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  1. I get it about once or twice a night. A small pop or a small firecracker, when I switch banks. Then last night , I was just playing .... didn't make any changes, in a clean patch in a small lounge and it BOOOMED! Not Cool! Like it was nasty loud, and I think some in the crowd might have felt a mild heart attack. Now I'm fairly afraid to play tonight. We will need this bug fixed, and the faster the better.
  2. Yes, that works fine, except now you have a lot more to do while playing. An auto fade out is a beautiful option. Plus I have no more room in my pedal board, haha!
  3. Maybe you need to update your firmware? When I loop there are two options to stop... the left button immediately starts overdubbing ( which I like sometimes) , and the right button plays the loop, and selected again it stops the loop. I hope this helps you.
  4. Hey, how many others out there feel the need for a fade out stop option when looping? It would be so simple to include in the next update. The looper, when selected has 2 empty buttons which could be awesome. Along with the regular stop, a second option could be immediate fade out, and the third option could be finish the loop and fade out. I hope the right person sees this and includes it in the next update...Please ??
  5. Now this makes sense! Thank's very much....I'll set this up now! Brilliant, thank you. Works like a charm! And I simply assigned a foot switch to the send on the mic path and can choose to loop my vocals or just guitar. Stoked.
  6. Has anyone any solution, to having a mic path and a guitar path merge into the same path?
  7. Thank you, I have been trying exactly that ... selecting a block and using the joystick to move it down. It does all you say it does except I can not move the Merge down more than one level, essentially off the guitar path and on to the mic path. I have not found a way to bring my mic path up to the guitar path. I need two paths, one for guitar and one for vocal, each processed separately and then merged into one (as it says I can on pg17) just before the looper, so I can loop them together. Helix Manual Pg 17... "2 into 1 Move the Split block down to path B. The Split block shifts left and a duplicate Input block is created: This new Input block can be assigned to a completely different input. This routing can be used for mixing a guitar and vocal, or the models and magnetic pickups in a connected Variax guitar, each with their own processing blocks
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