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Can't save replacing the old tone after edited ?


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So after I finish editing, I want to save.

And there are 3 choices I can choose.

 1. Save to My Tones ---> This will create NEW TONE with the OLD NAME. Not replacing.

 2. Save to My Tone as... ---> This will create NEW TONE with the NEW NAME. Not replacing.

 3. Save to Firehawk FX


So my point is...

Where is the SAVE which acts like SAVE in general software?

It should act like I update the old one with my edited one, right?


Now I have to "Save to My Tones" and go to "My Tones" to delete the old one every time ?

And I have to save quite often because if I accidentally step on the ABCD switch while I'm trying to actually step on the FS1-5 switch, what i'm editing just gone.


Is it me who don't know how to save or is it the software that lack the function ?




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It's the software that's lacking I believe we all have the same problem and yeah its annoying as hell , the whole system of saving and storing should and could be much better, plenty of submissions on ideascale about this and storing of setlists etc, take a look, vote for em and have your say

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