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  1. Status report: As soon as i started monitoring the MIDI messages, everything WORKED JUST FINE. I think i monitored 1000+ footswitch pushes... However, i noticed that the Boss ES-5 was sending some messages twice for NO reason. With a new & fresh preset on the Boss these duplicate midi messages disappeared as well... So right now everything has been working perfectly for the past two weeks. So my best guess is that my initial problem was caused by some software bug of the Boss Es-5. :-/
  2. I don't know if this helps, but i have a similar issue. I use several gain pedals in my stomp FX loop and i notice clipping too. Although i only see the FX loop block turning red, i can't really hear any significant clipping. However, in my case it clips the most if no pedal is turned on OR a pedal with very low gain. When there is lot of gain/compression from the pedal, there is usually no clipping. I tried lowering the fx block send volume by 4 dB and increasing the return volume by 4 dB, this eliminates the clipping but alters the sound because the drive pedals are then hit with a different input volume...
  3. Yes, and this causes the same problem as described above. No, i'm not sure. Monitoring the MIDI messages is a very good idea indeed. Thanks, i will try that tomorrow (it's bedtime here right now in Germany) and report back.
  4. Hi! New HX Stomp user here! I'm having very strange problems with my HX Stomp which is controlled via MIDI by a Boss ES-5. The stomp seems to sporadicly IGNORE incoming midi CCs, which is driving me nuts. :'( In order to understand what's happening i'm using this very simple example: * Footswitch 1 of the ES-5 sends a MIDI CC (4:127) to turn on a block in the active HX preset. * Footswitch 2 of the ES-5 sends CC 4:0 to turn the same block off. And that's it. NO program change and NO snapshot changes (CC69) are send. Just the CC #4 which is assigned to one block. Now, if i press FS 1 & 2 on the Boss ES-5 alternately, the Stomp works as it should. However, in a few cases the Stomp just ignores the CC#4 and the the block stays bypassed after pressing FS1 OR it stays active after FS2. Both cases can happen. The frequency of this issue is highly variable. I counted up to more than 100 successful changes (100 * FS1 and 100* FS2) until the problem occurs. Sometimes it occurs after approx 10 changes, sometimes after 20... As you may guess, this is driving me insane. Slowly but certainly. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Thanks in advance! By the way: i tried using a different MIDI cable, so that should not be the problem here.
  5. In my case there is no gap (i think...), since PC and CC69 are part of the same MIDI message. However, it is possible to turn individual blocks on and off (by assigning a free CC#) with the same MIDI message which does the preset change. That's why i was confused that it does not work with snapshots. Considering that there are only 3 snapshots in the Stomp (which forces me to use additional CCs in let's say 90% of all cases), i think i wont be using the snapshot functionality at all, but i will exclusively use individual CCs for each block. Since the Boss ES-5 can send up to 16 CCs on preset change, i think i will be safe. Slightly less convenient but more robust... :-/
  6. Hey there, HX Stomp newbie here. I recently bought a HX stomp and a Boss ES-5 effects switcher to upgrade my pedalboard. So far everything works pretty good, but i have one problem i can't solve. I use the ES-5 to send MIDI commands to the HX stomp. Every time i press a switch on the ES-5 it sends a program change (PC) to select a preset on the Stomp and also a Midi CC #69 (values 0-2) to select a snapshot of that preset. However, i only get to the wanted snapshot if the Stomp preset is already active. But if the stomp does indeed need to change the preset it seems to ignore the CC #69 and will always start with the snapshot that was last edited in HX edit or on the stomp itself. Does anyone know a solution for this? Could it be a bug? My firmware is at V 3.01.0. Thanks in advance.
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