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  1. I ordered mine back on 11/5/15. You're going to want the helix controller although it's not required. I plan on initially running my helix through a 5150 III 100 watt head, but will probably drop the $ on some kind of FRFR setup.
  2. So the universe is toying with me. I got my helix rack control yesterday, but won't have the rack for another couple of weeks according to GC. At this point I can attest to the high build quality of the controller. It is holding down papers on my desk quite nicely. At around 11 pounds I'm pretty confident my papers are secure.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post the info you have on this. I appreciate it a lot. Too many people on gear forums just want to troll rather than help. That's never helpful. I can tell you're into Line 6 + especially the Helix. Fingers crossed on seeing it in February.
  4. No offense taken + I agree, nobody wants something that's half baked / rushed. If I'd ordered an AX8, I'd be waiting as well :). I think that what I'd like to see, in an ideal case, is more transparency. If I'd known in November that I'd still be waiting in February for it, I probably wouldn't be frustrated because my expectations would have been set correctly. So.... not sure where the issue lies. Is it the distributors being super optimistic in an effort to book early sales, or is it Line 6 not having realistic targets? To be completely honest, it's not like I'm planning to cancel the order. I know first hand that the floor unit is super awesome + I expect that the rack will be as well. So here I wait... Hopefully we see it in February at some point.
  5. ...or maybe a more constructive suggestion might be that Line 6 needs to provide more visibility into the process. If there are issues being addressed that are needed to make the launch more successful, then share that info with the community. If there's a page out there with this information, I've missed it. Having a lack of information about when this is going to actually be shipped is what frustrates people.
  6. GC currently projects 2/24/16. The original estimate was 12/13/15 and the date has slipped numerous times to the point where the current dates are meaningless. The only thing I'm confident of at this point is that the date will likely slip again. Line 6 needs to commit to a ship date and get it out the door. Time spent waiting on something like this is also time spent looking at viable alternatives to the Helix. AX8 is right there is the same price range...
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm less irritated and more like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I've got friends with the floor unit + it sounds to be well worth the wait.
  8. Anyone have any idea when the Helix rack is going to actually ship? I ordered mine back on 11/5/2015 from GC and at that point, the estimated ship date was 12/13/2015. I've watched it slip numerous times since then + it's currently projected to be 2/15/2016 (a slip of +2 months). Most of the online stores have the same projections for a February ship date. I've noticed that the floor unit has been steadily shipping. I'm not so much upset that it's taken time, I'm bothered by the idea of no end in sight for the Helix rack. Has Line 6 offered any public commitment for when this is going to actually ship out? Thanks...
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