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Found 16 results

  1. Hi folks, A couple of months ago I got a used FX100, connected it to my amp and messed with it a bit. And left it there for lack of time. Yesterday I was stunned to find that, connected to the same amp/guitar with the same settings, it is barely audible. I'm scratching my head wondering what may have caused this, can I be so wrong about how I remembered it to sound? I remember setting the "red" knob to 20% and getting a big sound in the room. At 50% it would bring the neighbors over. Now at 20% I can hear the acoustic sound of the instrument louder than the amp. The overall volume ("white" knob) is at 80%. The amp itself, connected to other pre-amps, sounds the same, so it can't be the culprit. Its knobs are always set at the same position, as I prefer to do all my knob-twiddling on whatever pre-amp I'm using. I run firmware 2.50.2, and the Android amp seems to tell me there's no newer update. The unit is - of course - connected to the amp via the "amp out" plug. Any thoughts? - George
  2. Having an issue with getting drivers installed for my new Amplifi FX100. As soon as I plug in i get the Drivers installed correctly for Amplifi FX100 in the bottom right corner, then a second lat my screen goes to the blue screen of death. Has anyone else had this issue I get nothing from my PC telling me what happened. Uninstalled, reinstalled several times to the same issue. I have no problem with my UX1. I would like to be able to use it to record but I can not get it installed on the PC (windows 7) Jeff
  3. Hi I've been lurking around the forums for a while, but now ready to ask for some advice. I play acoustic and electric rhythm guitar in a 5 piece and a 3 piece band. We mainly play rock & roll from the 50's and 60's but occasionally venture into melodic rock and blues. I use a Bose L1 system for my vocals and guitar for the larger gigs and a powered speaker and small mixer for the house parties. I now find that I need some flexibility with my guitar sounds, but don't want to use an amp. So I have been looking at the FX100 and the TT. I only play rhythm and the sounds I want are mainly clean (with a few variations to include reverb, delays and occasionally some OD) and the research I've done so far, it seems that the TT would fit the bill. I don't need any high gain stuff. Then I started to read up on the FX100 and things became a bit confused. I've watched the obligatory YouTube videos and downloaded the app but it hasn't really helped much. You might have guessed by now that I'm not well versed in the art of setting up electronic gear such as this. No problem with a traditional amp with knobs...! So my questions are... 1. What are the differences between the two units? I understand one is a table top, the other a floor pedal. 2. If there are differences, which one is best for my use? 3. Will either or both be suitable for acoustic and electric guitar? 4. I've read comments on other media sites that suggest Line 6 are not so committed to these units. Is that a fair comment? All advice welcome.. Thanks Graham
  4. Can the Amplifi FX100 be used for an effects looped? Clean guitar track from DAW / to interface / to FX100 / back to Interface / to DAW record track. Any recommendations on the best way to use/setup the Amplifi FX 100 for recording will be appreciated. Thanks :ph34r:
  5. I've found myself with two AMPLIFI devices, and have a somewhat different use for them. Basically, I like to use the Amplifi 30 as an everyday practice and rehearsal tool, and for creating tones. I'm subbing for a guitarist in a band temporarily, and playing live with an Amplifi FX 100 going into the PA and a backline guitar amp. I'm new to the Amplifi devices, and -- try as I might -- I'm not finding clear information on how to save my tones and share them between devices. Ideally, I would like to have both devices fully 'synced' with the same tones in the same banks, but would be happy to start out by just being able to copy over a few tones form one device to the other. I've seen references to Facebook and Twitter sharing of tones, but don't know how to sort out all the details to accomplish this. Seems like it would be easy enough to simply share a tone with another FB or Twitter user, but can I share a tone there with myself, and put it on either of my Amplifi devices? Both of my Amplifi devices connect to my Android phone and iPad via bluetooth, and both are associated with the same Line6 account. Does this make it easier or more complicated for what I want to do? Help! Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Hi guys, after 3 intensive days trying to update my device I finally found the solution. I´m windows 10 (64bits) user, so I´m trying all the previous windows versions, 32 and 64 bits and the only verson that works was Windows 8 32 bits version, so I made all the Updates easily. So the problem was... I don´t have a machine with Windows 8 32 bits, so I did an installation of Oracle Virtual Machine and emulate the system (check youtube videos tutorials, it´s easy to use). After install the Oracle VM, inside Windos 8 (32bits) I was able to made ALL the updates, work like a charm! Good luck!
