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  1. i changed the cable to another usb port, entered update mode (switches 11 & 12), stoped using the editor and instead update with line6 updater and worked
  2. Hi, I bought Helix lt in April 2018, since then I was very satisfied with this unit. Since almost 2 months, the Helix onboard expression pedal is behaving very random, being this the second or third time it happens to me: The expression pedal stops working for no reason. The switch toggle from exp 1/exp 2 works fine, I've tried switching presets, snapshots, switching from exp 1/2 , deleting Volume block and adding it again, new preset with volume block, etc. Im thinking also in a factory reset, cause this is very annoying. The worst part is that it happens while gigging, from one part of a song to another, the pedal stops working. I don't want to lose confidence on this unit but it's giving me a hard time. If I'm using it for swelling, well , it is a FAIL if the unit's expression pedal behaves randomly. I have external expression pedals, but using one doesn't fix my issue. The first time it happened to me, it lasted like 1 hour or so, this time I don't know. I just switched it off cause I was tired . I started to look on google hoping to know what was happening, but I think it only happens to me, since there's no other cases like mine in forums, at least. While digging I found out this thing has an optical sensor, but nothing else. Maybe that's the trouble, the damn sensor. Can you help me with this? Thanks
  3. Nice, thanks for your response, I will check them out
  4. Lol I'm sorry about not giving much info. App : Poweramp, Google play music, Spotify, native music player. Device : primarly Android 8 , Huawei mate 9 I guess I can use an iPad, iPod,or an iPhone 7 too About the hardware interface, I don't know about that, I'm doing research. I'm thinking, if my earplugs buttons work in skipping tracks, how hard is it to find a footswitch device who controls it?
  5. Hi I bought a Helix last week and I have a question: I play backing tracks through my phone. I managed to plug the phone to the Helix, and control the "-120db/+20db" through a footswitch. I want to control "skip" button in the phone with my foot. Can I do such thing with Helix? If I can't, can you guys help me out knowing about a mp3 footswitch controller?
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