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  1. Using FX100 with Android Remote App. I am finding it difficult to save and update tones as I edit them. CURRENT FUNCTION: I save the tone I am editing to "My Tones" this makes a duplicate effect with the same name. I figure out which effect is the new one and which is the old one, then erase the old. Finally I go to "My Tones" select the tone I have just saved and use the top-right drop down menu to select "Save to Hardware". PROBLEM: Too many steps. As an example: I want to balance the volume of each effect so they are approximately equal. This means switching between effects to hear the difference and then adjusting accordingly. Trouble is when I switch effects, the adjustments are discarded unless I go through the steps above. DESIRED FUNCTION: I open my desired tone in the "Editor". After making some small adjustments I bring down a drop down menu where I have the following options: "Save Changes", "Save New", "Save and Push to Hardware".
  2. This topic is for AMPLIFi TT/FX100 users to provide suggestions and notes on things they would like to see improved with this effects unit and related tools. *****This is not a thread for complaining; provide your feedback with respect and clarity.
  3. This is regarding the LINE6 AMPLIFi FX100 (Firmware V2.6, Flash Memory updated) I am using the AMPLIFi Remote App (on Sony Xperia Android) to play a song via Bluetooth and it plays at what sounds like 1% volume (extremely quiet). Is there a way to boost the Bluetooth volume? Other Info: Guitar playing comes through at normal volume Phone volume is at max Bluetooth connection good
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