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  1. I'm scared it would pickup the singers next to me though
  2. Hey there folks, Is it normal that when I use my HX LT tuner with the output as "multi" I can only hear the DI signal of my guitar and not my actual tone? Is there a way for me to do that? Using the HX tuner but keep my tone intact basically, just having the tuner show up so I can tune. I need it for a musical where I have to start the musical completely out of tune and have to tune it live but it's hard to end up perfectly right when you have no reference basically I've searched online but couldn't find an answer. Thanks!
  3. Yep, the counting starts indeed at 0 lol. Thanks for the help!
  4. @silverhead I have just done that, and it is still not working. Stuck at Preset 433
  5. @DunedinDragon I did as suggested and unfortunately the rebuilding process still gets stuck at 433... Any idea what could cause the problem? I cleared all the blocks from the preset and all snapshot names as well
  6. Hey guys, Yesterday I tried installing the new HX update for my HX LT. Unfortunately while rebuilding the presets after the update, it all stopped at preset 433. I waited a whole hour before finally deciding to turn the whole thing off. After what I turn it on and cleared all presets, IRs and set it back to default settings (buttons 5+12 while turning it on) and restored my presets with the backup. Everything worked well, I managed to play the whole evening after that. This morning I tried to turn on my Helix and it started rebuilding my presets again (which I thought was odd) and as I feared, stopped at preset 433 again. I have just finished restoring my presets from backup again and now I am not sure of the right/safest course of actions. Thanks for the help, Jonathan
  7. Thanks SO much dude! This is absolutely mind-blowing. All the possibilities that just opened up! Take care
  8. Thanks for the answer. Really appreciate your help. Well I'm sorry my questions wasn't so well formulated but I found a way to do what was missing. Unfortunately another problem arose. Well, it's not quite a problem but I was simply wondering if this was a possibility or not. I have assigned my looper in my signal path (at the very end) and simply have to press on the "Mode" knob to be able afterwards to switch it on. Nothing too complicated but I was wondering if it could also be done via our MIDI installation. The installation answers all the questions upon which I haven't made myself clear enough earlier in this topic. We're running Ableton Live 10 on a Macbook, using two separate tracks assigned to two different channels to change presets and snapshots on two different Helix. We've got high-quality MIDI cable to bypass any potential problems related to their length. Basically to make it work, we've got to send a MIDI signal from the MIDI track (on Ableton it's in the enveloppe section n°69 Hold Pedal 2). Since I have assigned a looper in my signal chain, I was wondering if there was any possibility to create a MIDI command that would 1) launch the "Mode" knob, 2) select the looper (that I have assigned on Footswitch n°4), and 3) start and stop recording the loop. If you guys know of any possibilities to do that, that would be great. I mean it's no big deal if it's not possible, I'll simply have to press on a few knobs in the span of a whole concert. Take care
  9. Yes, I'm trying to use the built-in Helix looper while staying in my snapshot mode :). I'm actually using a MIDI cable instead of a USB cable because you can have a longer cable and I've connected two helixes to my computer.
  10. Hey Line6 fellas, I've tried to find a thread corresponding to my issue but all I was able to find was a thread about how to set up a looper in snapshot mode using a MIDI cable to set up a real "loop" between the MIDI in and out. Well, my problem is that for live performances I run my Helix with Ableton and assigned all the snapshots changes on my laptop so I would have to worry about tap-dancing during the whole show. Therefore, I cannot use this MIDI loop thread that I have found even though it seems like it could work. Does anyone have the magical solution to my problem? Please try to be gentle with me I'm new to the Helix and I haven't quite got my hands on it yet. Cheers, Jo
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