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  1. mcbeddall's post in Yet Another Wireless Thread was marked as the answer   
    I had a wireless doorbell
    It was crap
  2. mcbeddall's post in Connecting a Line 6 Firehawk was marked as the answer   
    Ok so you need an adapter to change your guitar cable out of the firehawk into a phono plug like these on eBay
    Then use a cable for the left input and a cable for the right input
  3. mcbeddall's post in Can't save replacing the old tone after edited ? was marked as the answer   
    It's the software that's lacking I believe we all have the same problem and yeah its annoying as hell , the whole system of saving and storing should and could be much better, plenty of submissions on ideascale about this and storing of setlists etc, take a look, vote for em and have your say
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