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  1. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    I've had this issue intermittently since I've had my Helix; it's never been a bug that I've been able to reproduce from scratch, so I was told that perhaps I had presets that were corrupt. It's interesting that the values on your helix exceed 10, mine never did that. What I did notice was that if I open the preset file on my computer with a text editor or comparable application, the value for that snapshot state parameter would exceed 10 (for example, it would be 45 [see video link below if interested, but it's a long video]), but it seemed that the Helix never allowed the value to go over 10 and the bar beneath the value would be maxed to the right. I haven't updated to 2.8 yet due to all the bugs I'm seeing here, but I'm wondering if something was lost in the code that dictates what max value the Helix is displayed. Interesting problem to see, please keep us posted on your outcomes!
  2. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    Played a set last night where we were in the middle of sound check when I saved a change to one of my presets regarding my snapshot based Variax model. The tempo is preset based and had been saved at 68 BPM. When I clicked back through my presets after sound check I noticed the tempo light blinking very fast. When I double tapped the button with my finger to display the tempo I believe it was 255 (it was maxed whatever it was). Thankfully it was the first song of the set... otherwise that would have thrown me for a quick loop upon starting the song!
  3. swanny8777

    Variax Support?

    I'm late to the convo, but man that would be sweet. It'd be an awesome in recording and tone shaping scenarios; record your parts and licks and modify everything in post with a click here or there. Of course Helix Native already makes much of this possible, but it's always nice changing guitar models live to hear the difference you get, it would just be nice to have that option after the fact too. I'd buy it. But, it definitely seems like quite the task as mdmayfield pointed out:
  4. swanny8777

    BIG THANKS to Line 6 for using text for the .hlx format

    Yes, sorry, I wasn't thinking of adding the error; perhaps when I have some time to read through your resource and troubleshoot I'll be more specific :-) Thanks for the help!
  5. swanny8777

    BIG THANKS to Line 6 for using text for the .hlx format

    Yeah, it seems like it would be straightforward enough, just extracting information from the .hlx files (and the fact that you have all the neat little images and such in the package contents of HX Edit)... I just have next to NO working knowledge of doing this stuff... I was able to add buttons though for snapshots that fill in the snapshot names on loading a preset, but that's all I've gotten to work so far (I couldn't get the dropdown menu to work as such). It's fun playing around with though. And it makes me wonder why exactly we're still not able to utilize HX Edit without being hooked up to the Helix. Oh well. I've recruited my buddy's help for working on this fun little project; he's in IT and is apparently well versed in JSON (or at least more than I am), so we'll see. test 2.html
  6. swanny8777

    BIG THANKS to Line 6 for using text for the .hlx format

    Hello there! I'm trying to run your Python app from Terminal, but I'm having trouble getting syntax errors... Is there any chance I could get some help with this? I've never played with Python, but would like to get the readout from the Helix Bundle file. Thanks in advance!
  7. swanny8777

