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  1. When I create Snapshot controlled settings for my HX Effects using HX Edit, the settings don't stick, they revert to whatever snapshot I just created. I have a lot of experience with HX Edit, and the snapshots work great on my HELIX but NOT on my HX Effects. Simple example: Using HX Edit on my HX Effects I created a simple patch with only a LA Studio Comp on the signal chain. I selected the LEVEL to controlled by snapshots and 0.0 dB shows up in a white font to confirm that it will be controlled. I set SnapShot 1 Level to 1.0, SnapShot 2 level to 2.0, SnapShot 3 to 3.0 and SS 4 to 4.0. (I've tried saving/not saving the preset after each setting). Now when I go back to SnapShot 1 the Level is 0.0, but it should be 1.0. So as of right now I have to create and modify all my snapshots on the floor with HX Effects. HX Edit is dead to me.
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