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  1. I may go to the service center if I can’t figure this out. I did find several people on the old L6 forums with the same issue, so it isn’t isolated. Since the static is only there when using the XPS, I at least have a workaround while I try to see if a connection inside the XPS itself is at fault.
  2. My regular XPS started doing the exact same thing with my Acoustic Variax. Dead quiet with batteries. Did you ever find a solution?
  3. I am getting a ton of what I can only describe as a loud static, (almost as loud as the guitar signal) when connected to the XPS with AC power. The static (not a hum) is only present when using the XPS with original cable and power supply. Guitar is quiet as ever with batteries. So, is this likely a problem with the XPS? AC adapter? Stereo cable? I might have another stereo cable around, but I don't have any more power supplies or XPSs laying around to swap out. I can get by with batteries, but that gets expensive after awhile. I've cleaned the jacks with DeOxit, and it didn't make a difference. Anyone have anything similar happen? What should I try?
  4. For the HX Effects Allow a simple on/off external pedal to be used in either exp pedal jack to toggle between 2 parameters (or turn another effect on or off).
  5. OK, tried a few things... Tried connecting the resistor to the switch, tried another switch, and tried making a cable with a 10k resistor in series. Nothing worked. Well, I got it to switch 1 time after I turned it on: say I was controlling the mix of the delay, with 'on' of the switch at 100, and 'off' at 10. It will switch to 100. But it won't switch back. Shutting the HX off will get it to reset to 10, and then I can switch it to 100. But that really isn't so convenient. My guess it is how the HX implements the expression pedal jacks. I don't think the Helix has this limitation. Maybe it has to do with the same reason why it doesn't work to use my expression pedal, the Mission SP-2. This pedal has a switch to switch between 2 expression pedal inputs, so you can plug into 2 jacks with 1 pedal. It works on my Fractal, but not the HX Effects. Maybe the HX needs to constantly 'see' the variable between 0-10k constantly, and a simple switch won't work. Maybe it is something that should be added.
  6. Ahh, ok. I am wondering if I could do this on an Ernie Ball volume pedal with the side 'kick switch'. I use the pedal itself for the expression pedal (it has a custom 10k pot), but I have this other switch just sitting there. Where does the resistor go? I should be able to do this.
  7. Can the HX Effects respond to a momentary switch plugged into an expression pedal jack to either toggle between 2 values or mimic a foot switch? It would be a super useful thing for people who don’t have room for an expression pedal on their board.
  8. So no news if the switch on the more expensive Mission pedal’s switch can be used? So far, the web page description doesn’t mention the HX Effects. Don’t want to pay for features I can’t use. I have used both the Dunlop expression pedal and the 25k Ernie Ball Jr. Both do something weird with the taper...the action is in just a small area of the sweep. I am on my 3rd Line 6 EX1, which gets expensive to replace a plastic pedal. Is the other Mission pedal (without the switch) the only sure thing? Why aren’t these things universal?
  9. That is a great price! Does anyone know of one available in the US from a retailer at that price? I would like one for my 700 Acoustic.
  10. OK, but does any other L6 adapter work with it, or just this older one?
  11. Do I have to use the bulky PX-2 adapter with the XPS power supply for my Variax Acoustic 700? Does any other power supply Line 6 (or anyone else) makes work with the Variax & XPS? I really hate that brick thing.
  12. While I feel sorry for others that have it, I am happy to know it isn't just me. Perhaps this will be fixed in 2.8.
  13. I will open a ticket, but my thought is that they know about it. Rebooting doesn't help, just simply no sound.
  14. Exact thing is happening to my HX Stomp. I am reading about this issue on a few forums with a handful of people, and so far the only solution is to revert to 2.70. I have not seen a cause or actual solution posted anywhere yet.
  15. Same thing here. 2.71 is silent, other firmwares work. Seems like more than an isolated issue. No issues with 2.70.
  16. So, is there a smaller adapter that can be used with the XPS? I use a One Spot with my DL4 and another with my M9. Worked flawlessly for years. It can't be done with the Variax? The Variax Acoustic takes more power than the M series?
  17. I have and use my Acoustic 700 all the time (have an ABC TV show this week using it...). I hate using AA batteries, and I hate hate hate the PS-2 power supply. Is there another power supply I can use (like a OneSpot or equivalent with L6 pigtail) that isn't as big, bulky and unwieldy as the PS-2?I don't mind using the XPS, I just don't like the design of the PS-2. How much power does the XPS and Variax Acoustic 700 require?
  18. The Mission Engineering SP-2 does exactly this, and is discontinued. I found one on Reverb.com but occasionally they are on EBay too. Btw, Mission Engineering won't custom-make one...I asked.
  19. I am looking to buy or build and exp pedal with 2 outputs and a switch where a normal crybaby switch would be. One output could be plugged into pedal 1 of my M9 and the other in Pedal 2. This way I could control, say a wah with pedal 1 and press down and hit the switch and adjust the looper volume (assigned to pedal 2). This would take up less room than 2 pedals. Possible?
  20. The Dunlop volume x has an expression pedal output, and it works perfectly with the M series. The ex-1 gets a bad reputation because it is lightweight plastic...and expensive. It is too light for constant use (it slides around) and should cost less than half of what L6 charges. Buy an expression pedal that will last.
  21. Mincer

    Helix FAQ

    Is this the end of HD500 development/updates?
  22. Disadvantage: Despite being the top dog effects/amp box from Line 6, there is no way to assign the expression pedal to the looper volume. Strangely, the DL4 and M-series can do this. There is even a parameter for this in the HD500. They just forgot? They don't want to 'open' legacy code? Who knows. This is why the DL$ or M9 are the one I bring to gigs.
  23. I would think several videos would have been launched with the new firmware- it would certainly help sell them to see what could be done with the new amps. Instead we have to rely on user's videos of varying quality, none of which is selling the amp packs to me. I think if they were going to do them, they would have been done by now. Any videos would probably be to sell the Firehawk or Variax standard, both of which will bring more $$ than this update.
  24. Providing downloadable presets either by L6 or the artists (not crowdsourced by us) themselves seems like the easiest thing to do over the life of the device. Most likely both endorsed artists and L6 have a few patches to spare (even if it isn't their absolute best ones) and would provide these free (no new programming! no opening up legacy code!) to satisfy the 'you forgot about us' crowd. For companies I am/have been involved with, I absolutely had to provide demos, written material, patches, etc as part of my artist agreement. I can't believe L6 doesn't require that kind of stuff from its artists.
  25. Mincer

    manual :(

    My guess is that making that deadline was more important than sqashing any bugs, rolling out X and non-X updates at the same time, sending accurate email notification, posting accurate facebook notification, providing release notes and adding an updated manual. Yeah, users could 'figure this out on their own' but I got caught up in the webpage loop trying to find info about the update (no release notes) and it kept leading me back to the HD home page. They have rolled out updates flawlessly in the past, but this one smacks of a rushing, skeleton crew that has more important things to do than roll this out correctly.
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