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  1. Does anyone have an overdrive patch they are really happy with? Any tips greatly appreciated, I need one to balance a song's sound.
  2. There's three patches that I've downloaded and use the most: - B1tch (spelt normally, but the profanity filter changes it to lollipop on this forum) - distortion that you can use as a lead/rhythm with the volume pedal - Dark Delay Chorus (nice clean tone, that you can make less effecty by using your guitar's volume knob) - Mayer Modded Strat (good blues/rock tone that you can make a cool clean tone using your guitar's volume knob) Nylon reverb (clean sound, good for strumming chords) is also very good. Great thread, please share some of yours!!!
  3. cbro76

    Clean Boost

    Which comp and how do you boost dbs?
  4. cbro76

    Clean Boost

    Is there a way to get a clean solo boost on a good tone to go from rhythm to lead?
  5. Ha! Thanks for the response. I guess time does fly when you're having fun. But, seriously what numbnut thought 20 sec would be a good enough time for the looper? Also, if you could work out a way to stop the loop without having to double press that'd be great. Is the change confirmed for the update or just on a wish list?
  6. Feels like it's about a minute and a half in length. Can anyone confirm? Also, is there any way to make it longer? My POD500 had a double time feature so you could double the length of the looper, is this the same on firehawk? Maybe I just need to find the duple time button?
  7. Hi, I have both the firehawk and the POD500 (not x) too. I can't get the exact same tone on my firehawk that I love on my POD either. I have this one that is SRV reverb and delay that sounds amazing on my pod, but I can't quite replicate it on my firehawk......yet. I have found about 15-20 more tones that I love on my firehawk already so I'm very happy. Still learning how to tweak it to my ear too. Took me a long time to get good tones out of the Pod was still learning it to be honest, but I like the firehawk better because it is easier to tone match and I don't have to spend hours fiddling to get close to a tone.
  8. Yes you can. I'm from Australia and I bought mine from the us and use a $9 universal adapter I got from K-mart. It works fine :)
  9. Thanks for the detailed response guys. I really value the input. I will take the time to digest those manuals over the next few weeks. I tried the settings you suggested and yeah, much better with it set to combo front and amps disabled. To summarise - if you play straight through an amp without an effects loop disable amps. Sounded very nice, I got the heavy distortion really grainy like my Boss Metal Zone. So basically, using the pod like this it is basically just an awesome effects board, with a looper and a tuner not an amp modeller per se. I have to say, I no longer feel like a guitarist but some sort of dj; feels weird to have all these sounds at my disposal. I get the point about things not sounding exactly the same as the written device too, but there are so many colours to paint with, that the point is really moot. The other thing is I just burnt all my practice time for the last two nights fiddling with this thing. Tomorrow, I'm going to get back to practice and not just tweaking knobs!!!
  10. HI guys, I got really excited about getting a pod 500 hd, and I finally got one from the us. I watched it on the tracking come half-way around the world and now it's here! Just pumped :) . I want to use it to play live. I have a little Strauss 15 watt valve amp with no effect loop, so I just plug into the amp. I have to say, the sound is okay, but maybe I was expecting too much? Or not doing it right? Are these beasts designed to be best played through pas? My band has a pa, should I plug into that via my 1/4 cable or should I buy the xlr cables, or should I just turn my amp up and tweak until I get things that sound half decent? I'm kind of lazy and casual, I don't want to spend forever tweaking, which is the best way to go? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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