce the sound/tone that a producer or recording engineer in the control room hears after placing a mic in front of an amp that's generally located in another room. The producer/recording engineer is not hearing the sound that the guitar player is hearing. If you move to modeling and FRFR on stage you will not hear the sound that you are used to hearing. Is the sound/tone you currently have and love based primarily on the fact that you have your unmic'd amp on stage at loud volume? If so, you may be in for tough transition to modeling. I would recommend you answer this question for yourself before investing in modeling past the point of no return. Rent a Helix and an FRFR speaker for at least a month, with an option to buy or return. If you can learn to love the modeled tones the flexibility and convenience of modeling is a great advantage. Your battles with bar owners/sound guy/lead singer over your volume can disappear if you also run the Helix output into the mixer/PA and let the audience hear a properly mixed guitar level in the house. Your stage monitor will only be for your benefit - it will no longer have to be loud enough to fill the entire room (while simultaneously overpowering everything else). But again - if the stage volume and the pumping amp/cab and speaker are the reasons you currently love your tone you might not get that feeling from Helix and FRFR.
  22. Sorry. Unexpected behaviour due to a user losing his balance and accidentally hitting the wrong switch is not a bug. If you consider it a bug, the fix is already available. Stop hitting the wrong switch.
  23. Click on the Support tab at the top of this page. The following page will show an Account Services section near the bottom of the page. Click on My Account. On the following page you will find a Helix Marketplace item in the Hardware and Sofware listing. Click on that to be able to download your purchases.
  24. The latest information from Line 6 is in the opening post of this thread - shipping in April. That doesn't mean ALL retailers will have it in April.
  25. First you need to have the Line 6 driver installed. You will find it in the Downloads section of this website (see top of this page). On the Downloads page select Firehawk FX in the Products field and Drivers in the Software field. Download and run the driver installer. After installing the driver and connecting your Firehawk FX to your computer via usb the Firehawk FX device and its ASIO driver should appear by default as the active audio device in Reaper. If not you will need to manually select it in the Reaper Preferences.
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