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  1. Yeah, Axe FX is definitely my next step, but not till I'm balling!! Just went into the studio with the HD500 and it sounds pretty amazing, and I can time my switches to compensate for now..........just wanted to know if it was normal. Thanks everyone!
  2. Also to clarify, I am talking about when the pedal is disconnected, and if I time my switch a split second before I want it to switch, the patch switch is fluid.....it's just behind my stomp.
  3. So in your opinion, if I notice any lag whatsoever in the patch switching (regular 500 version), there might be something wrong with the pedal?
  4. Thanks everyone! Yes, I am using a USB 2.0. Will a computer using 3.0 cause the patch switches to be flush, or will it be just less of a hiccup? Just curious...no new computer in the near future... Also, when my board is disconnected from the comp, there is still a very minute, but noticeable gap between my stomp and the patch switch. Anyone know of a way to fix that? And lastly, is there any way to make effect trails ring across different patches, so that when I switch out of a patch with heavy delay, for instance, the trails will carry into the next patch instead of cutting off? I assume they just didn't design it with patch switches mid-song in mind, but that seems a little strange to me. I do have the "trails" setting on, but that's only within the patch. I'd like to be able to switch patches completely and keep the trails.
  5. Hey just a quick question. I just started using the edit software and whenever my usb is connected to the computer, the patch switching is very slow and hiccups...the patch switches, but then there is a moment, perhaps half a second, of silence, and then the patch finally kicks in. I just wanted to make sure this is normal......however, ideally I would like to be able to leave the board connected so I can edit on the fly and save quickly as I go. Is that gonna be a possibility? One thing worth noting is that my computer is a MacBook Pro, but a 2007 model that is in otherwise perfect running order. Thanks!
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