    BIG THANKS to Line 6 for using text for the .hlx format

    Wow this is great! I've been looking for a possible way to easily view the details of my .hlx presets and this is an awesome start. Would it be easy to add to this GUI? I've not done any real coding or application design, but I'd love to help in any way to add functionality to this file viewer. Specifics that I'd like to see is possibly buttons to change which snapshot you are viewing, as well as the parameters and values of the different blocks. What do you think? I know what sounds easy is not always possible... By the way the main reason I'd like to have the ability to view the files is because I'm wondering if I'll be having to rebuild many of my presets from scratch; I've been dealing with some buggy issues with parameters jumping around but after filing a support ticket I'm being told they are user error; I'm pretty sure it's an issue with my unit, but I'm not sure if simply doing a fresh install of the firmware and a reloading of my presets will help my situations, SO I'm planning on doing a fresh install and rebuilding each preset manually; my hope is that there will be a convenient way for me to view the information in each of my presets without having to reload them into the Helix and possibly causing "contamination" if that makes sense. Sorry for the rant! Regardless, let me know what you think of your GUI--I think it would be an awesome tool to utilize!
  8. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    I have found in 2.60 that occasionally when I switch snapshots the time parameter of delay and mod fx blocks switch from say 1/8, 1/4, etc. to ms... If I were you I'd go into your preset, make sure you do not have the fx block in question selected (I've found that hitting the amp button and changing snapshots can cause this problem on my unit), change snapshots a few times, and then go to your fx block and see if the time has changed from a note value to a millisecond value. Not sure if you're having the same problem as I am, but it's worth checking...
  9. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    I know it’s been a while since 2.21, but has 2.60 fixed this for you? I still get the random dim/lit switch occasionally when changing snapshots...
  10. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    Hi Redwan, just curious: when your volume drops out have you been able to stop and check if any parameters have dropped to zero? Perhaps you have your amp’s master volume set via snapshot and it’s bugging out? Again, just curious-I just posted about some of my parameters in other blocks going haywire; on the amp though it’s usually my presence going up to ten...
  11. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    So I updated to 2.60, and have been enjoying the update. There are two things that I have noticed: 1. MIDI Messages Assigned to Stomp Buttons I have posted before regarding MIDI bugs in stomp mode and command center; so far the Instant Commands are working better than they were before, but sometimes the stomp CCs can be a bit buggy. The main thing I've noticed is that if I have a CC message assigned to a stomp button, it will occasionally switch to a lit state in between snapshots; this wouldn't normally be a huge deal for me, but I mainly use the CC messages to utilize transport controls in Ableton Live. Occasionally when I switch snapshots, the Fast Forward button will be lit, and then I can't stop the fast forward function unless I completely clear the MIDI message from that particular stomp... weird... Anyone else run into this? 2. Unexpected Parameter Changes In Snapshots So, I believe I have experienced this before 2.60, but it was never so frequent that I felt the need to post to forums... Since updating, however, it seems to be happening a lot more often. The unexpected changes occurs on a multitude of blocks--Amp (Presence settings), Modulation (Time), Delay (Time, Feedback, and Mix), and Reverb (Mix). Two things happen: First, there are occasions when the time parameter switches from my tempo specific note values (such as 1/4 or 1/8) to milliseconds. Second, there are times when the snapshot value shifts whatever value I have to 0%, 1%, or 100%. This is of course a huge shocker to me when I hit a note or chord with delay on and suddenly the note doesn't stop repeating due to the feedback being at 100%. I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what causes the issue, but I think it may have to do when I plug in my Variax and press the model knob to turn on the Variax (which, by the way, my Variax always turned on automatically [if I'm remembering correctly] when I'd connect to my old HD500, is this the way other peoples' Variax functions with their Helix?). It may also just happen when I change quickly between snapshots. One last strange thing in regards to this issue: It seems like this either affects how the Helix exports or imports the presets as well. There are times when I know I export the preset with all the right settings, but other times I can load the preset and the issue is evident upon importing it to a new preset. Again, anyone else run into this problem?
  12. swanny8777

    MIDI Implemention/Command Center

    Any idea on when (if ever) the latency on sending notes might be fixed? Maybe it has already; I only ever tried using the MIDI notes on the Helix once to trigger some samples in MainStage 3... ideally they would have synced up with the click the band was playing with if I hit the button relatively near on beat, but sending the MIDI note from the Helix didn’t work too well. Funny enough, sending the MIDI note from my FCB1010 worked flawlessly and that signal passed through the Helix on its way to the laptop... so I’ve settled with that routing ever since. I’d love to one day have the Helix be my sole controller for both sounds and MIDI :-)
  13. swanny8777

    Do you think there will be a Firmware update before NAMM

    So I was dealing with an issue this past week with my Variax USB interface (probably the 1st of June) and I spoke to a rep via telephone who mentioned the upcoming 2.6 update for Helix would have a massive number of midi bug fixes. Nothing more specific than that, but here’s hoping they live up to their claim that the Helix should be a “world-class master remote control for your entire touring or studio rig” (page 45 from the 2.0 Owner’s Manual).
  14. swanny8777

    2.53 Issues (gain blocks and MIDI PC)

    Ha! Wow Saxer, that's a ton of info! I can't really talk though-my video was fifteen minutes long! Like you, I'm glad (I use that word loosely) to hear someone else shares the same issue. Like Phil suggested, I did send a support ticket and received this response: "I'm sorry about the trouble with your gear. Thanks for the detailed info. We are aware of these midi bugs and have them logged. A fix will be implemented in a future release. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out." Not sure how long the wait will be until the "future release" arrives, but I'm hoping soon :-) Thanks Phil and Saxer for your input!
  15. swanny8777

    2.53 Issues (gain blocks and MIDI PC)

    No worries, Phil, it was a long video (I added time stamps to try to help with that, lol)! I wasn’t aware of an issue of Ableton mirroring commands; I performed many of the same tests while running MIDI messages via USB into MIDI Monitor without Ableton running (an additional difference is that in my video I was running MIDI from the Helix via a MIDI cable into a M-Audio Midisport then from there into the computer via USB; I did this because sometimes when I run the MIDI into Ableton directly via USB it causes some freaking out issues… perhaps this is the mirroring you were discussing). With the simplified setup I’m still running into the same issues. I created a backup and tried a couple of factory resets with similar results dealing with what I feel are bugs in the system: After booting while holding down footswitches 11 + 12: Still multiple firings of mixed CC data Adding a Program Change resets my CC values to zero Adding a CC toggle to footswitch in stomp mode resets my CC values After performing a factory reset (holding down footswitches 9 + 10): Still multiple firings of mixed CC data Occasional re-firings of PC data for snapshots which have PC set to off in command center Adding a CC toggle to footswitch in stomp mode resets my CC values (one snapshot retained its CC value) and my PC values Not sure what other steps there are for me to try out, any ideas? Thanks again for your time and help! :-)