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  1. Phil_m, that's it....thanks so much for your help!
  2. "Do you have the desired parameters of the FX block(s) assigned to the Snapshot controller? " : Yes....all of the snapshots are part of the same preset. (Am I missing something else?) ""Recall" will only re-load your snapshot to original state when you change presets. If you change settings in that snapshot those settings will be retained while you scroll through other snapshots. ": I have "Global Settings-Snapshot Edits" set to "Recall".....However, this is not happening. When I change a setting to my "LA Studio Comp" or even with my Amp....the setting will change for every snapshot even though I only want one of the snapshots to have the change. "Please help....I'm in the middle of a gig and I cannot seem to "keep" the sounds I want between presets.": I had originally set up all of my snapshots (mostly on/off, but some changes here and there) they seem to be all set....it's the new changes that I make that are not working across Snapshots within the same preset. Thanks for trying to help me. Ron
  3. I have noticed that some of snapshots do not keep track of the effects/amp settings separately within a given preset. (I have "Global Settings-Snapshot Edits" set to "Recall and I have "Snapshot Bypass" checked within the effect/amp.) Example: I use "LA Studio Comp" as an effect in my preset....and if I set the "Gain" to 2 for "Snapshot 1", I will noticed that it's set for 2 for all other Snapshots int he preset (even if I save between switch Snapshots). Example: I use "Twin Harmony" in the same preset....and if I change the key or interval between Snapshots, these changes remain in tact. Hmmm??? Things that I've tried: - I played with "Snapshot Bypass": this has no effect (whether checked or not). - I looked at other presets: they all seem to behave the same--most settings do not stay intact when I switch between Snapshots. - I've checked firmware and editor versions: My Helix (floor model) is at 3.11.0 and my Helix Editor is at 3.11. - I've started from scratch: I've taken a "blank" "New Preset" and added an effect; I then tried to adjust the effect from one Snapshot to another with nothing being recalled. - I've purchased and imported presets/IR's: they all seem to behave the same--most settings do not stay intact when I switch between Snapshots. Please help....I'm in the middle of a gig and I cannot seem to "keep" the sounds I want between presets. Am I missing something with "Global Settings"? Should I do some sort of "resetting" of presets? (It seems I remember NOT do this after the last firmware/editor upgrade. Could this be the issue?) Help, Ron
  4. Thanks so much! You've solved it for me! Fantastic! Ron
  5. Wow...thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am aware of your notes above, but for some reason, I'm having the problem (only with Twin Harmony and with no other effect). I've attached my preset (with 4 Snapshots set up). BACKGROUND: I have a floor Helix with the latest firmware installed (V3.11). It doesn't matter if I use HX Edit (V3.11) or edit using the Helix device directly. I have "Recall" set for Global Settings/Snapshot Edits. Here's what I see (with the attached preset or any preset): ATTEMPTING TO SET THE BYPASS STATE FOR TWIN HARMONY (DOESN"T WORK): I go into the 1st Snapshot ("Moth Db-4") and turn "on" Twin Harmony..... Now when I go to any of the other Snapshots "Twin Harmony" is turned on even though I want it to be off. (I've also noticed that if I have Twin Harmony turned off (and all Snapshots have it off), when I'm playing and turn Twin Harmony on....when I switch to a different Snapshot, it is now "on" as well. I have to remember to turn if off.) ATTEMPTING TO SET THE BYPASS STATE FOR DHYNA DRIVE (IT WORKS): Likewise, I go into the 1st Snapshot ("Moth DB-4") and turn "on" Dhyna Drive (Distortion), it will only be on for that first Snapshot. This means that when I switch from one Snapshot to another, the "state" of whether or not Dyna Drive is on or off is kept in tact. For Dhyna Drive or any other effect I can do this (except for Twin Harmony). I've attached my exact preset.... Thanks so much for your help, Ron 04B-Does Moth 17-19.hlx
  6. I have a Line 6 Helix and am beginning to get hooked on Snapshots. I'm noticing, however, that whenever I use Twin Harmony and have multiple snapshots (some with the feature on and some with the feature bypassed) that it is ALWAYS on even when I switch to a Snapshot where is was set to "Bypass". For other effects, I have not had any issue with the "bypass state" between Snapshots. This is very annoying because as soon as I have a Snapshot with the feature "on", ALL Snapshots have it on as well, even though I've attempted to save each Snapshot with Twin Harmony "off". Any thoughts? Thanks, Ron
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