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  1. Ive been using my HD500 and DT25 for years, and am very happy with it. Love the sound, cant really imagine it could be 'upgraded' in any way. But I got a crazy cheap deal on a Helix LT and took the plunge, as I could use it for other gigs through the P.A. ans so on. Now I love the UI/UX of the Helix, and hate the UI/UX of the hd500, but Im dissapointed to find that despite promising that the Helix works with the DT amps in the manual, no integration has happened - the L6 link cable simply sends the helix directly into the preamp of the DT25, resulting in bad sound. Has there been any communication from Line6 about how likely they are to do something about this? I wouldn't even need full integration, just for the L6 link to go direct to the power amp, and maybe change the topology of it (without having to connect a MIDI cable). I know its on ideascale, but how likely do people think it is that this will actually happen? This would be the deciding factor for me in keeping the Helix. Thanks for any info you can give.
  2. Hi, I love my Variax standard - here's my review if you want to see what I thought: http://gearguy.blogspot.ie/2017/06/line6-variax-standard-review.html
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