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  1. It would be nice if there was a save button that saved a tone that has already been named and is opened up for adjusting rather than always having a drop menu. Just an opinion :)
  2. i had this very problem with windows 7 and had to reinstall windows to fix it. but after I did it has worked amazingly fortunately I keep EVERYTHING important on secondary drives so I lost nothing
  3. I run my Amplifi FX100 to the front of my Orange Rocker 15 clean channel. sounds fantastic and can get what ever sound I want. since the Clean channel of the OR15 has no tone controls it works great. SO easy to use the iPad to dial in sounds. One note, switching presets on the FX100 has a slight delay that can be a pest if not thinking ahead. Guitar in FX100 from amp out of FX100 to front (top) of OR15 use clean channel.
  4. OK all info is stored ON the FX100 and NOT in the app. what ever changes tweaks and saving I do on my iPad, shows up on my iPod. I think the only way to get them on another Amplifi device is to save to the clowd (share it) and then bring it on to the one you want to transfer too by down loading it from the clowd
  5. move what ever you want to jam along with into iTunes, I have some jam tracks I do in reaper and then moved them into iTunes works perfectly
  6. No idea, where are the tones saved, to the FX100 or to the WIFI device? I have only used my iPad but will hook up another iPad to it to see if all the tones are there or only the ones assigned to the FX100
  7. Re did my windows 7 PC and everything is working fine. UGH Computers
  8. I installed on a newer PC that runs Windows 10 and had zero problems. Most likely a hardware issue in the older windows 7 PC. But the Windows 10 PC is not heavy duty enough for much so Time for a new Studio PC.
  9. Having an issue with getting drivers installed for my new Amplifi FX100. As soon as I plug in i get the Drivers installed correctly for Amplifi FX100 in the bottom right corner, then a second lat my screen goes to the blue screen of death. Has anyone else had this issue I get nothing from my PC telling me what happened. Uninstalled, reinstalled several times to the same issue. I have no problem with my UX1. I would like to be able to use it to record but I can not get it installed on the PC (windows 7) Jeff
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