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  1. When I bought this it says and also says on the Line6 site that the Amplifi 150 is compatable with a PC.....PC is the last compatable device on the list of devices....am I wrong? Does it hook up with a PC?
  2. Yeah...plugged in the guitar to my interface (Steinberg CI2)....what is really weird is that Line 6 monkey is recoginizing it but Workbench (pre 2.0) will not ? Thanks Big Chas for replying...
  3. Yeah, I was able to update all issues and Line 6 Monkey recoginizes the Variax...but once I get out and go inside Workbench...Workbench wont recoginize the variax...?.....weird...
  4. OK... I got the line 6 monkey to finally recoginze my new Variax jtv 59...but downloaded normal Workbench (not 2.0 yet).... It would not recoginze my setup....which is USB to computer, Weird Network cord from Variax to little box....then a guitar cord from Variax to my CI2 interface..... what am I missing?..... I saw on the diagram for USB to computer another type of cord (which was not shipped with the Variax to another box thingy....then a guitar cord from the box thingy to the interface? Also tried to download the HD Firmware so's I can install the Workbench HD....my computer says it is a file type that my computer cant handle? I know ...... Stupid easy answer is coming....come on slap me with it upside my head..... thanks for any help at all... harry2611
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