  7. This is regarding the LINE6 AMPLIFi FX100 (Firmware V2.6, Flash Memory updated) I am using the AMPLIFi Remote App (on Sony Xperia Android) to play a song via Bluetooth and it plays at what sounds like 1% volume (extremely quiet). Is there a way to boost the Bluetooth volume? Other Info: Guitar playing comes through at normal volume Phone volume is at max Bluetooth connection good
  8. I just got my new Amplifi FX100 a few days ago, I have a couple of annoying issues with it. The position of the volume pedal seems to be stored with the preset and does not follow the actual position of the pedal when changing presets! This is very annoying, let’s say I play a soft rhythm part using a clean tone, during the bridge I want to use a different tone, maybe with some chorus and delay. As soon as I press the button to change the preset, the volume goes full throttle ignoring the physical position of the pedal! In most cases I had the volume full way up when I stored the preset. Another issues is that it does not seem to be enough just to move the pedal slightly to change the volume. I need to go all the way up, to kind of “fetch†the position and then go back to the softer volume! Is there a setting to change this? I want the preset to always follow the physical position of the pedal. The second issue is the Amp Out! When I read the specifications of this unit I got the understanding that the sound coming out of Amp Out should be the same as Main but without any audio streaming. That to me sounded as a perfect solution for me since I often use backing tracks. With this unit I thought I could use Bluetooth from my Ipad to the unit, and then run 3 cables from the FX100 to the mixer, one guitar, two for the backing tracks. But the sound on the Amp Out is terrible. First of all, the volume is so low, that I need to set the overall guitar volume to max, and then I need to really gain up the mixer very much. As a side effect of this the mixer is starting to produce noise. And the actual sound…….. It does not sound anything like the sound that is coming out of the mains (when not using the Amp Out). Please say that these issues can be fixed by a simple setting that I have missed! /Martin
  9. How do i connect my Amplifi Fx100 on stage to the PA? Directly or with a DI BOX i just have one input on may mixer available Sory about the Inglish, Thanks
  10. During the first use of my new Amplifi FX100 pedal, all is going well with the connection with my tablet and Blue Tooth. But then in the middle of the screen there is this note "Please Reset Device".....? I allready performed a Factory reset, but here any further actions stops...? What to to next ?? Thanks for any help ! Sangio
  11. Hello. I would like to know if I can use the amplifi FX100 or FIREHAWK FX as midi foot controller for other applications (Positive Grid BIAS or other).
  12. Hi, new to this forum. I just ordered my FX100. Anyone using this in a live / band practice setting, not just jamming / casual practice? Please share your experiences. Thanks.
