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  1. Hey, so out of curiosity I connected the unit to the amp via the "Main" output and boom, nice lively volume.... Most likely that's how I had connected last time.... So I guess the "of course" above was a bit misplaced!
  2. Hi folks, A couple of months ago I got a used FX100, connected it to my amp and messed with it a bit. And left it there for lack of time. Yesterday I was stunned to find that, connected to the same amp/guitar with the same settings, it is barely audible. I'm scratching my head wondering what may have caused this, can I be so wrong about how I remembered it to sound? I remember setting the "red" knob to 20% and getting a big sound in the room. At 50% it would bring the neighbors over. Now at 20% I can hear the acoustic sound of the instrument louder than the amp. The overall volume ("white" knob) is at 80%. The amp itself, connected to other pre-amps, sounds the same, so it can't be the culprit. Its knobs are always set at the same position, as I prefer to do all my knob-twiddling on whatever pre-amp I'm using. I run firmware 2.50.2, and the Android amp seems to tell me there's no newer update. The unit is - of course - connected to the amp via the "amp out" plug. Any thoughts? - George
  3. Thanks, I thought I had the latest monkey but I didn't, when I installed the latest the problems dissappeared.
  4. Hi folks, I have Toneport UX1 with Monkey 1.43 and Pod Farm 1.00.0, on Windows 7 32bit When I try to update to Pod Farm 2, I get a 404 HTTP error code. Also, even though with Monkey I have logged on to my account, when I click on "check for updates" I get an error code 80001030 that I'm not connected to the internet and "invalid XML token". I am of course connected and I have disabled Avast antivirus So the questions are: 1. What's up with this inability to check for updates, even though I have logged on to my account via Monkey? 2. Can I overcome this 404 error and update to Pod Farm 2? And can I update cost-free? I'm; considering getting a used X3 bean so the above problems are bothering me becuase I want to use Gearbox with it and this Monkey is not working properly right now. Thanks George
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