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  1. XCrossroadsX2000

    Sonic Port - new IPad Pro

    Just picked up an Ipad and wanted to test it out before buying an interface. I plugged in an original 8 year old Sonic Port into the lightning port, . Playing Bias FX 1 and Bias Amp 2. Works great with no latency. Go figure. Now will I use the Mini?
  2. XCrossroadsX2000

    Ideas on next generation Variax

    Open E tuning. Really don't need a Drop D and a Drop Db, but hate having to use custom tuning for Open E.
  3. XCrossroadsX2000

    Helix LT and DT25

    About July of 2018 I was looking for a new modeler, something I could go direct to FOH. I remember reading a lot of comments from people who were PO ed that Line 6 had said they were going to do L6 integration with the Helix, and then changed their mind. I do not know for sure if Line 6 had said that, but a lot of people seemed to be saying it. I ended up buying a Bias mini and the L6 integration was part of the reason.
  4. XCrossroadsX2000

    Used JTV59 prices

    If I remember correctly, a couple years back the 59's were selling new for $499 or $599 in black only. I should have grabbed a backup then.
  5. I've had my JTV69 for almost 5 years now. I like to play in alternate tunings so for me it was worth the price of admission. I still am not a big fan of the neck (it is too chunky) and almost sent it back when I got it. Over time I've adapted to it, but the functionality of the guitar, means I can bring one guitar to a gig and get alternate tunings, acoustic, resonator and other models. Normally I would bring 5. Would I replace it if anything happened to it? Heck yeah, my custom strat and other guitars are played rarely only because I can't put the JTV down. The problem with the 700's is if your battery goes dead onstage you are effectively left with a canoe paddle. That's why they added the pickups to the JTV.
  6. Did you try running your guitar direct to the DT25? I've had times I have gone HD500 to DT25 and it just didn't sound right. plugging direct into the DT sounded much better. I think it is on of the switches on the right by the foot pedal but I can't remember which.
  7. XCrossroadsX2000

    Hd500 - Midi Controller(ed) - Need Help!

    Thanks rublalup I am looking to do the same thing with an Eleven rack. Can u tell me where you got programming info to control eleven rack with POD HD500 Thanks Kevin
  8. I have been restringing using the stock Dadario ,10s that came with my Variax. I would prefer to go to 9s or 8s as 10s are a little more work than I prefer. Couple of concerns, I play slide with a standard setup, a little concerned I will lose some sustain and amplitude with 9s or 8s. As it is I feel the high E doesn't ring as loud as it should. Wondering if I can fix it via Workbench but then I would have to do every model? I figure 8s will require a nut change but should be able to use existing nut with 9s When I first got my Variax I went through a bit of a learning curve playing it as the high E kept sliding off the fretboard, Probably sloppy finger attack but lighter strings may start this up again. So has anybody gone lighter with/without problems? Also any reccomendations on strings for bluesy slide work? Thanks, Kevin
  9. XCrossroadsX2000

    Make Your Variax Sound 100% Better

    I've been using fret wraps for a little over a year. The difference when playing slide on Variax is night and day. Removes all unwanted overtones. Currently on sale $8 free shipping. I have no affiliation with fret wrap. www,gruvgear.com\blowout
  10. XCrossroadsX2000

    Anyone Using a Tablet to control HD500

    Has anyone found a way to use a tablet to control HD 500. I want to run HD500 Edit from my mic stand. If so please post details. Thanks KC
  11. XCrossroadsX2000

    Pod Hd Doesnt Want To Connect To My Computer

    You may need to temporarily disable virus protection and remove and rather then run the monkey online, Download the monkey then right click on the icon and choose "run as administrator"
  12. Sweetwater had a sales on new JTV 89s in black a couple of months back for $699. They currently have a 69 new for $899. I've had a JTV 69 for 2 years now, and can only say the Strat, the Tele and the LP sit in their cases. I do a lot of open G stuff and my Tele is tuned for that. The ability to change tunings and models on the fly is awesome. The ability to store the guitar settings in my HD500 and change guitar model, tuning and amp model in my DT25 by stomping a switch is worth any of the minor issues I have had with the JTV.
  13. XCrossroadsX2000

    Pod Hd500 Crashing Windows 8

    I'd try a support ticket.
  14. Are you plaing mich slide? I have not tried 9's but have replaced with the stock 10's and may go to 11's. Agree the action out of the box is a ittle high, for slide you may feel the action is low. I found the setup I got from AMS is higher than I wold normally be, and lower than I would normally be on a slide only guitar. That said I found it to be a nice compromise. A number of slide players that have tried it said it was too low, but I have adjusted. The ability to dial in diffeent tunings without needing an open G and open E guitar was the main reason I biught a Variiax. Next thing I knew I had an HD500 and the DT25 wasn't far behind. Other than occasionally picking up an acoustic, or a resonator, all other guitars sit on the rack, until a friend stops by, Can't put the Variax down.
  15. XCrossroadsX2000

    Ipad Or Tablet Compatabilty For Hd Edit?

    Anyone have an update on whether there is anything planned for Ipad or tablet? I don't know how Line 6 feels but the abilty to run on a tablet from a mic stand is something I have waited for since purchasing the POD. A alaptop is just too bulky for a gig.