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  1. I just got my new Amplifi FX100 a few days ago, I have a couple of annoying issues with it. The position of the volume pedal seems to be stored with the preset and does not follow the actual position of the pedal when changing presets! This is very annoying, let’s say I play a soft rhythm part using a clean tone, during the bridge I want to use a different tone, maybe with some chorus and delay. As soon as I press the button to change the preset, the volume goes full throttle ignoring the physical position of the pedal! In most cases I had the volume full way up when I stored the preset. Another issues is that it does not seem to be enough just to move the pedal slightly to change the volume. I need to go all the way up, to kind of “fetch†the position and then go back to the softer volume! Is there a setting to change this? I want the preset to always follow the physical position of the pedal. The second issue is the Amp Out! When I read the specifications of this unit I got the understanding that the sound coming out of Amp Out should be the same as Main but without any audio streaming. That to me sounded as a perfect solution for me since I often use backing tracks. With this unit I thought I could use Bluetooth from my Ipad to the unit, and then run 3 cables from the FX100 to the mixer, one guitar, two for the backing tracks. But the sound on the Amp Out is terrible. First of all, the volume is so low, that I need to set the overall guitar volume to max, and then I need to really gain up the mixer very much. As a side effect of this the mixer is starting to produce noise. And the actual sound…….. It does not sound anything like the sound that is coming out of the mains (when not using the Amp Out). Please say that these issues can be fixed by a simple setting that I have missed! /Martin
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