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Found 9 results

  1. Out of curiosity will there be a way to import or load HD500 or HD500x patches? Just curious if I am going to have to rebuild my HD500 patches if/when I purchase the unit. Just wishful thinking on my part.
  2. Hello. I am sure I have read about some real bugs of HD Edit in the past, so we should take the time and ask Line6 to fix them. This thread should be used as a collection to provide all needed changes in one list. So, at the end we should have a list of errors to be fixt and (additional) also some realistic (!) wishes (probably never will be fulfilled). First error I remember was something with mixer volume, which would not be saved in some instances (maybe only if the POD is connected via USB?). Maybe someone can specify this error more detailed? My personal biggest (realistic) wish for an update of HD Edit would be a tab-functionality to jump to the next knob or parameter and a much more straight visualisation of the chosen (or mouse-over) effect. So here is the list (I would like to keep updated) Bugs take a look at the system defaults and set them to the most common and flawless values. get rid of "(Code 8000000a) Operation timed out". add the software-ability to fix the hardware knobs, as those seem to move by themself through vibrations. expression-pedal related multi-platform bug crashes Edit, if you extensively use wah for more than a couple of minutes (Details 1, 2, 3). DEP lack of displayed knob-values (missing value-display is a known bug. Feature introduced with Ver. 2.25). Error when saving mixer volume (only HD is connected via USB) >>> ideascale I can recall encountering a bug where one side of the mixer, the right channel, occasionally went silent for some reason, and the solution was to just move the volume slider, if using HD Edit. strange general behaviors when HD is connected via USB (should be explainded more detailed). f.e. changes in FX and Amps that are performed over footswitch or expression pedal are not instantly updated/visible (some times not at all) on the edit software. There is no way to know if changes (for example, volume) are actually taking place. Communication between the software and the unit must be improved. I found after editing multiple patches and then quitting the POD HD 500 EDIT you have to restart your pedal to reread the newly edited/loaded patches or they won't play right. the delay settings are not properly transferred from the editor to the device afaik there might be some unfixed issues with some amps in the model packs. Wishes tab-functionality to jump to the next knob or parameter add an overload Indicator in the HD500 signal chain add a vertical scrollbar to allow native resolution of netbooks much more straight visualisation of the chosen (or mouse-over) effect I want to be able to see value of knobs before turning any. Its hard to tell EXACTLY what % your knob is on. The dot that represents true button placement does not get you close enough. I want to edit by the numbers not a grainy LCD screen. Often I need to edit just a couple numbers. add some more mic angles for the SM57 and some valuable mics add some kind of Global EQ patch-wise as an effect-block or DEP Dual Output Modes add API-functions or let the HD Edit go Open Source
  3. Is there a way to get the HD500 Edit window full screen on Windows 7?
  4. I have found tons of instruction on how to make the HD500 onboard pedal serve as a volume pedal (on YouTube, in Google searches, in the User Manual) but cannot find anything on how to do this using HD500 Edit. (I did find one YouTube video, but it was blurry, and the voice was in Spanish ...). Can anyone provide the steps, starting with a newly configured preset, and adding a volume pedal in the right-most position?
  5. First time messing with the HD Edit software, trying to create a patch with a harmonizer. But I want the harmony to be a half step, to achieve an affect similar to what you would hear in a Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza song. I assume the effect I would use would be the frequency shifter, but how would I set it to get a half step harmony?
  6. Today I decided to roll back my HD500 from fw v2.62 to fw v2.32 so I could compare them to see if my tone changed at all on existing patches. First off I connected my HD500 to PC and backed up my User Set list, and the supplied Variax set list. I then rolled back the fw. I only rolled back the fw to v2.32 and did not roll back any other software on any other components so everything else is latest level. It said flash update successful after the first requested power on reset. I then performed the 2nd power on reset to reinitialise the Global parameters. (Hold left key down) I then performed the 3rd power on reset to re-calibrate the expression pedal. (Hold right key down) I then performed final power on reset to get back to standard operation and connected to PC via USB Started up HD500 Edit Received the patches from the HD500 Navigated to Set List User 1, and used HD500 Edit to open up the previously saved Variax Set list and then sent that to HD500 - all OK Navigated to Set List User 2, and used HD500 Edit to open up previously saved User Set list, and then sent that to HD500. Just after the status box reports 95% complete, I get the error pop up message - see attachment. . So, I follow the recommended steps. Closed HD500 edit. Powered on and off HD500. Rconnected to PC. Restarted HD500 edit. Re-opened the saved User Set List and sent it again - same error. DId this about 3 times - same error every time. Last time, I loaded a blank set list and sent that to the unit first and then tried sending the saved user set list - same error. I decided to go and try my HD500 with my JTV and L2M to see if the User Set List worked correctly as it appeared to have downloaded to the HD500 despite the error message. From my limited testing, it appears to be OK. But do I have a corrupt patch in there somewhere that is going to bite me in the middle of a gig when I least expect it? Why am I getting this error message? And what can I do to fix it? Or can I ignore it? Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Has anyone found a way to use a tablet to control HD 500. I want to run HD500 Edit from my mic stand. If so please post details. Thanks KC
  8. Hi I have tried to create tones offline from some patches from my Line 6 pod X3 by using LINE 6 POD HD 500 edit but when I have gone to load and sound check they load okay but zero sound. I cannot see where to double check all sound levels are open are not silenced. Is there anything else I should check? All the best G
  9. Hey just a quick question. I just started using the edit software and whenever my usb is connected to the computer, the patch switching is very slow and hiccups...the patch switches, but then there is a moment, perhaps half a second, of silence, and then the patch finally kicks in. I just wanted to make sure this is normal......however, ideally I would like to be able to leave the board connected so I can edit on the fly and save quickly as I go. Is that gonna be a possibility? One thing worth noting is that my computer is a MacBook Pro, but a 2007 model that is in otherwise perfect running order. Thanks!
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