  13. I was bummed the FX100 doesn't even mention the amp models in the manual... and then I realized that I'd seen all these amp models before. So - grab the POD X3 manual for a nice translation of all the amp models, cabs, and effects used in the FX100 (there are some slight differences but not many!). This is helpful for amp models like "Criminal". I never heard of a Criminal amp - but 5150 is a household name. It would have been cool if Line6 had, at least, taken that manual and rehashed the amp models for us... Or better yet - as the FX100 is so web oriented, why not make a bithchin' web page with pictures of all the amps and descriptions of what each model is based on. This would attract new buyers too. Seems too frickin easy (I wonder if there are copyright issues going on with this type of stuff which prevents L6 from delivering). The original POD 2.0 manual was the best with a little history about each amp - where they actually described how all the knobs worked and how each was used in terms of a given amp model (i.e. the real amp had no middle so we made it into an EQ, to get the original tone, leave the middle at 12) Those little notes were so helpful when dialing in tones - and they really got you excited about using the models; they just seem more authentic when you have a better understanding of what each knob is really doing. So now, this brings up my real question: Is the FX100 anything more than a POD X3 with bluetooth and IOS integration? Have there been any improvements to the overall sound quality of the amp models, effects, and cabs? Are there any hardware improvements in the FX100 that offer better sound over a POD X3? What do these exact same amp models sound like side by side on the FX100 vs the POD X3? Does the FX100 sound as good (or bad if that is your opinion) as the X3? I really don't want to hear that tone has suffered in any way with the FX100, but that could very well be the case? Anybody out there have an FX100 and a POD X3? Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Deutsch Français Q: How can I factory reset the AMPLIFi FX100 to its default settings? A: To perform a factory reset and restore the AMPLIFi FX100 to factory settings press and hold the Master Volume knob and the TAP switch as you power up the unit. AMPLIFi FX100 Pedal Calibration Hold down footswitch A while powering on the unit At startup the display will show "00" and footswitch D LED will be lit Press footswitch D to begin The display will change to "01" and footswitch D LED will turn off Click the pedal foot switch The display will change to "02" and footswitch D LED will be lit Move the pedal to the heel position Press footswitch D The display will change to "03" and footswitch D LED will be lit Move the pedal to the toe position (DO NOT CLICK THE SWITCH) Press footswitch D Move the foot pedal and watch the values change on the display Values will scroll from a min of 0 to a max of 99 Press the footswitch D to save the calibration values The display will change to "05" Power cycle the AMPLIFi FX100 AMPLIFi FX100 Users Manual Comment puis-je réinitialiser l’AMPLIFi FX100? Maintenez enfoncé les boutons Master Switch et TAP lors du démarrage de l’AMPLIFi. AMPLIFi FX100 : La calibration de la pédale : Maintenez enfoncé le commutateur au pied A pendant le démarrage. Sur l’écran vous pouvez voir « 00 » après le démarrage et le commutateur D est allumé. Poussez le commutateur au pied D. L’écran change, vous pouvez voir « 01 » et le commutateur D s’éteint. Poussez le bouton de la pédale. L’écran change à « 02 » et D s’allume. Mettez la pédale on position talon. Poussez le commutateur au pied D. L’écran change à « 03 » et D est allumé. Mettez la pédale en position orteil (MAIS N’APPUYEZ PAS LE BOUTON) Appuyez le commutateur au pied D et l’écran change à « 04 ». Bougez la pédale et observez le nombre qui change sur l’écran. De 0 à 99. Appuyez le commutateur D pour enregistrer la calibration. L’écran change le numéro une dernière fois. À « 05 ». Redémarrez l’AMPLIFi FX100. Mode d’emploi AMPLIFi FX100 Wie kann ich mein AMPLIFI FX100 auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen? Halten Sie dazu die Master Volume und TAP Knöpfe während des Startens des Gerätes gedrückt. AMPLIFi FX100 Pedalkalibrierung: Halten Sie Fußschalter A gedrückt während Sie das Gerät einschalten. Wenn es gestartet ist sollte Ihnen „00“ auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt werden und Fußschalter D sollte leuchten. Drücken Sie den Fußschalter D. Der Bildschirm wird nun „01“ anzeigen und Fußschalter nicht mehr leuchten. Drücken Sie den Pedalknopf. Der Bildschirm wird dann nach „02“ schalten und der Fußschalter D wird wieder leuchten. Bewegen Sie das Pedal auf die Fersenposition. Drücken Sie de n Fußschalter D. Ihnen wird nun „03“ angezeigt und Fußschalter D leuchtet. Bewegen Sie das Pedal in die Zehenposition. (DRÜCKEN SIE ABER NICHT DEN KNOPF) Drücken Sie dann Fußschalter D und der Bildschirm wird auf „04“ umschalten. Bewegen Sie dann das Pedal hin und her um die Veränderung des Wertes auf dem Bildschirm zu beobachten. Diese Werte werden sich im Bereich von 0 bis 99 bewegen. Drücken Sie Fußschalter D um die Kalibrierung abzuspeichern. Der Bildschirm schaltet nun auf „05“ um. Starten Sie das Gerät jetzt neu. AMPLIFi Benutzerhandbuch
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