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  1. Hi guys, I have the Firehawk FX, and I also have Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface which I normally use to record my vocal with a condenser mic. Now a shop nearby has Sennheiser mic 50% discount. As I'm looking forward to recording my electric guitar in the future, and I heard that dynamic mic suits the job, this is a good chance to buy one. The problem is I'm not sure if I should or need it. Which way, in your opinion, is the better way to record the electric guitar between ... Guitar --> Firehawk (with amp simulation) --> Audio Interface (Scarlett 2i2) --> PC VS Guitar --> Firehawk (for effects) --> Amp (a small tube amp, Vox AC4C1-BL) --> Mic --> Audio Interface (Scarlett 2i2) --> PC Thanks a lot guys.
  2. In the output, there are 2 modes we can choose. 1. AMP mode which send the signal strength as an instrument level, to appropriately connect to a real amp. 2. LINE mode which suitable for connecting to PA, as the signal strength is going to be sent in line level. My question is... Which route should I go ? (if I don't have neither amp nor PA, what should I buy ?) I'm still questioning if I go with the first route, will it be that I double the amp process? because the signal will run through both modelling amp in the Firehawk and the real amp in the end of the chain. And that way if I choose to use some famous amp in the Firehawk, the sound might not be as it should be when run through another amp in the end. Thanks in advance, Duke.
  3. Thanks Phil. So you mean you actually prefer setting the output mode to LINE when you connect to tube amplifier, right ?
  4. OK Guys. If you agree with us please go vote up this idea at
  5. I'm a beginner so this maybe a dumb question I don't know. Can anyone explain a little bit about it ? Thanks a lot, Duke
  6. Haha. It sure is annoying. I just got it yesterday and still have to explore more of it. However, the overall is great so far. I'll vote for the function and cross my finger they update the app. Thanks my friend.
  7. I'm shocked when I found out today also. It's way tooooooo short. Can't even finish the verse yet.
  8. So after I finish editing, I want to save. And there are 3 choices I can choose. 1. Save to My Tones ---> This will create NEW TONE with the OLD NAME. Not replacing. 2. Save to My Tone as... ---> This will create NEW TONE with the NEW NAME. Not replacing. 3. Save to Firehawk FX So my point is... Where is the SAVE which acts like SAVE in general software? It should act like I update the old one with my edited one, right? Now I have to "Save to My Tones" and go to "My Tones" to delete the old one every time ? And I have to save quite often because if I accidentally step on the ABCD switch while I'm trying to actually step on the FS1-5 switch, what i'm editing just gone. Is it me who don't know how to save or is it the software that lack the function ? Thanks, Duke.
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