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  1. foreverseek

    Hd500 Patch Switching Delay Normal?

    Yeah, Axe FX is definitely my next step, but not till I'm balling!! Just went into the studio with the HD500 and it sounds pretty amazing, and I can time my switches to compensate for now..........just wanted to know if it was normal. Thanks everyone!
  2. foreverseek

    Hd500 Patch Switching Delay Normal?

    Also to clarify, I am talking about when the pedal is disconnected, and if I time my switch a split second before I want it to switch, the patch switch is fluid.....it's just behind my stomp.
  3. foreverseek

    Hd500 Patch Switching Delay Normal?

    So in your opinion, if I notice any lag whatsoever in the patch switching (regular 500 version), there might be something wrong with the pedal?
  4. foreverseek

    Hd500 Patch Switching Delay Normal?

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I am using a USB 2.0. Will a computer using 3.0 cause the patch switches to be flush, or will it be just less of a hiccup? Just curious...no new computer in the near future... Also, when my board is disconnected from the comp, there is still a very minute, but noticeable gap between my stomp and the patch switch. Anyone know of a way to fix that? And lastly, is there any way to make effect trails ring across different patches, so that when I switch out of a patch with heavy delay, for instance, the trails will carry into the next patch instead of cutting off? I assume they just didn't design it with patch switches mid-song in mind, but that seems a little strange to me. I do have the "trails" setting on, but that's only within the patch. I'd like to be able to switch patches completely and keep the trails.
  5. foreverseek

    Hd500 Patch Switching Delay Normal?

    Hey just a quick question. I just started using the edit software and whenever my usb is connected to the computer, the patch switching is very slow and hiccups...the patch switches, but then there is a moment, perhaps half a second, of silence, and then the patch finally kicks in. I just wanted to make sure this is normal......however, ideally I would like to be able to leave the board connected so I can edit on the fly and save quickly as I go. Is that gonna be a possibility? One thing worth noting is that my computer is a MacBook Pro, but a 2007 model that is in otherwise perfect running order. Thanks!