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  1. try to do it because I think it has to work
  2. Yes they work without problem, I've been playing with Stomp presets on my Helix LT and they work very well
  3. ferargue

    Ampeg SVT 4 ?

    Hi, the same thing happened to me. you will find it in the section of bass amplifiers
  4. Hello, someone has the Brit Metal Vol.1 pack of Choptones? How does it work? And the Bogie JPC2 Amp Pack? Is it worth paying € 55 that costs?
  5. hello thanks for the answer I already know the site you suggest and download some presets that sound pretty good although I would like to know more .. a greeting!
  6. Hi, I'm new to the Helix LT and I'm looking for links to download presets. I have seen here a topic where a lot of links to download IRs and cabs are included and I wonder if there is something similar for the presets Thank you! regards!
  7. hello again, the tryal version of Helix Native allows copying and pasting effect blocks to Hx edit? I ask because I'm trying to add block to my HX Stomp and I can not ... I do not know if there is a fault or I do something wrong
  8. Thank you very much to the two partners for the answers! I will try to do what you say. regards!
  9. Hello I have several packages of presets bought for helix and since I no longer have the Helix I am looking for a way to introduce these packs in my HX Stomp so as not to lose them. how can I do it? Helix native can load and work with these pre-configured Helix presets? and copy them in some way in the HX Stomp? Does anyone know another way to do it?
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